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  1. Listers Worcester

    Bottom line is -they aint gettin their mitts on my car!!
  2. Listers Worcester

    I'd want 19k for a private sale car is immaculate! I used the valuer on the Vauxhall site and it came back with 16.5k. thieves is right!!
  3. Listers Worcester

    To be honest I don't know,something better than that! Salesman told me that I wouldn't get much more for a private sale,he did tell me he'd do a good deal on an ED 30. 3 salesmen swarmed over the car,must have been thinking about getting a cheap GTI for themselves or a friend?!
  4. Listers Worcester

    I popped into the local stealers yesterday to enquire how much i would get for my GTI if I wanted to trade in for a ED 30 or straight cash buy. I have a 55 plate,5dr,Tornado Red,cloth interior,12,000 miles,DVD Sat Nav, 6 CD changer,18"Monzas and Xenons. Anyway they offered me £15,000 i nearly spat my coffee out!! laughed in the salesmans face and walked out!
  5. ED30 in the midlands area anywhere ???

    There is a black one,advertised as a used car at Listers Worcester,£27,000!!!
  6. Kerbed 18's!!

    I've been told to give Wicked Wheels a call. Does anyone know if they are any good? Thanks
  7. Kerbed 18's!!

    Its a no-go Chips-Away can't do it! The only decent company I could find on the net is the one nhs recommended,Lepsons in Kent,can't find anything local.
  8. Kerbed 18's!!

    Will let you know the outcome.
  9. Kerbed 18's!!

    I got Chips-Away coming round on Thurs morning to have a look. Thanks for the info ChrisBuer have you got a number for Clean Image and will they be able to get to me?
  10. Kerbed 18's!!

    Well it had to happen,managed to kerb the front 18' Monza!! Gutted Its a bad one aswell,deep. Does anyone know anywhere in the Worcestershire area I can get it refurbished? Thanks in advance guys. Jon
  11. Its Here..........

    Mine was second hand had to go to the Maidenhead branch even though it was advertised at the Slough branch,I dealt with Chris,top class bloke. I traded in a three door Tornado Red 05 plate GTI against a 55 plate with all the extras except leather. I got a very good deal
  12. Its Here..........

    Windrush Volkswagen Slough, Thats where I purchased my 5dr Tornado Red GTI from.Small world!
  13. Which Listers in the Midlands for an R32?

    Don't go to Worcester either,crap service Dunno about Evesham,I use Blade in Gloucester,good service
  14. [ QUOTE ] There was a guy on here who got his dealer to retro fit DVD Nav for about that price too (god knows how) might be worth exploring that avenue first TBH. [/ QUOTE ] I am the guy who had the DVD Sat Nav fitted by my dealer,all I can say is it helps when your cousin works at the dealership
  15. Sat Nav disc DVD

    I'm looking for a DVD nav disc, Does anyone know the difference between version 1,2 and 3? also anywhere I can purchase one,not paying dealers prices!! Thanks in advance