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  1. Hi, I have a B6 Avant and I bought some B7 Aero Arms off ebay, but didn't check properly and turns out they are B7 Cabriolet ones. I know B7 Aero arms will retrofit to a B6 okay, but not 100% sure if Cabriolet ones are the same shape and length as the std B7 ones, they have a different part number to the B7 Avant/Saloon, but I'm not sure if this is just to differentiate between the Cabriolet and non Cabriolet. differentiate Part numbers are: B7 Aero Arms N/S 8E2 955 407 C B7 Aero Arms O/S 8E2 955 408 C B7 CABRIO Aero Arms N/S 8H2 955 407 A B7 CABRIO Aero Arms O/S 8H2 955 408 C thanks
  2. EGR Problems - 2005 2.0TDI

    I recently had a service at Listers Audi Coventry, wanted to charge me £331 to replace the front brake hoses...local Audi specialist who is a master tech, and used genuine audi parts.....................£82.
  3. B6 a4 avant doesn't like the rain!!

    No, not found out what it is yet, I reckon a new MAF would do wonders, but as the car is driveable, I think I have decided to wait until it gets worse!
  4. A4 Tdi power loss ?

    Mikbish, did you resolve this problem, as I have exactly the same issue with my A4!!
  5. B6 a4 avant doesn't like the rain!!

    Yes I wondered about the MAF, but couldn't work out why it was "weather" dependant? This is only when its wet? I will check the battery compartment later and see if there is any standing water, and keep an eye out for what rpm it does it at, but at a guess 2000rpm maximum, probably less. Car doesn't smoke under accelaration, well, depends how hard you accelarate, as diesels do don't they when you really rev them? Is the MAF easy to change? Simple DIY job or garage?
  6. Every time it rains my A4 1.9TDI suffers! Each time I pull away, or change gear, following the change of gear, as I go to accelerate the car hesitates, and there is a moment before it picks up and pulls away. Very disconcerting feeling, and very occasionally its been so bad I think I'm going to breakdown, most of the time though its just a mild hesitance, or a lack of power as you try to accelerate. Any ideas? Has this happened to anyone else? Feels like when you used to get a crack in the distributor cap, or a lead was failing? Thanks
  7. CASTROL edge 5W-30??
  8. Which oil should I be using for the longlife service? Is it 5W30??

    Is it possible to fit the VW Sat Nav into a golf that doesn't have it fitted from new? Current model.

    Does a 54 plate Golf TDI SE have front fog lights?
  11. Any idea how much an A3 with 71k miles on an "X" reg is worth? Alcantara interior, climate, alloys etc. its the SE spec, good condition
  12. How much do you think I should pay for a Golf 1.9 TDI SE on a 54 plate, with 85k on the clock? FVWSH
  13. Glove Box Problem - 2004 Sport B6 Arrgghhh

    on the end of the dashboard there should be a panel when the passenger door is open (like the fuse box panel cover) if you pop this off you can see the damper etc, might give you a clue.
  14. Glove Box Problem - 2004 Sport B6 Arrgghhh

    Glovebox is dead easy to take off, but you do need the door open to get to some of the screws. There are about 6 I think and a few are underneath where the passengers feet go. You will need a socket set, not sure of the hex head size. Its very simple, but this won't be much help if you can't open the door in the first place!