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  1. We are a genuine company with years of experience offering our services at discount for members of this forum. I put the pics up for interest as there is very little happening in the tvr forums. I replied to questions asked, mainly because others didn't. i would like to advertise properly if i was sent the information, google ads doesn't seem to work on this forum for our account.
  2. So opie oils which has 32 posts since 2004 has more worth than me who only registered in 2006 and created a massive post under TVR. If you can send the info for the banners to i would a grateful Cheers Andrew
  3. Question why was my thread about 10% discount to forum members on servicing get removed and not offers on oil? We are both traders selling either services or products. I would like a answer to why the thread was removed. Andrew
  4. About carbon fiber hood-bonnet....

  5. Custom Roll cage

    Built to fia/msa blue book spec but not official just a track cage what do you recon? built for a customer