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  1. Nr Brighton Meet - 10th Jan

    Count me in too Dan32 Ritey jimmyp Roy32 PeterS mlhj83 RedRobin (hopefully) Lee R. Looking forward to a catch up chat and a healthy desert!
  2. Portchester meet 6th December

    Count me in too guys, looking forward to a blast at the weekend! Ritey Roy32 Avus_Bub (if he can find his gloves) RedRobin (with some Smoked Chrome) marcus MB lottie/Rich Lee R Later, Lee.
  3. Nr Brighton Meet - 1st Nov

    Count me in too.... Looking forward to meeting up and a healthy meal. Dan32 RedRobin TwoSheds(2) Shaun Carl Pincher? Royster rs32 Marcus PeterS jimmyp Avus Bub Ellie Ritey Lee_R
  4. 20th September - Portchester

    Count me in too guys, look forward to catching up with everyone. See you Saturday! Lee
  5. Nr Brighton Meet 30 Aug

    Top meet everyone, thank's for a great afternoon.
  6. Nr Brighton Meet 30 Aug

    Looking forward to the meet this Saturday, at present the weather looks promising too... Fingers crossed Eaton Mess in the sunshine.
  7. LRR Boxter

    on the way to the friends in East Grinstead, I know that was the trip since I don't think I've been anywhere else since If you wanna take your girlfriend for a wizz at the Brighton meet your more than welcome. Catch you later. Lee
  8. Nr Brighton Meet 30 Aug

    Count me in too... Dan32 and Ellie TwoSheds(2) RedRobin jamiekip steve2 & Lindsay PeterS silverr jimmyp Avus Bub Carl Shaun Lee R Lets hope the unmarked cars don't gatecrash ) Cheers, Lee
  9. Portchester Meet 13th July

    Thanks guys (and Ellie) for a great meet.... Good food, great company! Many thanks for the drives in the GTI & R32.....Top! Hope to see everyone one in August! Cheers, Lee
  10. Portchester Meet 13th July

    Looking forward to see the 'Beasty' Jimmy! Just out to clean the car now, wouldn't want to turn up in her in current state.
  11. Portchester Meet 13th July

    Count me in too guys..... Thanks Peter, I'm going to miss those "E Classes" on the A27....... See you'll Sunday. Lee
  12. Brighton Meet Sat 14th june

    Great meet everyone.... Good performance there Jimmy! For the guys that stayed back for a coffee (thanks Peter!), when we left as we got down to the roundabout the old bill passed us, you all went right on A272, I went left.... A biker was wiped out by the sliproad on the junction southbound A23/A272.. it was a big blue and white one (looked like a GSXR)... The guy was (for some reason) laying on the roof of a smashed up white car with his smashed bike on the side of the road, with his feet on the bonnet. Police were moving people on, and the paramedics were just turning up.... No silver Focus to be seen though. Oops someones weekend was messed up. Next time guys. Lee
  13. Brighton Meet Sat 14th june

    Hmmm Roy, I might join you on that..... Lets hope for some sun!
  14. Sorry Wayne, missed your last question, I originally had a 'Pogo Drive' which was steaming smelly pants!!!! (see my review elsewhere on this forum) Got that changed for a 'Pogo Alert' and its brilliant! I'm guessing both products must have come from different manufactures, they're just chalk and cheese. I'm about to call up and get the 3yr subscription offer today. HTH, Lee
  15. Brighton Meet Sat 14th june

    Hi Guys, Count me in too on this one! Dan32 Ritey jimmyp PeterS steve2 RedRobin Lee R Probably have to clean my car before hand, it's not seen a bucket and sponge for a long time Lee