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  1. Cracked windscreen

    Great thanks - I'll make sure I mention it when I'm getting mine replaced. JD
  2. Cracked windscreen

    Did you need to specify to Autoglass to fit an original VW windscreen ? JD
  3. Red light for alarm constantly on

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] This might be of help JD [/ QUOTE ] That explains it! Where can you find those technical bulletins? I wouln't mind getting a copy of the version which covers the rear window wiper motor fault. [/ QUOTE ] I've only got this one and few other TSB's regarding DSG. I got them sent on from a mate in the US (works for a VW dealer) I'm not sure there is one for the rear wiper. I have asked my dealer and my mate and they both said there wasn't one - the only one they could find was for the front wipers JD
  4. Red light for alarm constantly on

    This might be of help JD 1228948-vw.tb.96-07-01.pdf
  5. GTI Stolen and Driver Killed in Dublin?

    True - Tis a sad day alright. Car theft in Dublin is on the increase and there is lots of high performance cars getting stolen. I even had a friend have his nearly new motor stolen with the keys in the middle of a Sunday afternoon.
  6. GTI Stolen and Driver Killed in Dublin?

    Yeah its all over the Irish news and papers at the moment: http://www.ireland.com/newspaper/breaking/2007/0430/breaking5.htm One paper is saying it was a golf worth only a few hundred euros. Although the burnt out picture of the car looks like a MKIV golf.
  7. collected new gti 2day !

    [ QUOTE ] Great another Irish GTI even if you did get the wrong colour [/ QUOTE ] Not sure about that - grey is the nicest Good to see another Irish GTi owner - good luck with the new car. Looking forward to the pictures. JD
  8. Cosmetic mod....

    Wing mirrors and aerial?
  9. Minor vandalism - but flippin' annoying!

    Fresco - sorry to hear what happened to the GTi. I have to say I have never had any problem with parking the GTi in B/Town , but in saying that I don't think I have ever parked the car in any of those car parks for longer than 10 mins Although I have had the all the value caps stolen two separate times There has been a few GTi's stolen lately along with a lot of other fast motors. Theft of these seems to be on the increase. JD
  10. GTI Ed30 golf ball gear shifter - Manual

    Like this one - http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Golfball-DSG-Gear-...oQQcmdZViewItem JD
  11. new GTI arrived! Some questions...

    Joe, Agree with JadeAsha about getting Chipsaway or someone similar to sort out the problem. I certainly wouldn't let the dealer have some monkey just blob some touchup paint onto the sctach. If you are in Dublin or close to - I have VAG-COM and you are more than welcome to have the options for the highline checked - FOC ofcourse JD
  12. 18" BBS Monza II alloys - Genuine and Repairs?

    Here is a picture of a genuine Monza II wheel – from the inside. As you can see from the picture there is stamps and lettering/numbers on every spoke. JD
  13. Smashed wing mirror... how much?

    Is this any use to you for fitting it yourself ??? JD
  14. new GTI arrived! Some questions...

    Hey Joe Good to hear you got the GTi at last I would be worried about letting the dealer fix the scratch – They might just decide to re-spray the whole panel – which might not match the factory paint How bad is the scratch - is it just in the clear coat or does it go right down to the paint or base coat? Also a quick way to see how bad the scratch is , is to gently run you nail across the scratch and see if you catch you nail in it. Don’t think my headlights get misted up on the inside – although they are so dirty all the time it’s hard to tell Yeah the car is supposed to have the coming home and leaving functions and there is a time you can set on the highline for each – well it does on mine Again I have the lane change function on mine – where you push the indicator briefly down or up and the corresponding indicator flashes 3 times. These few functions might be disabled on the computer, and might need to be activated by Vag-Com . I’ll check mine later if they can be disabled and enabled by Vag-Com. Good luck with the new car JD
  15. Irish GTI options

    Cool - not long now JD