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  1. AMD Changing hands...

    Had my Passat remapped by APS in April last year - they did a fabulous job. Have sold it now to a man, who while out on the test drive with me, developed a very very big grin indeed
  2. Rubber garage parking aid

    On my Passat I retro fitted a PDC from this company... Excellent and neat as the holes are pre-drilled in the rear bumper. Sensors can be colour matched too...
  3. 1.8 V6 Turbo????

    He's talking cobblers. Point him at the VW website where he'll see the model line up.
  4. Coolant leak on 1.9tdi 1998 108k miles

    A common leaking point is the offside lower right of the radiator. Because of the under tray it won't show if it's a very ickle trickle. I'd take the under tray off and get a torch shining around the rad base. Check all your hoses too - the top rad hose can leak as it's just a push fit which hardens with time. If it's the head gasket you'll have plenty of milky residue in the oil filler cap (although on cold days after a short run this can happen anyway as the oil hasn't got hot), plus your coolant bottle will likely as not have a mucky fluid as opposed to healthy pink stuff. Yes, use VW coolant only.
  5. Uneven Wear on Passenger side

    I usually expect slightly more wear on the nearside due to being the tyre which gets the most grief on roundabouts
  6. Personalised Plates

    The addition of VAT on plates doesn't make a direct profit for the dealer as any VAT charged is passed to HMC&E. Mark-up makes profit. So if you can get the same plate cheaper at DVLA I'd go through them.
  7. Revo

    It's additional but then I only pay a total now of £400 comp on a car with the thick end of 40% more power than before. As I've also just given up riding bikes the premium saved on that hobby more than covers the increase on the Fastit. It's all relative I suppose. For the extra fun I'm having it's a heck of a lot cheaper than forking out thousands on a new car with the same power already in it.
  8. Revo

    If I'm being sensible and drive it like I did before then I get one or two mpg more. I do, from time to time, make progress and enjoy myself. But even then it's not really more than one or two less than before.
  9. Revo

    Only £120 per year (on a Comp policy) which doesn't seem to be too painful considering the extra fun to be had.

    I used APS for my remap (VW Passat) and have been very impressed.
  11. Hottest day of the year and my blower is starting to make a ticking noise at the lower speeds. It's still working fine, but anyone got any idea what's up and if there is going to be an easy fix (like there is for the brushes)?
  12. Used Passat TDI dilemna

    Fair enough, really can't argue that point I concur with the others in that case, grab a few quid back!
  13. Used Passat TDI dilemna

    How did you find out is is only a 100bhp model? Was it the V5 or stickers on the car? A 96kw model is 130bhp.(sorry if I'm pointing out the really obvious here)
  14. Nice ass

    Headlights on the back - that really is design!
  15. Link or No. for APS reqd please...

    Yertiz... Tell them you got it from Tyresmoke Turned my VW Pastit into a Fastit