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  1. If you go into the import options of iTunes you can select what it imports songs as and at what bit rate etc. so after selecting mp3 from there you can then right click on the song shown in your library and it will have the option "Create mp3 version". You can then click and press shift to select all in your library and let itunes do what it will. If you filter by bitrate you can tell which are mp3 and which are not.
  2. 1998 1.8t a3

    Just to confirm the rear lights clusters are a direct fit.
  3. Forge atmos dump valve for VAG 2.0T

    [ QUOTE ] I note that the adjustable one doesn't fit on the A4 due to clearance! Thats a supprise [/ QUOTE ] Engine fitment of longitudinal versus transverse a difference in layout in intake and turbo piping.
  4. Forge atmos dump valve for VAG 2.0T

    If you do a search you should find plenty of discussions on DV's and the pros and cons for the recirc type and atmospheric types. In theory with an atmospheric type you will loose power and pick up between gear changes, and this is why the recirc is better as it keeps the turbo speed up when off the gas.....however the noise of a DV venting is something I'll always love. I've never seen the actual evidence of power loss from the atmospheric DV's, but it stands to reason that it is there but whether or not you'll notice it is another thing. If you want the noise and knowledge that you aren't loosing power or fecking with the system then get an CAI instead, as this amplifies the standard DV nicely.
  5. smokin tyrz!

    If it is truely spelt as Visser said then it shows his spelling is as good as their colour selection as it should be by the looks of it Advertising that site on your car should be damming enough without painting it bright pink as well!
  6. 2007 S8 three week review (long!)

    Nice review Chris. I'm sure you are extremely happy to have got it so soon. Will start saving now
  7. 1-series convertible!

    Don't like it. Mind you the red one looks like a 1 where as I think the black is more like a 3 from what I can see.
  8. A3 to S3 swap?

    Depends what you want and need from the car.....if it was me it would be the S3 just from the looks aspect.
  9. Sandals - Princessa Del Mar - Cuba

    Oh forgot to mention my folks went to Cuba last year, so will have to check where they stayed.
  10. Sandals - Princessa Del Mar - Cuba

    Sorry to hear that SK. My parents go every year on Sandals holidays and would not go with anyone else, so it's a shame they've let themselves down.
  11. tt gearknob???

    check with
  12. Rejecting a Car

    Never bought a brand new car so not exactly sure on the feelings side of this. Personally I do think you're taking it out of context Milo, because what do you think happens in the factory when they miss an option? Build a new car to suit? Of course not, they do exactly what your dealer will need to do, strip it down and fit it and would you be any the wiser? The dealer could of imply lied to you and stated the car was delayed by a week or so and fitted the ISOFIX without your knowledge, would this have made you happier? So for design errors where a recall is made would you reject the car? I would say go for more goodies
  13. Best Car you have ever been in???

    These don't compare to the other cars in terms of wedge but are the best times I've had in cars.. For pure satisfaction it would be a Tiger kit car I helped build as its performance was blinding and to build something from almost nothing feels fantastic when its finished. Then being able to spin a caterham super 7 in many many circles without a care for the tyres. And then a firends go-kart, with F1 style flappy god did that thing fly and handle I almost pee'd and myself all at once.
  14. Every car you have ever owned??

    '97-'98 1986 Austin Maestro 1.3 This car had never been run so hard in its life and at around 90mph sparks from hot carbon would fly out of the exhaust '98-'01 1992 Pug 106 xsi Great car, but a little tiring to drive any distance and the 15" rims made it a pig for low speed steering. '00-'02 1996 BMW 318ti Sport I loved this car with it's M sport spoiler and AC Schnitzer springs...My dad owns it now. '02- 1999 A3 1.8T Sport The car has served its purpose but its time to move on to something else. Some M power
  15. 1.6 Sport (AEH) Gearbox

    You could try some breakers yards or if it needs to be new then try VAG Parts Welcome to th boards