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  1. Which colour B6 S4 Avant?

    PM Sent. Remove that post now. Thanks.
  2. s4 steering wheel vibrates

    Good to hear! You've gotta be really careful with the 4 wheel tracking. If they use the wrong setup on the car, you're boogered.
  3. Which would you choose!

    I'm on michellin pilot sport 2's. Wear very quickly IMO. Still, good tyres.
  4. Which colour B6 S4 Avant?

    [ QUOTE ] If it were an Avant you could sleep in it. Seriously though, sorry to hear about the bad bit in your life. [/ QUOTE ] Ah, cheers. I'm fine. it was me that left her. Sick of coming in worrying about the pets being boiled. Much happier now.
  5. Good S4 plate suggestions

    I've got S44 NYL (Name backwards)
  6. It must be. I've heard Newcastle Audi mention it too. I thought I was mad until Tyneside said they were giving me it. Car has to be older than 3 years though. I'm not complaining! Should have had my wipers done at the same time instead of spending £26 on rubber...
  7. Which colour B6 S4 Avant?

    She can have the house!! I've got the CAR!
  8. top ones much better. Bottom ones are too chav. No offence P_G. I've been behind your car and listened to her roar. Nothing chav about it!
  9. Car's going in on wednesday at Tyneside Audi. £394 for... 1. Front Discs and pads replaced £210. 2. Brake fluid change £55 3. Rear anti-rollbar change £130 The woman told me because the car was OVER three years old, I get 30% off parts and 10% off labour. Prem Plus 3 discount she called it. Pretty good. They're also gonna check out why it won't go into first sometimes and the clunk from front end. I can hear them laughing now...
  10. Damn, I really need Millteks now

    Did you get them fitted then?
  11. Mine doesn't do that.. Just been out now. Maybe somethings not locked into place correctly, hence the noise. Might be trying to adjust itself with nothing to adjust as it's not connected properly?! Dunno, just an idea. The thought of having to change my bulbs again makes me wanna throw up.
  12. Which colour B6 S4 Avant?

    Woooorking. And getting divorced.
  13. Which colour B6 S4 Avant?

    Dolphin Grey. Not that I'm biased at all....
  14. Bluetooth car kit

    Send Craigy-B a message. He's the dude.