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  1. Mini Cooper S Conversion

    Cheers for the advice, perfect.
  2. Hi, I am about to purchase a Silver with Black roof 2004 Mini Cooper S and would like to know of a one-stop-shop company who would be able to do the following: 1. Spray the wheels black 2. Change/respray the front grill black 3. Change/respray the bonnet scoop black 2. Add black mirrors and black bonnet stripes 3. Add a performance air filter and performance exhaust They don't have to be the cheapest in the world, I just need a reliable reputable company (I live in London but would travel). Also, what would be the best exhaust to get for a much improved sound? Louder with some popping and crackling but not ludicrously loud. Many, many thanks for any help. CMC
  3. ditching runflats...?

    I've just asked BMW to put Goodyear F1 non run-flats on my car. They said 'no problem' but price was £890!!! No thanks. So I got Event Tyres to do it yesterday. £549. That's more like it. They advised me, they could have sold me run flats, but they did confirm that the car would be 'transformed' with non run flats. Cripes, what a difference. Softer in town, just plain better on b-roads. No difference on a motorway. Run Flats are officially for people who want a secret storage compartment under the boot floor. That is the only advantage as far as I can tell!!! Happy driving....
  4. ditching runflats...?

    I need to change my 4 runflats on my 330i MSport today as car has just failed MOT on tyres! I intend to change to standard tyres (non run-flats) and Event Tyres are quoting about £650 for Goodyear F1 tyres, fitted. As most of you know the car is 40 profile at the front and 35 profile at the rear. There are cheaper options if I have 35 profile or 40 profile all round. What's the recommendation on that score? Another cheaper option is to have Goodyears all round but a different type of goodyear tyre at the front and back, is that ok? Thanks for any replies. CMC
  5. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Is it true that the design brief for the Mark 6 Golf was to make it cheaper to build because VW were not making money on the Mark 5 - which explains why the cars look and seem essentially a face lift (or drop!), whilst VW make a marketing racket over items such as the elec-diff - which was already on the Mark 5 Gti? If so, what a con.
  6. E91 brake wear problem - advice needed!

    Thanks mate. And in the absence of any further replies I'm doing to work on the basis that this is definately NOT a notorious problem! A letter to BMW UK, I think...
  7. Hi all, I would massively appreciate any light shedding or advice anyone can give me on this issue please, please: Took my BMW 330i M Sport Touring (E91) to dealer today with a brake problem. Basically I'm getting a constant rubbing noise - sounds like a loud squeak - from both rears at low speed - and the noise goes as soon as I touch the brake pedal. Clearly its a brake related issue. BMW told me that its definitely the rear pads that need replacing. They say that although these shouldn't need changing until about 30K miles (I've only done 17K and BMW confirmed there is plenty of life left in my pads yet) this is a 'NOTORIOUS' problem with 330i's and 335i's and the only way to solve this problem is to change the pads. And that this won't be covered by warranty. Grrrrrrr! From my point of view, I have a number of issues with that news: 1. I have never heard or read of this 'NOTORIOUS' problem on any forum/car mag before. 2. I don't know why I should be paying to replace pads that are by BMW's own admission, only half way through their life. 3. I don't understand how this problem can be notorious on the 330i but not the 325i, when they are mechanically virtually identical. 4. A problem with brake pad rubbing, should surely be covered by warranty as this is surely more to do with an adjustment/design fault (hence covered by warranty) rather than a wear one? So any other similar experiences out there? Is this problem notorious? Has anyone successfully managed to get this sorted on warranty? But most of all, how best to handle this issue? Many, many thanks for reading this and your much valued responses! CMC
  8. ditching runflats...?

    Hi, Can someone say roughly what 4 x good new Run flat tyres will cost v what 4 x good new Normal tyres will cost? (For an E91 BMW 330i M Sport)? Thanks.
  9. I had a Gti DSG for 2 years and swapped it at Christmas for a 272bhp BMW 330i M Sport. Suffice to say that the Gti felt WAY, WAY, WAY quicker to me, both in terms of acceleration from the off and also say from 70-100 in 6th on the motorway. The BMW is frankly rubbish in 5th and 6th at low revs compared to the GTi. The BMW only seems quicker through the gears on the move, but there is not a lot in it. The point is I could be completely wrong, the stopwatch might show otherwise, but the point is what it feels like, I think, and the Gti to me always felt like a very quick car. Hope that helps.
  10. Help! Bodyshop required!

    Rather annoyingly, I've put a German hotel car park pillar shapped dent in the o/s side front panel of my car, after clouting a pillar in, you've guessed it, a German car park. (I was busy asking my wife if she was sure she'd packed everything, over the the noise of our bub crying at the time...)! Does anybody know of a good bodyshop in North London that they could recommend please? Would like it sorted asap. The car is an 06 BMW 330i MS Touring in Le Mans Blue. Any help would be gratefully appreciated. CMC
  11. [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] i say this to every one who ask's the same question,will you realy drive a 335d any differently to a 320d,considering the amount of traffic and camera's around now,if not then it has to be a 320d,and 45mpg. [/ QUOTE ] It's not about top speed, it's about effortless overtaking, comical mid range and acceleration from tickover. I get 40mpg out of my 335d - so only 5 worse than the 320d I had! [/ QUOTE ] Whilst 40mpg sounds high, I am not sure that people always realise that there is more to the cost of motoring, than the cost of petrol or diesel, or that if you go with the cheaper option, how little you are actually saving. I should know, I work in advertising...
  12. What Next?

    [ QUOTE ] Out of curiousity, has anyone made this switch? Recommendations? I am tempted with a 3 series coupe when it comes to switch time. [/ QUOTE ] Yup, sort of. I had my Gti DSG for 2 years and I have just part-ex'd it for a BMW 330i M SPORT Touring. No money changed hands, I just pay £70 a month more now, for the BMW. (The Gti was on a 55 plate, the BMW is on a 56 plate). My reasons for changing were that (1) Although I loved driving the Gti, I felt it was just starting to date (2) I do so many motorway miles now, I wanted more of a mile-muncher, but a quick good handling car (3) I needed a slightly bigger car. Have to say, the DSG gearbox and exhaust 'barp' apart, the BMW is, I think, a better car in every department, including B roads. The Gti is more nimble, but the BM has masses more grip and poise in my opinion. But the most noticeable factor is the sheer grunt and extra class behind the wheel. Don't get me wrong I thought the GTI was an absolutely wonderful car and pound for pound I'd go so far as to say the best car available, but perhaps its age, (cue gags) I'd had enough of hot hatches. I suspect the next car I buy for entirely enthusiastic reasons, I'll go down the small sports car route - a Boxter or something.
  13. New 335i/d tourer, advice required

    [ QUOTE ] I would, they drive so much better than the convertible. The diesel's hold their moeny better than the petrols though [/ QUOTE ] Not compared against cost they don't.
  14. New 335i/d tourer, advice required

    If your spending this sort of money, you really should drive a 335i Touring, to compare to the 335d touring, because nobody in their right mind would describe the 335i as 'Awful'. Also make sure you do your FULL COST OF OWNERSHIP sums between a 335i and 335d, not just the difference in fuel bill, which as you know is only part of the equation. I've gone for a 330i because I prefer the petrol, it sounds better at full chat, (that distinctive BMW 6 cylinder raw)it creaps in at 224g, one below Red Kens category for the £25 CC and in real world terms its an effing quick car. The amount I have saved over the 335D in terms of initial cost would take me about 10 years to recoup in lower diesel costs even at 20K miles a year. Lower fuel costs can be a complete red herring.
  15. Proper BMW's have 6 cylinders...