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  1. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Mikemod posted an item previously indicating that these wheels needed new metal valves at each tyre change at http://www.tyresmoke.net/forum/vw-golf-gti-forum/101597-new-monza-ii-wheels-what-else-do-i-need.html with the link being http://www.tyresmoke.net/ubbthreads/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/1037336/page/0/fpart/16/vc/1 however this link appears dead. Can anyone advise the location in ELSA or EKTA where this advice is? Thanks in anticipation
  2. Importing. The final chapter.

    Agree Euroimports do have customer satisfaction as their aim
  3. Always had the Continental ContiSport 3 on my last four tyre changes with SMT, nothing worse. But you don't get a choice. But if you've got 18s then SMT is good value as 18 tyres are quite a bit more than 17s - SMT same price for SMT however
  4. UK Docs on Import ED 30

    You can always pay your local VW dealership to do a PDI and complete a manual. Good luck with the car!
  5. If you brake while cornering, the ESP will cut in, even when TCS is off.... However this may not be enough to keep you out of trouble! Regarding tyres and TCS and the weather - this is a strong reason for getting winter tyres Maybe that would assist!
  6. Petsy Do you know where that VW advice is from? Mine weren't renewed at the last tyre change on contract - I wonder if Red's were?
  7. the transgender person going for the Cross Golf is definitely the most scary
  8. 10 out of 10 for stupidty

    Ooops Well done to your wife anyway
  9. Centre Armrest?

    No problems doing handbrake turns even with the Centre Armrest. If you've got problems steering and using your armrest, may I stongly recommend: http://www.carlimits.com or see the thread http://www.tyresmoke.net/ubbthreads/show...rue#Post1028695
  10. Another flexi card to add to my collection

    I got one of these from the local "Beadles" Clearly these are designed to stop your car getting to your insurer's preferred garage system. Instead you car is delivered to the VW dealer, who will then tell the insurer that you have opted to have your car repaired there... Profit job done, all for the cost of a plastic card!
  11. Child seat in GTI

    Isofix - very easy to get in and easy to get out - recommended
  12. [ QUOTE ] I see too many of the tax disc vans on the motorway bridges etc. [/ QUOTE ] most Tax disc ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) sites will have police car(s) and/or bike(s) down the road to stop you if you haven't got a DVLA licence for that number plate. Vans above a motorway don't do normally have that degree of "catch you/stop you" functionality I fear what you are seeing may be more often laser speed camera vans rather than ANPR tax disc vans - watch out in your speedy new GTI
  13. Have had similar symptoms, particularly when box is cold and the road surface poor. I suspect the traction control is interacting with the DSG when accellerating over uneven ground and it's getting "confused". I had dealer check it out and no fault found. Rarely happens now, and I avoid accellerating hard when cold on poor/bumpy/uneven surfaces
  14. Is anyone's remapped GTI blow black smoke?

    Happens when engine not fully warm for me!