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  1. Geneva 2011: Audi RS3 Sportback - press release + pictures

    Shouldn't they be showing the new A3 rather than a tarted up 8 year old model?
  2. Split from my partner of 10years need advice

    Go to a salsa class, full of hotties
  3. The A1 is one ugly mofo - the back is just wrong, looks like it has a nappy on and has just taken a dump!
  4. What's the price increase from the old 6?
  5. Random celeb spots...

    Ben Shepherd in Richmond last week.
  6. I think Ive found my next car

    Here's a useful link... Specsavers - Browse and buy glasses and contact lenses online
  7. £10-12K but what to get?

    We hired a Fiat 500 in Italy last summer, it was a fantastic little car but the 1.2 engine was a bit underpowered... So much fun though!
  8. Holiday in July or august

    Isn't there some adult only locations?
  9. Windows laptop drops connection to Apple Extreme

    Both laptops are running XP... The security on Airport is showing as WPA2 Personal but where do I find what the PC's settings are?
  10. I have an Apple Extreme and my Macbook connects no problem... However my work laptop, a Dell, and Mrs Muppet's laptop, also a Dell, constantly drop the connection to the wireless. I had the same problem when I got my mum a Toshiba laptop (I may have posted on here for help) but don't think I ever resolved it. Why does this keep happening and what can I do to fix it? Cheers chaps!
  11. Audi RS3 launch confirmed....

    Summer? Utter madness... £40-odd thousand for an 8 year old design and delivered in the same year as the new A3... madness.
  12. Free £3.49 Lonely Planet iPhone city guide apps

    I'm not sure I'd buy electronic versions but the printed Italian lakes LP we have wasn't bad... I think Frommer's are the best guide books though
  13. Free £3.49 Lonely Planet iPhone city guide apps

    Good man Bangle! :bow::notworthy:
  14. £60 and 3 points for snow on roof

    I've seen loads of police cars driving around with snow on their roofs!!!