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  1. MMI random behaviour

    sounds like the interface box is faulty
  2. AMI retrofit

    A4, fitted with DVD satellite navigation/MMI High only Audi Music Interface unit 4E0057785 AMI MOST bus wiring set 4F0051592A Or A4,fitted with Concert or Symphony radio built after wk 22/08 Audi Music Interface unit 8T0057785 AMI CAN bus wiring set 8K0051592 And....... Glove Box 8K2857103A1DH – Agate Grey 8K2857103A1GK – Kamut Beige 8K2857103C6PS – Soul Black Alternatively Audi dealers are doing a deal at the moment Total fitted price: £399.00.
  3. Audi A6 Avant Rear End Creaking Noise

    I had it happen on my company car, took a look and there is a TPL bulletin for it, so got it taken into a dealer and fixed. They put a special foam compound into a cavitiy in the rear section and that seemed to fix it, though sods law the day i got it back i had to hand the car back and get something else.
  4. A4 Cambelt Question

    BBK Engines as would be in a 53 plate have chains
  5. Rainsuit recomendations

    if your going on the race track/ track days and you want something a bit more serious try a radical speed RadicalSpeed Extreme Sportswear - Home Page
  6. A4 cambelt replacement ??

    The guide from Audi now states 75,000 or 5 years, whichever comes first with the exception of A2 and RS6 V8 . This replaces any previous advice given ( included as stated in the service book)
  7. passat 06 tdi coolant temp sensor

    It is a small black headed 2 pin switch held in with a slide clip , located on the water outlet pipe at the back of the head
  8. Changing pads and discs myself??

    Not sure where they got £600 from, your car should be on "segment 2" , pads should be £99.00 inc vat . As for the discs parts and labour shouldnt be more than £200 at most! But regardless of that , if you are reasonably mechanicaly minded, it isn't that bad a job to do.
  9. Delivery date??

    Yes , there is a "self collection" option on some models, but not sure if you can on an A5
  10. Delivery date??

    Well, it is looking like June for your 3.0ltr, unless you ordered one for which there is UK stock. In most cases the times given are fairly good, as the ordering and delivery scedule in planned well ahead. As a rule things only slip badly when for instance it is a new option/engine/gearbox etc, and/or they run out of stock of a certain item. Rarely for other reasons, a recent example being a batch of cars damaged due to a hail storm in Germany.
  11. Delivery date??

    asking about , it seems end of April is fairly quick, going by the list : A5 Coupe General Early June Limited stock, more bynegotiation : Earliest Delivery Available From VNS 2.0T 180ps & 211ps Mid June Very limited 2.0TDI 170ps Early - mid June Limited S5 Coupe Manual & Tiptronic Early June Limited
  12. tt 225 Q temperature gage

    Recent Audi Memo From April 1 we will have new criteria for goodwill available to drivers of older TT models with faulty dash pods. This relates to problems with fuel and temperature gauges in pre-2004 model year TTs. Cars built since 20 September 2004 (chassis number 8N 51 009148) do not qualify, because they were built with improvements that reduced the problems significantly. To qualify for goodwill, customers must: Have a pre-2004 model year TT, with no replacement parts already fitted to its original dash pod. Have erratic or incorrect readings on fuel and temperature gauges, as this was the weakness identified in the original dash pod. Have a full Audi Network service history for their cars.
  13. Does Audi sell the AMI kit?

    my current A6 has it factory fit and works with the ipod great. I hope my next one has AMI too !
  14. Does Audi sell the AMI kit?

    well, there isnt a kit, but you can buy the parts to retro fit it. you can buy the loom 4F0051592A and the AMI head unit 4F0057785/B and i think you might need also a Dash Panel Box for double din slot and a retaining bracket( depending on whats there /chassis number etc. The fitting instructions are enclosed in 4F0051592A. If you want a copy of them before you decide if you want to do it or not let me know and i can send you a set.
  15. as an alternative to buying the two covers singley from a dealer ask them to order you 8E0 098 507 , saves you near enough £100 for the pair .