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  1. crack on tyres

    This may well be the most stupid question ever but ill ask anyway, i noticed cracks between the treads on the other halfs tyres but the guy in the garage wasnt that alarmed by this but said maybe might be better to change them! Am i being stupid by not changing them asap?? MOK
  2. Yea id say the CH is a good choice but ive seen a few R32s with different wheels now and I have to say for me original still looks best!
  3. Polish and wax for Lightning blue

    Cheers think i have some of that ill give it a go!
  4. Polish and wax for Lightning blue

    Hi all I was wondering if anyone had any good suggestions as to what to use on a Lightning Blue Evo?? I have many many waxes though would like to know what would have the best results. Thanks for any help MOK
  5. X sst 330

    Hi All, Been toying with the idea of one of these, goes like hell and looks ok but having only been driving with the dealer and he claims it will average 25mpg. Is this possible or is this fictional, i really cant see it getting this. Thanks MOK PS do they only run on super??
  6. S3

    What are these like to run?? My R32 averaged around 25ish is the S3 likely to be better or worse just with normal driving. Thanks MOK
  7. Timing Belt

    Ha ha makes me look a little stupid but thanks for that
  8. Gransport??

    Hi, i was considering one of these though i do consider a lot and buy nothing but are there any real problems with these and are they hard to maintain? Thanks MOK
  9. Timing Belt

    Hi all, sorry if this has been posted previous but i was wondering at what point should this be changed, ive just hit 61k on the clock and am wonder if i should get it changed asap? Thanks MOK
  10. Checking oil

    I know this is a general question but as its for this car i thought id ask here. The oil light has come on 2 times in the past week and when i dip it there seems to be plenty so i was wondering when is it best to check the oil level, i imagine its when the car is cold i.e first thing in the morning? MOK
  11. Goodyear F1 eagles

    Ill probably do what i always do, ponder over it and buy the same again as I get 20k + miles easy out of the Bridgestone on bendy roads.
  12. Goodyear F1 eagles

    Ive got to get my tyres changed and the car came with Bridgestone but when i first changed them i got F1's and didnt find them as good as the origional Bridgestone. So the 3rd set i got i went back to Bridgestone but i didn't find them any better so now im wondering should i try something different or stick with Bridgestone @ £120 a go.
  13. Wheels hard to clean

    Usually just wash, so if i wash, glaze, and wax it will do the job? The wheels on the R are horrible to wax etc so i suppose thats why i dont. Its just the fact they are getting hard to clean that im bothered. Ill take a rumble through the old box to see what i have though i do have Collinite somewhere.
  14. Wheels hard to clean

    I can never seem to get my wheels clean 100% there oftem seems to be a colouring where the spokes meet the outside rim of the wheel, i use PM3 at the minute to clean them but do i need more elbow grease or is there something out there that can solve my problems?? thanks for any help MOK
  15. Where to buy?

    Hi all after getting a little superficial damage to my R32 im looking to perhaps get a fresher one as ive lost interest in the old one now! Would prefer a garage to buy one as i may get to trade in, any suggestions where to look? Ive done the usual v cars and pistonheads but nothing i fancy yet, only key things am after is dsg an Recaros! Thanks for any help