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  1. RNS-E Removal

    Peeps, Looking to get rid of my B6 A4; it has the RNS-E installed but want to take it out before I sell and replace it with the original unit. I have the keys to pull it out, anything I need to be mindful off or other bits that need coming out with it? Thanks!
  2. How to check engine settings?

    Lately my A4 1.9TDi has been feeling a bit sluggish - a few weeks ago the turbo went into idle mode but was fine after a switch on/off. The VAG diagnostic didn't show anything up either. The car has been fine but I just feel like its not pulling like it was (pre idle turbo) - is there anyway to check turbo settings/outputs/MAF settings etc via VAG? There are no issues, the car pulls but I feel its lacking a bit of power. Appreciate if anyone can give me the step by step way. Thanks in advance.
  3. Nearly - £550, I'm happy with that.
  4. Now sold - thanks for looking.
  5. As title, I have a brand new and sealed iPad 3 in Black: the model is 32GB with 4G + WiFi (sim free) Won it as a prize but already have a iPad 2. Asking for £560 which £20 cheaper than Apple direct (plus they have 2 week wait list) Full 12 months Apple warranty and I have proof of purchase. Prefer pick up - item located in Bradford, West Yorkshire or Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Any questions, just ask. Thanks
  6. Thermostat location?

    Excellent- thanks mate. So if i'm reading this right, the Thermostat will be on the right hand side of the engine bay and next to/behind the Alternator?
  7. Thermostat location?

    Thanks Cruiser, any help will be appreciated.
  8. Thermostat location?

    Can someone kindly let me know where the Thermostat is on my 2004 B6 1.9TDI is please? I've got a faulty temp gauge; I've changed the coolant sensor but this hasn't solved the problem so the only it could be is the Thermostat. If anyone can provide a picture, that'll be great.
  9. Unwanted gift as I already have a iPad2 – as title, the item is brand new and sealed and comes come 12 months Apple Warranty. It also has the latest IOS5 pre-installed on from Apple. Looking at £450 which is reasonable as they are £500 direct from Apple; so save £50. Would prefer collection – item is in Bradford, West Yorkshire. Happy to forward any pictures, please pm me if you have any questions. Thanks
  10. Mine was doing this on warm days too. What I did was to use a DVD-ROM cleaner (CD with a small brush on it) this worked for a while until the laser fell on it's legs. Bought a new DVD drive and installed it myself - all running smoothly. Replacing the laser was more a fanny job than replacing the DVD drive; so for an extra £20 I replaced the whole drive. Good luck
  11. Looking to buy the 2011 RNS-E Nav disc; can anyone point me in the right direction? Had a look on fleabay, but couldn't find any on sale? Did also pm Craigyb - but not had anything back, hence the post. Thanks
  12. Thanks guys Now all I need is the 2011 disc :-)
  13. Thanks - so it should be ok then?