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  1. BMW X5M On the road!

    Yeah he lives just outside Chipping Norton, dont think it was his as there was no sign of him!
  2. BMW X5M On the road!

    It was in Upper Slaughter in the Cotswolds, I dont know if the guy road tests for BMW of what! Got to agree with the other comment on this thread about it not looking that special! Could of done with blistered arches bigger wheels and a more intimidating front end! If it wasnt for the fact of the four exhausts, front bumper and wing vents it looks no different to a normal X5, got to say im not keen on the wheels either!
  3. BMW X5M On the road!

    Hi Yesterday i saw the new BMW X5M! I didnt think these were released until October. Looks good but not sure about the wheels, the car was in space grey with red leather as you can see from the pics below. The car was de badged but had the trademark M3 four exhausts out of the back along with the M badged on the wing vents.
  4. M5 Touring

    What doesnt your friend like about the new RS6, How does it compare to the M5 then? Thanks
  5. RS6 V10 24hr test drive

    I had an E92 BMW M3 for the weekend, had it friday afternoon and took it back sunday afternoon! What a cracking car!
  6. Hi has anyone driven / own the Touareg R50? What are your thoughts? Is it really rubbish on fuel?? I 'd would like to hear peoples thoughts on this car.
  7. 19" TTS Wheels

  8. 19" TTS Wheels

    Does anyone know if the Audi 19" TTS wheels will fit an Audi S3 (ie correct offset etc) Is anyone running 19"s on an S3 on here? Does it screw up the ride and handling because at the minute it drives and handles perfectly and i do not want to lose that by going to 19"s. Also will it need lowering if i put 19's on?? Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers
  9. 8P S3 Rear Bumper Removal

    Hi, I want to retrofit some parking sensors to my audi S3 and want to know where all the fixings are for the rear bumper that i need to remove. Also how do the rear lights come out? I have found the black plastic nut that unscrews to release it from the bodywork but they do not want to come out of the rear quarter panel. Is there a specific way to do this without breaking anything?? Any help would be much appreciated
  10. 2008 S3 on rolling road

    Yeah im running the Revo software!
  11. 2008 S3 on rolling road

    Cool, Thanks for your help Mook.
  12. 2008 S3 on rolling road

    Thanks for the advice, The rolling road is a 4wd road, am i not likely to see the true readings then as the haldex will prevent the car from giving a true BHP and Torque readings??
  13. 2008 S3 on rolling road

    I am going to put my S3 on a rolling road on saturday, are there any fuses that should be removed to diable the traction control or the haldex? Or do you just turn the traction control off and it stays off?? Any help would be much appreciated.
  14. Finally got my S3

    You will love the Revo makes hell of a difference, what intake are you going to put on it? Im gonna try the carbonspeed intake so i will let you know how i get on with it. With the Revo software it is boosting a maximum of 1.6 bar i think they boost 1.2 standard.
  15. How to fit LEDs to the RS4 B7 DRLs

    Yeah you were right Dave, Ive put them in and the bulb check came on! Ive ordered the resistors now but not sure how i am going to get the wires out of the back of the headlamp cover seeing as they are different to the RS4! Ill have to have a look and decide which will be the most logical way to do it. Fairplay they do look the nuts though!!