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  1. Hotel in Cologne

    Yes Ian, we're all good thanks. Eldest is now in year 1 at school and youngest starts in September! I might try and make it along to an MK meet this year if work allows and I'm not TT'ing or racing at The Bowl. What've you got now if the S4 has gone? Asking that makes me think I should change my profile image...
  2. Hotel in Cologne

    We exhibit every year at the Koelnmesse. I've only flown over once as I normally drive, but from memory its about a 30 minute s-bahn ride from the airport. There are a few hotels on the other side of the street to the messe - Ibis, Dorint and Radisson. We stayed in the Dorint last time but years previously we stayed in a small family run place - Skada City which is on Constantin Strasse about a 15 minute walk from the halls we were exhibiting in. Basic but sufficient and a shit sight cheaper than the others mentioned! The messe is on the 'wrong' side of the river for the old town, but you can get a train from Deutz station (which is right across the road from the Dada) and be at Heumarkt in 5 minutes (cab ride is pretty cheap as well). Can't help with suggestions for amusing an 8-year old I'm afraid - I can however give you recommendations on which Kölsch to drink!
  3. The TSN 2013 Fitness Thread

    Do it, do it, do it!! I had a 2-hr session at Newport Velodrome a few weeks ago and it was mega. Once over the initial 'weirdness' of a fixed-gear bike, whilst not exactly challenging Chris Hoy we were doing loads of pusuits and getting well up onto the banking (going high and watching everyone go through underneath is a bit scary first time round...) There's not supposed to be a competitive element to it, but going with 8 guys who work in F1, there was always going to be. Thankfully, the only part of the evening against the clock was a rolling 500m sprint, and somehow I pinched 1st place (by 2/100 ths) doing a smidge under 38 seconds. Felt pretty good, until we were told Hoy would do it in around 24...However, we were on beginners bikes with an 84-inch gear, so it was basically a cadence issue that was stopping us going any quicker. I'll say again, if you can, DO IT!
  4. Fitness thread - Q1/12

    Yes, the roads were pretty much empty right until N'pton so had a good run. Few stops for food (hate eating on the move) and getting bottle re-fills. The cadence might come from when I get the pedals horizontal on the downhills. Sensor is on the chainstay. Know what you mean about the pro riders. It's astounding the speeds they average.
  5. Fitness thread - Q1/12

    Personal milestone for me on the bike today with my first century (miles, 100km is 'normal' for a decent weekend ride). Pleased with my average speed, although the last 15 miles were hard going. First time I've ever been pleased that my youngest woke up at 5:30 as it meant I was out on the road early enough to get back before it became too hot. Still chuffing warm though...
  6. It astonishes me just how early some folk pitch up at Silverstone. Went past the circuit and through the village on my bike tonight and there are already a good number of caravans and tents on some of the main campsites. I can understand getting to somewhere like Le Mans days in advance of the race as there is stuff going on all week, but to be at Silverstone days before anything happens is a mystery to me.
  7. Glad you managed to catch our company logo in that pic! The Strakka guys are a good bunch and was great to see them get top privateer. Will be having a few beers with most of them in a couple of weeks so will ask if any of the VIPs in the garage looked like more of a bastard than most...
  8. Fitness thread - Q1/12

    Luke, for comparison I was on a solo ride on my 7kg of loveliness for 85k yesterday, with a headwind for a fair chunk and 'moving time' was just over 3 hours. A charity sportive back in September saw me fall in with a reasonably speedy group and do bang on 80k in 2:42, with ~3,300ft of climbing (thanks Garmin/Strava...) And I am by no stretch of the imagination as quick as a lot of guys out there... I got back into cycling on an MTB, but am much more road oriented now. Went for a blast on some local byways on New Years Day - was not nice wading through foot deep mud for large stretches. Will probably stick to days out to trail centres with a few mates for off-road excursions. Signed up for the Ronde van Vlaanderen sportive in Belgium on Easter weekend. Will do 'mid-distance' 140k on Saturday and then watch the pros do 240k properly on the Sunday.
  9. Bernie Ecclestone's 2012 Christmas card

    Sorry to disappoint, but RBs card is plainer than a plain thing this year...
  10. Turbo Trainers

    Like Drinks, I use Trainer Road and find it great for not just helping to relieve the boredom of a Turbo, but also to give some structure to the 'ride'. Well worth $10 a month IMO. If you have a Garmin with the ANT+ Speed/Cadence sensor, I would definitely recommend it. I use a CycleOps Fluid 2 turbo and have no complaints. Just make sure whatever you do though you have a decent fan on the go whilst riding - I have mine set up at work and even with the air-con running sweat like a pig. Maxyboy, nice Wilier. Do you still have the Cannondale for crap weather duties? I'm desperate for better weather as I picked my new bike up at the end of November. Only been out on it twice so far - second ride out the back wheel stepped out at a junction, not far enough to go over but far enough to convince me it was a bad idea to take it out until the weather improves. Old bike only at the moment, for 'real' rides and turbo use.
  11. Racing in Slow Motion 4

    Just seen this and thought I'd share, as it is a stunning video. Enjoy!
  12. I know its supposed to be summer but... I have for sale a pair of Continental WinterContact TS830P - 245/40 R18 97V Extra Load. These tyres were fitted for just 4 months and covered less than 2000 miles. There is approx 8mm of tread and they have had no punctures. £200 for the pair. Can either be collected from South Northants or I will even ship them FOC. [ATTACH]46599[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]46600[/ATTACH] [ATTACH]46601[/ATTACH]
  13. Skoda VAT free offers

    Thanks for the feedback. For the mileage any car we get will be doing, I think we'll be going petrol, so was interested to know if their are any issues with the Twin-Charged 1.2. I can honestly say, that I am thoroughly bored with looking at cars right now. I didn't really want to sell our Merc, but the money in the bank is nice to have with a potential house purchase on the horizon. Seems that buying a car because you need to get one, rather than buying something you want are 2 completely different process'. Hey-ho.
  14. Skoda VAT free offers

    In my seemingly never ending quest to find a new car for MrsCagey, I've noticed that Skoda are advertising '0% VAT' on the majority of their range. Can anyone tell me whether or not this offer comes out of the dealers margins or if it covered by Skoda UK? Just wondering whether I could expect to get more off than just the offer gives. Oh, and anyone got any views on the Fabia Estate? Or the 105bhp 1.2 TSI engine?
  15. Ford Dealers...

    Yeah, I know they aren't great, but if I consider it in monetary terms rather than percentages, I'll probably lose less on the Ford in 3 years than I did on the Merc in just under a year (that's my logic anyway...) Which I guess kind of brings me back to my question about how much I'd be able to squeeze off the sticker price. Had a look at Drivethedeal, and they can do brand new Ecoboosts with options for a shade over £18k. Ther may well be an element of truth in that. Thanks, that's interesting, hadn't realised there was a difference TBH. I'm definitely going to get a test drive sorted out - we are still running an 8-year old Mk1 C-Max at work for basic runaround duties, and it's been pretty much faultless over 130,000 miles. Still original turbo, nothings fallen off, no electrical gremlins. And it still feels sharper than my Mk6 Golf. From everything I've read, the new one improves on the previous model, so should be good.