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  1. Golf TDI 06 won't lock, drivers door open fault

    Hope it all turns out Rosie for you...
  2. Golf TDI 06 won't lock, drivers door open fault

    You would have thought a soon to return Coronation Street actress and girlfriend of Celtic footballer Scott Sinclair would have a better car than a Golf. It really depends on what the T&Cs of the warranty says and in particular what the exceptions are. It will be the micro switch on the door module as Tipex says. It's one of the many common faults on Golfs of that era.
  3. Coincidence!

    It would be ironic if when you did see it the owner was checking / inflating tyres.
  4. LED Headlamps

    The Mazda implementation of the system isn't as good.... Car ends up on vehicle's roof at Kirkcaldy Station car park -
  5. 3/4 bed villa in Orlando

    I know what you mean but I enjoyed the circuit tour plus walking along the boardwalk looking at the names of all the Land Speed Records and seeing where they took place. Also I was their during a bike event, which certainly wasn't "child friendly" Cocoa Beach is a much nicer place.
  6. 3/4 bed villa in Orlando

    Also, make sure you make the time to visit the Kennedy Space Centre just to see how big a Saturn V rocket actually is. Daytona Beach and the race circuit are also worth a visit too, if you have time Just by chance I took the boat across the lake to Magic Kingdom and although I didn't have any children with me I agree with what Waylamder says, the kids around me were mesmerised as was I :-)
  7. Look No Stabilisers

    It'll help those people that can't get both feet down at the lights.
  8. Look No Stabilisers

    You can just imagine forgetting to switch off the "follow me" function...
  9. LED Headlamps

    Ah bugger...
  10. LED Headlamps

    Or make the teapot our of this chocolate
  11. LED Headlamps

    That's exactly what it was like the time I sat in an Exige and tried to get out:-)
  12. F1 2016 Season

    True and I'm sure a new owner will be announced shortly...
  13. F1 2016 Season

    Manor F1 has gone into administration
  14. 400 BHP A-Class......

    I stand corrected then...