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  1. Taxi!!!!

    Reminds me of a girl I once knew...
  2. Football results today

    Congratulations to England for winning the World Cup...
  3. F1 2017

    This is just for Garcon...
  4. F1 2017

    Reminds of a class of school children and note the guy who could be Louis Walsh's younger brother:-)
  5. IOM TT 2017

    I think when he looks back and sees it, he'll start shaking and breakout in a cold sweat...very lucky man.
  6. IOM TT 2017

  7. IOM TT 2017

    How the feck did James Hillier hold onto that tank slapper?
  8. IOM TT 2017

  9. F1 2017

    Nice touch by the Senna family, giving Lewis Hamilton one of Senna's helmets.
  10. IOM TT 2017

    Just caught up with last night's programme and can't believe how excited Guy Martin was on finishing 2nd on the Mugen bearing in mind the bike is significantly better than the others. I certainly hope that Steve Parish's prediction of Guy not competing in another TT is wrong as I would like to see him get at least one win.
  11. IOM TT 2017

    Even although Hutchy won a couple of races he did seem a bit out of sorts on his post race interviews and felt he wasn't performing to his full potential. To be honest knowing the result doesn't waste it for me as much as it does if it's short circuit racing... I remember years ago watching a MotoGP race and knew that Rossi had won it and all through the race thinking how the feck can he win it from here:-)
  12. IOM TT 2017

    Sadly I came across the result but will still be watching the highlights tomorrow night. Glad Hutchy is OK...
  13. IOM TT 2017

    I agree, that's a very good decision.
  14. F1 2017

    Indeed... Fernando Alonso: McLaren driver could leave if the team are not competitive -