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  1. Football results today

    Netherlands have sacked their head coach Danny Blind... ...never saw that coming:-)
  2. F1 2017

    See if you can get further than a McLaren...although they went further than anticipated, so might be a tough ask for you...
  3. F1 2017

    Not when Front Bruce is on it....
  4. Moto GP Highlights

    For those not aware the Moto GP Highlights are now on Channel 5 on the following Monday at around 7pm. Just incase anyone goes looking for them on ITV4, where they have been the last couple of years.
  5. F1 2017

    Good to see Ferrari winning and Hamilton taking it like a man but I can only remember one real good overtake during the whole race Do you think the aborted start was engineered to give Red Bull more time to try and get Ricciardo out for the home fans?
  6. Carwash Spots

    Scotty, are you living in the past?
  7. Crash & Burn - Tommy Byrne

    This might be a good watch. It's being shown on BBC4 on Monday 27th or is available now on iPlayer.
  8. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    At my age my eyesight is not good enough to appreciate the extra clarity so would be a waste of money...
  9. Football results today

    ...and I don't think NNMM will be too upset with Anderlecht either...
  10. Football results today

    I don't think Booster will be too disappointed with being drawn with Athletico Madrid.
  11. Football results today

    Was that her out of Prime Suspect?
  12. F1 2017

    I think Ferrari are going to take it to Mercedes this year and Mad Max will keep it interesting.
  13. F1 2017

    You can just imagine the conversation; "We wanted to keep your engine. It was Ron that made us drop it and go with Honda...." McLaren explore Mercedes engine option after Honda problems -
  14. Carwash Spots

    That is a lovely colour
  15. Why is diesel now so evil?

    I see what you did there....