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  1. Used 1M Coupe

    There is a nice white one in Country Garage N Ireland, 2012 registered. Been there for a while so I think they may be open to a rude offer!!
  2. 5 Series Gran Turismo

    Why are you planning to buy rather than lease this time? X5 would be my choice because I have one, brilliant vehicle. Getting a decent one for 20k might be a struggle I reckon.
  3. washer jets not working...

    Blocked filter at the bottom of pump where it connects to bottle, very common fault and easily fixed.
  4. Rather stupidly I was upgrading my wifes Iphone to IOS5.1 as she hasn't yet got cloud backup. I logged it is using my account details not realising this would cause a problem. Then on her phone all my contacts appeared as well as hers, I deleted all mine on her phone again not realising this deleted them from my phone. As I have been using Icloud for a while I don't have a recent PC backup. I have restored a backup from Icloud to my phone from about a week ago, this loads all my contacts and they can be seen briefly but they then disappear and are overwritten by my wifes contacts. Her phone is no longer on the same cloud account but seems her contacts have been written there and this causes mine to disappear and hers to stay on my phone. Basically I need a way to stop it doing whatever sync it does to load in her contacts and just leave mine untouched rather than make them disappear.
  5. Fitted boot liners

    I have ordered Hatchbags for a few of my cars and have never found a better alternative. Well made, very strong and a great fit. Not cheap but worth it. What car is it for as I have a couple in my garage left from previous motors.
  6. F30/f31 330d

    Do you have the X3 nearly a year then, I really didn't think they were out that long. What do you think of it, given you have had some very nice BMWs.
  7. F30/f31 330d

    The 330d Touring wolud interest me a lot too, are there any big discounts on them as yet? also do you contract hire, would be interested in an idea of what the monthlies would be.
  8. F30/f31 330d

    New 330d does sound interesting but won't you feel a bit cheated when the new 335d or 340d whatever it is badged is released? Golfer you are moving the X3 on pretty quickly, are you not that happy with it or just fancy a change? Must hit the pocket .....
  9. Get a new set of number plates made up with a similar but different number or swap front and back plates so its yellow on front or just simply mount the rear plate upside down.
  10. Still think the wheels look tiny, especially the rears! So its meant to be a hark back to an ultimate drivers car and its an auto ????
  11. 17" inch wheels ????? Only superminis come with wheels so small, seems to be a Japanese trait to under wheel cars.
  12. SAAB on the rocks again ? So soon ?

    But a trade seller only needs to give 3 months warranty, perhaps its 6 now but certainly nothing like the manufacturers warranty.
  13. Cleaning 8 year old black car

    Does the Poorboys Blackhole replace the Autoglym SRP ? I was planning to top it off with a couple of layers of Collinite 476 wax as its nice durable stuff and I have a tin in the garage but its the preparation stages that are important.
  14. Cleaning 8 year old black car

    I have bought a 2003 Fiesta as my answer to the problems of winter and a rear wheel drive BMW. Car is black, generally in good condition with a few scuffs but obviously hasn't been polished in a long time. Plan to start with claying it, I have Sonus Green but should I use something more agressive? There are a few scuffs, is Megs SctatchX a reasonable product? After that should I do anything else or just get a few coats of Autoglym SRP on and some wax after or is there a better polish I can use for a black car to hide the swirls. All work will be done by hand. Also as I wont be polishing this car loads and my other cars are a lighter colour I don't really want to buy a load of specific products but if there was a polish that would be good at hiding the scuffs/marks I guess it would be worthwhile. Any thoughts or advice?
  15. 30D v's 35D

    I reckon the 35d is kinda essential in the X5 or X6 due to their weight. I had a previous model 3.0d X5 which went pretty well, the newer model 3.0d seemed too heavy for the engine so I bought a new model 35d X5. I have the same 35d engine in a 3 Series Coupe and the X5 is nowhere near as fast due to its weight but the 35d moves the X5 along very nicely. Is now of course replaced with the 40d with a little more bhp and the 8 speed box if buying a newish model.