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  1. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    Has anyone tried the Conti SportContact 3s yet (as supplied on the Clio 197? The various review sites (links through from mytyres.co.uk) seem to offer favourable opinions. I have 18" SportContact 2s at the moment and while they offer terrific mechanical grip, they do feel 'wooden' and they're not as good as F1 GSD2s in the wet (Direct comparision on previous car). Finally, any idea which are the quietest of the tier 1 tyres? The GTI does suffer from road roar on both the 17 and 18"ers
  2. Tyre Hoods...

    There's an interesting road near me which although potentially lethal provides an 'exciting' mix of crests, off camber bends and a terrific sequence of linked esses. Having driven said road enthusiastically a couple of times I've lightly clipped the same raised curb apex on the same corner (in the middle of the esses) twice! First time was an 'oh sh1t there goes £380+VAT' moment and the second was more of a 'haven't you learnt yet?' event but I'm delighted to report that the Conti's on my 18" Monza II's saved the day both times. P.s. I too have the small white/shiny spots on a different wheel beyond the milled face and fear that it is indeed corrosion - one to keep an eye on... but thanks Ryan for saving me wasting a trip to VW just yet!
  3. Unlikely to just buff out....

    For those wondering where this is... 'Libertas' (see first pic) is the bus company in Croatia.
  4. Quaife ATB

    Well spotted Mark. That certainly makes for interesting reading and and adds fuel the 'definate improvement' case but the only first hand comments again relate to track use where it would undoubtedly be superior. Shaun, Mook et al don't really comment on road use - bumps and all! I can;t decide whether VW chose to omit an LSD type differential on technical or cost grounds. I've always tried to maintain the view point that manufacturer X has spent millions of pounds/dollars/euros developing, tuning and testing a complete product and my designs on improving it are misguided but I guess that the big boys are aiming at a very wide market and down to a very specific price point. I have to laugh at the 'Max Power' type mods but there seems to be guys (like Red) on here who've made sensible (and of course personal) improvements. That Koni FSD damping for instance sounds fantastic. If any of the R32 guys are around, any ideas?
  5. Quaife ATB

    Re: "Do you work for Quaife?" Sorry Red, no. If I am beginning to sound like a salesman then please accept my most sincere apologies!!!! I just wondered if anyone has any practical experience of this unit. It really sounds like a perfect fix to the only serious deficiency of the GTI. I'm quite astonished that people are putting 250, 260 and even 270bhp through the front wheels without major drivetrain / suspension mods - I can definately induce torque steer in my standard GTI albeit only when 'wringing it's neck' and we've already dicussed the traction issues... I suspect your suspension mods have made an appreciable difference. Have you changed the geometry at all? Reducing the (probably positive from the factory) camber may improve initial bite at the cost of straight line stability (another track trick really). Like you, I have no interest in turning my car into a track day tool. As the old proverb goes, 'If I was going there, I wouldn't start from here'!!! I do however miss RWD levels of traction even though I'd originally convinced myself that I wouldn't for road use. Thanks for looking into this Red. I'm a bit of a research monster myself but I'm struggling here... Opinions seem to be hugely biased one way or the other so we really need to find someone who has tried a Quaife equipped MkV. P.s. I found a web link to the article in EVO that 'markgti' mentioned earlier here: http://www.autoexpress.co.uk/fastfleet/62502/hyundai_coupe_v6.html
  6. Quaife ATB

    First of all, thanks to everyone for such prompt reponses. I'm amazed by the level of activity in this forum and I'm grateful for all of your input. Red: I don't know if the diff on a DSG equiped car is the same as the 02Q unit fitted to the manual car. The DSG has slightly different ratios, so it's possible there's a difference. Have you considered this option - I see from some of your other (numerous!) posts that you've fettled a few things on your GTI and if more power is on your mod shortlist then it may be a sensible precursor in getting the best from any extra power? Stevie: Sounds like you know the feeling I mean... I'd love to know what the Awesome GTI is like as I'm sure the ESP will do it's best to make it driveable but does the extra power improve the GTI experience if the 'computer says nooo....'? I guess that straight line speed would be improved, but a 'relatively' modest car like the GTI just isn't quick enough for straight line thrills - much more fun in the corners!! James: It's usually the inside wheel that loses traction (weight is transfered to the outside of the car during cornering, unloading the inside suspension) but it sounds like the Fiat diff. works in that application. Did you notice any unwelcome traits like violent torque steer / snatchiness and do you know what kind of LSD Fieat use in the Coupe?
  7. Quaife ATB

    Thanks for the responses guys... Mark: I have that copy of Evo and hadn't seen the article but you're right, they do like it and of course the Hyundai Coupe is FWD too. Red: I do think that the ESP system is impressive, but as you state, it feels like it 'rescues' a situation rather than avoids it's occurence all together. Regarding driving style, it's true that smooth inputs are key but knowing that in extremis (t-junctions, slippy surfaces and the like) the FWD format is hindering progress is a dissapointment to an otherwise great package. BTW - Quaife actually make an ATB specifically for the MkV GTI (02Q gearbox) and it's £525+VAT. Almost sounds reasonable ;-) Oh, and the R32: Too heavy (the scourge of all modern cars) Too thirsty (one of the best features of the GTI) Too costly (self explainatory)
  8. Quaife ATB

    Having driven my MkV GTI for a couple of months and a couple of thousand miles I'm interested to know if there is a tidy way of improving the level of traction offered. As my screen name might betray, I've come from a rear wheel drive car and despite promising myself I'd buy another, limited choice and the attraction of the GTI's all round attributes has brought me here. I am quite impressed with the ESP system in the Golf, being less intrusive than most and feathering, rather than cutting power when traction is breached but it's not as out right satisfying as having the traction in the first place. My current wonder is whether the Quaife ATB might be the answer. I'd be worried about fitting a true plate/clutch type LSD to a FWD road car as it might get to be too exciting on the limit but the Quaife's continually variable torque biasing might do the business. I seem to remember Clarkson blaming the Focus RS's manners on it's ATB but in general they seems to be well regarded. The Japanese spec. Civic Type-R has a similar device and it is generally coveted by UK drivers. My question is, has anyone fitted or thought about fitting the Quaife ATB to a MkV GTI? Have a look at ATB Differentials for more information.