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  1. Mk5 gti advice needed.

    My Monza wheels have held up fine but they have only done just over 8,000 miles in six years! I still really like the car an find it involving to drive. I really should have sold it years ago as I don't drive it as much as I should. I would recommend test driving a standard GTI and also an Ed 30 / Pirelli. The Ed30 obviously has more top end grunt and tuning ability but the normal GTI can feel more lively in every day conditions and general 'point and press' driving scenarios with lots of punch at lower revs (My father in law has an ed 30). The weak point on all GTI's is brakes in my opinion. They're OK for regular driving but are a little lacking at illegal speeds! Robin wisely invested in better brakes and I guess this is a sensible thing especially if you're looking to remap and 'use' the car.
  2. Reverse Osmosis

    I have a DI water filter for final rinsing purposes. I get 0 ppm water now. I also occasionally use the water for my fish tank water changes (but add minerals for that purpose) The resin is quite expensive but lasts a long time if you're careful. I fill a watering can and give the car a final rinse that method. Previous thread I think: http://www.tyresmoke.net/forum/cleaning/118096-rinsing-r-o-water-8.html
  3. "Parking Contravention Notice"

    I had a similar notice 18 months ago. I received about 8 letters from them but they went away. They even managed to switch my registration with another 'victim' and confuse the date on a couple of the letters demanding I pay the fine. Mine also had a picture of the car on and times of the 'offence' etc. Just sit them out and ignore it.
  4. Do you like Green Cars?

    I like the colour. Not sure i'd be brave enough to spend my own hard earned but I think it suits the car. At best most car colour choice ranges can be described as dull
  5. Help fox attacking new car !

    Are you sure it's a fox and not a cat? I can't see a fox wanting to jump up your car unless a cat was on top first.
  6. I've finally joined the 4x4 brigade...rah rah rah!

    I remember as a small kid pestering my mum & dad for a pair of sunglasses the first day of our holiday. They found me some to shut me up....the sun never came out all holiday. Got a Landy just in time for winter...I reckon this will now be the mildest winter on record!
  7. I've finally joined the 4x4 brigade...rah rah rah!

    That would need to be a fairly large boulder!
  8. VW Quality Control! !

    If it's genuine fact that they are 'damaged' by being fitted the wrong way round then I would be wanting new ones. My money goes on them fecking the rims when they change them round as well.
  9. A nice 1980's era 635. I loved these motors - still have great presence today imo Fiat Coupe Turbo perhaps too?
  10. Well almost....2 x 4 to be precise. I've not been on here for a few weeks spending hours trying to source one and finally bought this old girl. I've named her Gertrude (Dirty Gerty) She's 30 years old, 2286cc diesel, makes a flat out 55mph if the ambient temerature is right. She was bolted on to a new galvanised chassis at some point a few years ago. Bench seats / belts in the back. i bought her 3 weeks ago and I've already spent many hours under her - changed all gearbox, transfer box and diff oils, flushed radiator & heater matrix, replaced seal on a rear hub and now she's ready for winter - ready to drag some BMW's out of ditches when the snow comes Where possible I will do all the maintenance, repairs & servicing myself. It's great to have a vehicle you actually 'drive' rather than 'operate'. She's extremely involving! I've never had so much fun doing 40mph before. (sorry if you get stuck behind me!) Bad points are: big clutch judder (but doesn't slip) and of course she can't keep water out. For a Series 3 Landy she's good at keeping oil in - only drops a couple of drips every few days.
  11. Could try www.shineondetail.com He did my GTI earlier this year - top job ( and i'm very critical of detail work) He offers a specific new car detail package too. Based near Reading so Guildford not far.
  12. Autoglym Lifeshine

    You could get a Swissvax detailer to do an enhancement detail for the same money. I have used Lifeshine twice before - once applied by a dealer in my ignorance and another time applied by myself. It is not that durable lasts only a little longer than other durable sealants / waxes. Save your money and get the car detailed early spring by a proper detailer.
  13. Delivery Miles?

    I don't think i've ever had a new car with less than 15 miles on it. It wouldn't bother me unless it had over say 25. Many compounds are a good 5 miles away from forecourts and they just get driven between the two. I'm sure there's more damage done by frequent cold starting moving the car at the docks and on and off transporters than a few miles the dealer may do. Just enjoy
  14. Spate of car break-ins

    Bet your 'Baru doen't have one of those though Garcon - next years model perhaps?
  15. Motorway speed limit to be increased!!

    I guess the government would like the average motorists fuel bill to increase by 2%. That must amount to a lot of revenue for the government.