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  1. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    I wonder if it's also down to your eyes? My daughter constantly moans if I have the TV on SD when there's a HD equivalent available. Must admit I only really notice when it's porn sport.
  2. M3 V8 - Known issues?

    That cutters website is a bit weird by the way. Not sure I'd really trust their opinions :/ It's the kinda site where the current car is The Best Thing Eva innit mate. Until the poster moves on, in which case they bang on about all the failures of their previous cars. Like I say, a bit weird!
  3. M3 V8 - Known issues?

    At 65k the after market warranty will be punitive - and that will tell you something about the cost of the common stuff that does go wrong. Throttle Actuators on a 2008 will go wrong. Cost on mine - covered by warranty - was 2.2k. Other issue is a lot of 2007/2008 cars are running into an issue with cracked rod bearings (No, no idea what they are), which apparently is practically a new engine. When I got rid of mine it was starting to make some odd 'ticking' sounds a turnover (hard to hear), and at load - easy to hear. Would have put money on them being rod bearings. They are FANTASTIC cars. Loved mine to bits - by far, the best and most fun car I've ever owned. Would I buy a 65k mile one without an ongoing warranty? Hmmm. Unless it was cheap as cheaps then no, no I wouldn't.
  4. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Sure, sorry I didn't mean to sound discouraging, I was just musing on the numbers! I like stats. I guess it helps to not just focus on the numbers, and consider how you feel, how your clothes fit etc. I didn't really feel porky until I stood on the scales Then I did, and that was my motivator. Now I don't again, but still have a bit to go. I'll be done by end of Feb though I reckon.
  5. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Losing weight just seems so slow doesn't it? I mean until you really feel it. Also, the numbers feel small, and you only need to be a bit full of water to feel demotivated at weigh in? Saying half a stone for example feels a lot better than saying 3Kg? I worry less about the actual weight - I haven't weighed myself since that post earlier, but I know I'm lighter as I'm back in 32 & 34" jeans, and I just feel better. Subjective though isn't it?!
  6. Eight years ago? Eight. EIGHT YEARS AGO.
  7. 2017 Fitness Thread

    I'm one of those people that's weirdly blessed with finding it easy to lose weight. I go through cycles - usually around 2 years - where I just don't think about it, and don't bother....And I end up porky. I'm at the end of one of those cycles now having tipped the scales at 92Kg December 25th. The heaviest I've EVER been. Was a bit of a shock. Usually I start paying attention if I get over 80ish. Anyways, just by thinking about stuff I always get to the same point - I lose 1.5Kg a week. Now bear in mind that's without doing anything more in terms of activity, other than perhaps walking to work a few more times. It's more paying specific attention to *what* I put in my gob. I cut down on heavy carbs mostly. It's easy to do as i've had lots of problems with hypOglycaemia and low blood pressure in the past, so it's not difficult to manage. Just weighed myself mid morning and I'm exactly 87Kg. 24 days, 5Kg, 1.45Kg/week. Bonkers easy. To be fair I'm also *relatively* aerobically fit. I'll often do a 40 miles plus stint on my bike without passing out, and it's not much of an issue to walk to my normal office from home (it's about an hour I guess). I used to love working out, constantly. Mostly cardio. Sigh. Once you stop it's just so hard to get back in to it.
  8. Car wash pain

    Every car I've ever had goes through a car wash. Just isn't worth worrying about - there's far more interesting things going on in the world.
  9. Evernote Security & Privacy

    As a side note to this, Garcon, University and education is their biggest sector I believe...You know what my lass got in her college email a week or so ago? Direction not to use Evernote.
  10. Evernote Security & Privacy

    I just don't like systems that default open. It's relying on you not making a mistake when securing your data. I'd rather it was the other way around. Evernote have done themselves some serious damage with this. I work with a lot of public sector bodies - ranging from basic security right up to the top-ish levels, and all I've seen for the last couple of weeks is direction that Evernote must not be used. That's got to hurt.
  11. Evernote Security & Privacy

    Yup. It made me investigate it some more. I've had numerous emails over the last week from clients/customers saying that employees are not allowed now to keep any corp data on Evernote. Think they've massively shot themselves in the bank balance.
  12. Evernote Security & Privacy

    Yeah, what about attachments? You have to encrypt them separately in the source app. It's a PITA. I just don't like their default open position, it's uncomfortable.
  13. Not(e) sure if people have been following the ever expanding issues with Evernote's service over Security & Privacy? I'm a big Evernote user - well, was anyways. It's all changed due to their privacy and security policies. If you are a user of the service just be aware of what you should/shouldn't put on there.
  14. Ethernet ports on laptops- lack thereof

    I'm not the one to ask about Windows laptops :/ I've yet to find any that approaches the build quality and reliability of the rMBP.
  15. Ethernet ports on laptops- lack thereof

    ....and another point - XP13 = tons of ballache. 15's seem fine though?