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  1. Keyless car entry is in the news again

    Ref the finger print scanner things - works fine with my right hand, can't use my left thumb since I hacked at it with a global.
  2. Keyless car entry is in the news again

    Mine has a thing where you have to do certain things to start it. I just don't think about it any more, but it drives the local BMW garage potty.
  3. Bike License keeps disappearing

    So it's not just me then? I guess that's a relief. It's just a pain in the ass.
  4. 2016 Macbook

    Thought some of you may be interested in the capabilities of the new 2016 Macbook. I've written previously about the 2015 Macbook. I've enjoyed owning it. It fitted a great space between an iPad - great consuming device, crap for productivity *for me*, and having to lug around 3ks worth of CTO top spec 15" MBP. If I had any reservations about the 2015 is that due to its form as laptop, I kinda expected slightly more. I wanted it to do laptop things - like run windows virtualised, and be able to do my video processing etc. It's not that kind of machine. Anyways, the 2016 unit has jumped up to Skylake processors, and I have to say my first impressions are is it's now far more like a lower powered laptop than a super-powered iPad. I suspect it'll change my usage somewhat. Video below for anyone's interested. Currently recovering from a throat infection, so sound a bit weird.
  5. Purchased September 2015, so still under warranty. In great condition. It's unlocked so any network SIM will work. You can't buy iPad Air 2 Cellulars with 128Gb of storage now, only 64Gb. They're GBP529 now for the 64Gb version. 350quid including VAT and next day delivery. I've a lifeproof case for it as well that I'll throw in, as I'm nice like that. Boxed etc.
  6. Ok so need to dispose of my travel buddy. Purchased 25 September 2015 so 4 months warranty left. It's the 2015, 1.1Ghz, 256Gb SSD Space Grey model. Great condition, it's been used mainly as my travel buddy. Comes boxed, power etc. As per new. Hopefully most who have had my old kit would warrant it's usually in great condition. Was 1049.00 in September, so going now for 650 including VAT and next day special delivery. Let me know if you're interested before I throw it open to work/eBay
  7. Basic MBP question

    The memory is a doddle. Fitting an SSD is a bit trickier as you need to copy across the stuff from your old drive. It's not difficult really. I seem to remember you're London based...? If you don't mind doing without it for a few days I'd do it for you.
  8. Basic MBP question

    These are the correct ones. 40 quid to upgrade to 8Gb is a bargain.
  9. Basic MBP question

    For what it's worth, I have a late 2008 13" Macbook Pro with El Capitan 2Gb + an SSD. It's hardly speedy but it's totally usable.
  10. Yes, those replacement SSD units don't work on new Retina Pros.
  11. Basic MBP question

    If you click the Apple sign in the top left, and select 'About this Mac' can you tell us what Mac it is? If so, we can tell you the memory it needs. Memory would be the place to start, but if you want to give it a whole new lease of life an SSD would be the way to go. Assuming it's a late 2011 13", you can see the memory & SSD upgrades here. Neither particularly expensive - but confirm which Mac you have first and I'll match up the memory/SSD for you.
  12. They're great devices. I redirect stuff from my home folder to it. Stuff that isn't reliant on performance, so downloads/dropbox and the like.
  13. As a side note, where are those backups? On the local drive? You can turn local snapshots off if you want...I do, but then my laptop stuff has everything elsewhere anyways. Run Terminal, and then type: Sudo tmutil disablelocal You'll need to enter your password.
  14. 30Tb is a bit excessive for an iMac. Perhaps. Yes, ignore it, let OSX deal with it. iPhone/iPad backups can also be fairly significant. Mine are about 50Gb for example as I have all my Evernote stuff in there. If you want to see how big they are, use Finder to 'Go to Folder' and enter: ~/Library/Application Support/MobileSync/Backup That's where they're stored - you'll be able to see how much room they take up. I moved mine off the SSD on to a different drive. As a side note, on my laptop, I use the JetDrive things to keep stuff off the SSD.
  15. Check for TimeMachine local snapshots? As for not using much storage - here's my iMac
  16. So...something like this: cmd /c icacls "$mypath” /grant ("IIS AppPool\myAppPool:(OI)(CI)M") You may want to add: /c to continue even after errors /t for recursion down the structure
  17. So you're trying to modify the ACL of that folder, with that user. You won't be able to do it that way. You'll either need to work with the SID of the user (or simulate one for the app pool I imagine), or just cheat and use powershell to call iACLs instead, far easier.
  18. Where is this from? $user = New-Object System.Security.Principal.NTAccount("iis apppool\myapppool") You can't set a user context as an IIS pool property? That's trying to set the $user as user 'iis apppool\myapppool'. Usually that would be a username of some sort. Like this: $user = New-Object System.Security.Principal.NTAccount("domainname","username")
  19. Secondhand Apple stuff

    That's what's in my personal machine - good choice, it's blinding fast!
  20. Secondhand Apple stuff

    That'll do - but for my money I'd go for the Samsung 850 Pro 2Tb one
  21. Secondhand Apple stuff

    For the most part I agree - except now and again the upgrade will be fairly substantial. Broadwell to Skylake will be a fair jump, and I would expect the form factor will also be taking a refresh. Main reason I refresh at launch is simply due to the resale value of the kit...Costs me not a lot to always have spanky new bast performance and in warranty kit.
  22. Secondhand Apple stuff

    In fact SSD would be even cheaper - 2011 units will be SATAIII. 500Gb will be about 100 quid, and would be a massive shot in the arm for machine like that.