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  1. Secondhand Apple stuff

    Jimmy S?
  2. Secondhand Apple stuff

    SSD + clone = a couple of hours, tops. SSD 250 quid. Bargain.
  3. Secondhand Apple stuff

    Put an SSD in it. Ref upgrading the SSD in the later retina units - their aren't any at the minute I don't think? PCIe based - used to be 1Tb ones available but they were about 600 quid.
  4. Secondhand Apple stuff

    Awkward time to buy really, given pre-refresh. Have a base model late 2015 MBP 15" Retina that would be ideal. Let me see if I can swap it with something else?
  5. Secondhand Apple stuff

    Could be WWDC, suspect it will be sooner though. They're unusually behind the processor curve. Actually patently these will be 15" units - you after those or the 13s? They're the i7/256Gb Retina ones I think.
  6. Secondhand Apple stuff

    Do you mean Macbook or do you mean the Macbook Pros? Skylake is due any day, I'll have a couple going once they're out.
  7. Am I mad?

    Less bothered about the 4x4 bit, but I do need something bigger - was looking at some of the Avante s for example. Have a bike rack for the M3 - it's a pain in the ass to fix/remove.
  8. Am I mad?

    I was looking at RSQ3 and SQ5 - of course what I really want is a non diesel RSQ5. FFS.
  9. Am I mad?

    You should see Daz's 'van' I was properly impressed. One of the things I'm really struggling with about replacing my own car is that I really don't know what I want any more :/ Everytime I go to Aus I always hire a 4x4 type thing, and not only do I enjoy driving it, it makes me realise that few modern cars are that bad. You add in how I'm having to hire cars to get my bikes about and stuff....All of a sudden being able to launch yourself up the slip road like the Starship Enterprise isn't as attractive as it was. I'm in a complete quandary of a conundrum.
  10. Am I mad?

    Harsh! Ahahahaha.
  11. Am I mad?

    Where is the fun in that?
  12. Am I mad?

    Well, sure, only mine isn't new? 2nd owner. And it's got 128k miles on it, and is getting on for 6 years old. So, apart from that, yes.
  13. Am I mad?

  14. Am I mad?

    Take my car - 128k miles now - guess what, still under warranty from BMW. Has cost me nothing in repairs. NOTHING, not a thing. Zero. So, yeah, toss.
  15. Am I mad?

    No? Just bored of listening to your utter toss.
  16. Am I mad?

    Really. You've excelled yourself with The Stupid this time. Can you have depreciation OR unreliability then? Oh. Wait. No, of course not, what.
  17. Am I mad?

    Well...Tipex...there's context in response. I want to buy 'x' product, second hand it's in my price range and quite good I think. NOO! Buy 'y' - it's the same, but 3 times the price and comes with a warranty. Factually correct, but ****ing retarded from a perspective point of view. You could argue with that logic that anyone suggesting they want a second hand car should, you know, buy a new one because new. This thread reads like people haven't followed the query in relationship to the variables involved.
  18. 2003 Audi RS6 Avant (C5)

    I heard those RS6 units are rubbish, the running costs are ruinous, and they have a habit of exploding all over your drive way. Or something. Especially the blue ones.
  19. 2003 Audi RS6 Avant (C5)

    Nice of you to contribute so much the forums you're trying to leech free advertising from? Not classy, not classy at all.
  20. Golf R420 - Confirmed?

    I'm quite liking a couple of Audi things at the minute, it's making my inner geek twitch. RS5, RSQ3, or an SQ5. Of course what I really want is a non-diesel RSQ5.
  21. Keyless car entry is in the news again

    How can a system be keyless if you need the key and to press the button on it It would be the same as every other system before it. It'll be touch based I would have thought. Key in pocket, touch and open doors, then hit start button. That's how it works in the BMW.
  22. Audi S8 GT

  23. Forget about the fancy process modes, they're generally terrible. All you need to learn really is the relationship of your aperture to the depth of field, and the relative affect on shutter speed. Get those nailed, your photos will start to look a ton better. What lens do you have the D3200? For the most part I just use aperture priority and keep an eye on the shutter speeds. I'm hardly a pro photographer, but it's made my travel photography better anyways.
  24. Have a 50mm prime f1.4, don't use it much tbh much prefer my f2.8 zoom, way more flexible.
  25. Hmmm, even basic non-auto on an SLR is a lot better than non-auto on a bridge. Effective depth of field on a decent lens is ace. Must admit though, I'd not buy an expensive body - got a consumer body but get a better/faster lens. I have an f2.8 zoom lens (as in f2.8 through the zoom range), and while it was pricey it's awesome. So, aperture priority, keep your eye on the shutter speed = awesome. Can't get the same results on a bridge for the most part.