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  1. The 610 is a full frame unit isn't it? Now, here's something I just cannot get my head around - I find full frame units really hard Framing, sizing, just general use. I'm also fully aware this makes zero sense. Most of the photography I do tends to be landscape/travel stuff, with a bent toward the technical (night, movement, sport/underwater), so I've wondered whether that's why I find them so clumsy? It's why I've ended up with the 7D - best unit on a 1.6 crop sensor. This makes zero sense to me. Tried a 5D/6D and just didn't get on with them even though effectively the same damm camera but with a full frame sensor.
  2. Oh my, the Nikon/Canon war is about as personal as it gets - I find it quite comical! I wonder how good a photographer you'd need to be for it to actually make a difference? It's the same issue you get with swapping mobile platforms isn't it? It doesn't really matter which is the better platform, it matters which you're invested in. I've a 7D mk II and a Canon G7X - biggest problem I have is that the handheld G7X is so damm good, makes me wonder why I invested so much in the 7D*. *Wine+Amazon.
  3. HotUKDeals Audi A7

    Yes - I wouldn't buy new, just don't see the point. I'm also not that fussy about spec which probably makes this strategy easier! I've not touched EDC on either of my cars for example, other than to honestly, I couldn't give a toss if it had it or not. Couple of core options, rest are nice to haves. It's certainly worked on the last two M3s I've had. I can't even boggle what I had before! I think I had a drop top E46? Only bought that cos I LOVED the shape/colour combo, and it was sunny. Still do love that shape, I think it's epic.
  4. HotUKDeals Audi A7

    Pretty much. Trick is not to be in a hurry, don't be 'invested' in the car car (there's always other ones), and to start at the beginning of the month. Last two purchases they've caved in the last week of the month, and I've pretty much gotten what I've asked for. I'm sure there's probably better, more thought out, strategies - but it's been pretty succesful for me, saving me approaching 10k on two purchases against list.
  5. 3 Series Washer Bottle

    There is an entrance and exit filter to those bottles - assuming it's similar to mine, the bottle is quite big and placed in the wing behind the wheel arch covers. My guess is the incoming filter is gunked up. A while ago mine stopped working all together - stripped them down, and both filters were just full of shit. Removed it, been fine since.
  6. The Evernote Jotscript is good for note taking. Must admit I'd be utterly lost without EverNote. Scrap-booking, web-clipping, writing, sharing notebooks with others....on any device, from anywhere. Brilliant piece of technology. Unlimited storage they said, met me they had not
  7. Earphones for music listening

    They still sell cheap shit too.
  8. Earphones for music listening

    As a side note, my lass had my old Beats. She forgot them once and ended up using my Momentums. Dumb decision on my part.
  9. Earphones for music listening

    My listening set has changed a bit now, so a brief update My 'in office in ears' are now these. Old units wore out eventually, but after a lot of use. Great sound quality on these, comfortable enough to wear for hours on end too. Thoroughly recommended for the price. Out and about over-ears I've switched to the Sennheiser Urbanite XL wireless as I like the over-ears and I particularly like wireless as it means I don't have to get my phone out of my pocket - Apple Watch/Siri controls everything, and it's brilliant. My Sennheiser Momentums still get use on planes and stuff due to them being cabled, brilliant sound exclusion, and being more comfortable over a longer period. I seem to have fully embraced Sennheiser after lots of experimentation with Bose (shit), Harmon Kardon (variable), and a few other more specialist brands. I like the sounds from the Senns, and their after care service has proven excellent. Had to send them my Urbanites after they developed an irritating issue with the ear covers - and they sent me a brand new set 3 days later. Can't really argue with that.
  10. New pants please

    FB, Twitter, all kinds of other places.
  11. New pants please

    That's why forums are pretty much in their death throes
  12. New pants please

    That's nothing. Once I was driving and a WHOLE LORRY came apart and flew over the top of my car. It then turned into a ROBOT. This cyclist then ran through all the red lights and then pissed in my fuel tank, but not before I'd stopped a robbery using just my used underpants. Honestly, the stench of perfect drivers is strong on this board ☺ Perhaps we should just summarise these posts in future: This happened Tipex: THATS NOTHING insert bigger experience and express superior road knowledge Everyone else: solemn head nodding, we are definitely all above average. *Post may be sponsored by lunch.
  13. Window 10 help section!

    There's general confusion about the different branches of Windows 10. I've put a brief description of the different branches here: Windows 10 Branches So for your query Scotty, by setting updates to deferred you're effectively putting yourself on the CBB leg of the deployment strategy.
  14. BMW 125i

    My first M3 was utterly terrifying. Real easy to oversteer even on slow roundabouts. Turned out there was a problem with the traction control and some sensors on the LSD, go figure. Now - I throw my M3 around just as much as I did my RS4. Difference is now of course I actually have a clue what's happening underneath.
  15. Iphone/Itunes advice

    No, you don't need to buy it again. If it's in the iTunes library and authorised for the right account then you can sync it to your phone. If it's been bought by another account then it it won't sync as the machine isn't authorised for it. Can you play it on that laptop? Are you mixing iTunes purchased material from different accounts?
  16. Iphone/Itunes advice

    What are you trying to do?? Get music FROM your phone into iTunes? Sorry, not following?
  17. El Capitan - yay or not yet.

    Aha, my entire work life is usually on software that hasn't been released yet, and even so I don't seem to run in to half the problems others do. I'm fairly tight about what I actually install, when, what order etc. And log all of it ... Makes it pretty easy to roll back specific changes that cause issues, or in fact nail down when problems actually started to occur. Apply that principal to a Windows machine it'll serve you just as well as any OSX unit. In terms of hardware issues - Mac stuff is just common components, admittedly slightly higher end than your 500 quid Currys jobby - and their failure rate is roughly in line with wherever else those components are used. Look at people who 'play'...or 'enthusiasts' - they tend to have 10 times the problems of people who buy stuff for utility purposes. No real problem there of course - that's what being an enthusiast is about - playing/learning/seeing what flies.
  18. Iphone/Itunes advice

    Dunno, I rarely have issues with it either.
  19. Window 10 help section!

    Go into updates and hit advanced options. You can defer updates in there, and configure insider preview if you want that. Also, make sure you check 'How updates are delivered'. Depending on your system setup you may be delivering updates for other people
  20. Window 10 help section!

    Kind of both. Does normal updates as per previous, but now and again platform releases are pushed out - these are far bigger.
  21. Have upgraded my GoPro to a Hero4 black so need to offload my 3 - will throw it on eBay next week. GoPro Hero3 Silver, 64Gb card, skeleton (open, so you can charge while using), and the normal enclosed case. You'll need to buy the right mounts of course, I'll include the basic foot mount. Packaged up they go for 180-200 quid on eBay, but I hate eBay and I'm a lazy mofo so 140 quid delivered special delivery. I definitely won't leave any porn on the card. Let me know, will be up on eBay shortly.
  22. After checking what was on the card you're going to be REALLY pleased I checked and deleted it. I seem to have accidentally recorded myself & Daz pissing into a bush when doing the night L2B. I'm just off to wash my mind out with bleach.
  23. Sold to a fellow TSN'er I should get my own tech recycle forum.
  24. Thinking of a BMW M235i

    The engine/mechanicals are in absolute peach of condition. Last time I had it in at BMW I had them check everything and give me a list of stuff that needed doing - extra work came to about 300 next to nothing, and even that was a bit 'ummm, you could do this'. I don't think they're used to people pushing them to do work! Also had it in at an independent recently over some annoying niggling electrical issue and had them check it out too...said nothing was wrong. I guess I'm just nervous at the mileage given the annual miles I do. Like I say, I've never had anything other than a station dump car with this kind of mileage. So the take is I'm being daft and should just ignore the mileage? It's mostly motorway miles, and I hardly scrimp on maintenance, it gets everything it needs.