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  1. Thinking of a BMW M235i

    Still under warranty, so other than excess of 250 it's covered. It's had about maybe 5ks worth of work over the last few years? The problem I have is that I do quite high miles @ 20kish+mpa - it's hardly the right car for that! Dunno, apart from a station dump car I've never had a 'normal' car with this sort of mileage.
  2. Thinking of a BMW M235i

    Really need to do something - my M3 has just hit 125k now. Arsebags.
  3. Thinking of a BMW M235i

    I'm being told the model is delayed, but who knows.
  4. Thinking of a BMW M235i

    Well, this is interesting, have just been told M2 orders now pushed back to Q3C 2016. **** a duck.
  5. Apple's Spaceship Grey 12" Macbook

    Ahah, then his usage models were completely mismatched to the unit then by the look of it then? For that expectation it's a great device - I used it for that and taking the photos off my phone/camera while travelling.
  6. The Macbook and OSX Top Tips Thread

    Then you're doing it wrong. Check the allocated resources and make sure you have parallels tools installed.
  7. The Macbook and OSX Top Tips Thread

    2011 and 2016 can and do co-exist. If you install 2016 and you want to remove 2011, just bin it.
  8. The Macbook and OSX Top Tips Thread

    Got my hands on some bananas. OH MY GOD fruit has never tasted so good.
  9. The Macbook and OSX Top Tips Thread

    I have just spent four days sleeping in a van. I've now out of sheer rage and mosquito illness checked myself into the Penthouse of the Sebel in Manly It's the first time I've had decent internet for MONTHS. MONTHS.
  10. El Capitan - yay or not yet.

    Works fine.
  11. The Macbook and OSX Top Tips Thread

    Not that different to Windows search to be fair.
  12. The Macbook and OSX Top Tips Thread

    It's an interesting fact that beyond Breevy (windows version of Text Expander), I don't do any of that type of customisation in windows. Not sure if that means you don't need to do it in Windows, or it's just too hard? Am very NOT anti-Window, I think Win 10 is awesome. It just runs so much better when it's got top grade hardware and a proper hypervisor under it
  13. The Macbook and OSX Top Tips Thread

    Also, running windows virtualised. I use both Parallels and Fusion - but for slightly different things. Fusion was always great for server stuff as it's easy to move stuff to ESX, parallels was nicer for desktop type stuff. Now though, Parallels have become a pain in the arse. Previously licensing was per user - so one copy of parallels was licensed for *you* not per device. Now it's locked per device. For me, that makes it way too expensive as I typically have 3-5 machines on the go. Fusion is still per user, so go for that.
  14. The Macbook and OSX Top Tips Thread

    I use ClamXAV too but I don't do on demand scanning for anything other than my downloads folder. I then do scheduled scans for the weekends. The biggest threat from AV on OSX from what I've seen is the ease of which you can pass on windows virus files without realising. Don't mean to sound anti-windows there, but it's a fact. OSX couldn't care less about most Windows virus files as it won't affect the platform, so if you're not careful it'll just pass them on in emails/files. I don't want to be sending bad shit out. Also, big fan of Little Snitch. Very handy if you're trying to work out what app talks to where too - for firewalling/priority routing and the like. Other apps - I use Evernote extensively on ALL my devices. No matter what device I pick up, it's got all my stuff on. Searching is where it really comes alive - tagging, and other more advanced searching, makes OneNote look like 'My First Note App' by Haribo. Would be utterly lost without it. Also, TextExpander is awesome. Essentially you can use shortcuts to type common stuff. So my/our filing system uses date led notation for all filenames - so 2015-11-29 <filename> for example (sorts well). As I type it a lot, I can configure a shortcut to auto fill it. I use ; en for example (I mainly use it in Evernote). Other ones like d_date (ignore the _) which give me full dates like 29 November, 2015. Also ones that give me specific client signatures so //clnt1 //clnt2 etc. Very bloody handy, saves you a load of typing. Other minor stuff - Keyboard Maestro. Great macro type. Can take a while to set up but it's worth the investment. So for example I have a specific macro that sets my machine up for different clients - sets DNS, AD hosts, any other client specific settings. OSX is a very flexible platform - getting it configured how you want will absolutely make your use of the machine really productive. It's this productive nature - customising to how you use - that makes OSX so damm flexible and powerful.
  15. The Macbook and OSX Top Tips Thread

    here and here
  16. Traffic

    I go everywhere by tube now, but rarely travel in rush hour. I spend about 25 quid a week on tube fairs ish. Black cabs when I first came to London seemed to be quality, and always dependable. Now? They're just expensive crappy versions of any other cab, really don't pay attention to them. Use my local cab firm a lot and they pick me up from all over London, and are always reliable. On the 'all over London' bit - I've noticed they often get other cab firms to do the run, but it's always charged to my account directly. Works for me, and it's a dam lot cheaper than a black cab or uber - uber as there's no peak hour premium.
  17. Apple's Spaceship Grey 12" Macbook

    It runs windows natively brilliantly, just struggles when it's virtualised. I'd go for the Dell to be honest.
  18. 192 mph.....

    I go faster on the way to Waitrose, and I'm usually on fire. Amateur.
  19. Apple's Spaceship Grey 12" Macbook

    Then it's a winner of a device
  20. Apple's Spaceship Grey 12" Macbook

    I have one. Great devices but you need to be careful how you pitch it - it'll either be brilliant or a massive disappointment. For me it's a more powerful and capable iPad replacement that I use as a travel buddy. Used like that it's brilliant. It does struggle running Windows virtualised in Parallels a bit - but it is workable. If I know I'm going to be working at a desk all day I certainly wouldn't use this, I'd take my 15" or 13" rMBP, they're just so much faster. But for out and about, meetings, media etc. it's awesome - I.e. A super capable iPad. The screen is ace. You can see comparative benchmarks here.
  21. Yeah you can get USB -> 3.5mm jack but they're cheap shit with rubbish DAC in them.
  22. Thought some of you may find this vaguely interesting.
  23. USB sound will just be digital - quality will be driven by the quality of the DAC which will be terrible in a monitor. You can change your outputs though? Not working for you? Sound in Control panel you can select multiple different sources.
  24. Apple Unit Benchmarks

    I have one of the new 5K's at home - I don't *actively* use it that much, it's usually running a ton of VMs. Must admit the screen though is AWESOME!