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  1. Specs

    Well they have been pretty responsive so far...but still waiting on the specs etc...Off back over there at the weekend for another go Told Mr. Salesman that I needed convincing
  2. hello

    Sorry I didn't recognize you at the Elite meet @ Ace Cafe Well, not till the end anyway...too busy freezing.
  3. Specs

    AF Chiswick.
  4. Specs

    I'm going for the midnight blue colour - I think its smart Trying to find out what is included in the sports pack etc - they haven't even forwarded me the brochures yet I will scan and post up the options list when I get it so we can argue about it!!
  5. CDR's work in my head unit but not in the changer.
  6. Inaugural SW Tyresmoke meet!

    .....which is exactly why I now have no video..Its in a bin in McDonalds We had to turn back cos I'd left Paul in a layby....Everyone assumed he was with someone else
  7. I am just leaving so you guys better be there!! Or I', do nothing? Wait Longer?
  8. You feckers better turn up Can I still wear my audi-sport t-shirt or will that get me beaten up?
  9. OI! Do any of you realise how far Exeter is from London
  10. Well after my 1100 mile jaunt to Aberdeen yesterday, and a lack of ability (I.e. lazy fek) to clean it, I suspect I will be a bit dirty too.
  11. What does 'RS' stand for?

    Hayle thought RS was a hysterical name for a car.... Guess what it means in Aus..Put in context: 'Man that thing was completely RS' Yes. Rat [censored].
  12. So who is driving from London? Also, anyone know BiTurbo's number (Paul?) as I have a vague recollection that I am picking him up on route :s