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  1. South Africa

    Robben Island - well, the history is fascinating, and quite moving in some respects. How they've done the tour is a bit rubbish though. Carted around by bus pointing at things through the window, then being walked past Nelson's cell. Dunno, think they could have done it a lot better tbh.
  2. South Africa

    Sorry, completely forgot I'd posted this - got distracted Cape Town was simply stunning. I was expecting it to be a more difficult place than it was - it reminded me in many ways of Sydney tbh. Beautiful views whichever way you looked, and the people - oh my, so, so polite and friendly! I expected to be a bit more 'on my guard' than I actually needed to be - a sensible amount as per any other City, but if you read through some of the bullshit on TripAdvisor you'd think you're heading into a warzone. Bonkers. I went to a comedy night down at the V&A and that was a bit of an eye opener. Lots of jokes that would have had people being arrested here - probably Makes you realise how raw some history is I guess. The odd thing I found about some of the jokes - one guy joking about how he does everything on his bed in his hut, everything from eating, proposing to his wife...getting divorced from his wife - was that the black and white audience members were joining in laughing. In the UK such jokes would be far more uncomfortable? Dunno, I did find that a bit odd - but in a very positive way if that makes sense? Lots of jokes about Indians too - from both sides? Driving out toward Mossel Bay was a bit of an eye opener. In London you do get poverty (and of course elsewhere in the UK....), however it's intermixed with everything else. What I found odd was white middle-class township after white middle-class township with all the poverty around and on the borders. Of course history has a lot to do with that, but it made me look in to stuff (nice, happpy holiday reading!). Blacks earn on average 17% of the annual salaries of whites. Of course it's a far more complex issue, with issues around the cyclical nature of poor education etc. Makes you realise what a mountain they still have to climb on that front. Can't imagine what it must have been like before though? The Safari was properly One thing I didn't appreciate was how cold it would be when the sun went down - winter is winter after all - but nothing that wearing every hoody I owned, and stuffing a hot water bottle up them, didn't fix. Seeing the stuff out in the wild was just awe inspiring. Honestly, really, really taken aback. I've always had a thing for elephants, so to see them out there and not in a pen/cage was quite a moment. I've completely fallen for the place. The quality of the hotels was simply excellent - with it being winter of course I got to stay in some far higher places than I normally would tbh due to the costs (I'm not really 'in' to hotels), but these were simply brilliant. I'll certainly be back, certainly to Cape Town.
  3. Power Over Ethernet Qs

    I'm tired so may not be parsing your question properly. My guess is the cameras are 802.3af for PoE, so no more than 15 watts? You won't find a double PoE injector. What you need is a switch that supports PoE, and connect the cameras to that. You'll get a four port PoE switch for about 50 quid. Each port will provide up to 15 watts for 802.3af which should be plenty for most cameras if they state they're 'PoE' compatible. Something like this - 4 ports of 10/100Mbps, with PoE. Will be a bit more if you want Gbps connectivity, but why would you want that for a couple of cameras. Be careful how you wire your home network with extra switches Probably will be fine, but personally I prefer the 'proper' way to do things, otherwise you'll run in to weird and wonderful issues.
  4. My Grand Tour

    I love Prague! Been a few times. Don't be put off by the stag-do comments - it's no different to most major towns on that front in my experience. Same with the lol-OMG you'll get pick-pocketed etc. Just be sensible and you'll be fine. You know what I wouldn't do? Use a local taxi firm. They're a bunch of crooks. Use Uber!
  5. So, another laptop to offload. This is a 2016 15" Touchbar Retina Macbook Pro. 2.6Ghz i7 Quad Core, 16Gb, 256Gb SSD. New in April 2017 at about 2600 quid - plenty of warranty left then. Looks good as new as it hasn't left my office desk. 1700GBP including VAT, shipped special delivery - they go for nearer 2k on eBay. If you're VAT registered and on the fixed VAT scheme can do @ GBP2001 too, so you can reclaim the VAT. Or something. Blindingly quick machines. The Hard Disk hits nearly 2000Mbps on reads, and not far off on writes. Properly impressive. All boxed with all the stuff it comes with, most of it still wrapped too as I don't use the power supplies etc. Anyways, let me know if you want it as I'll be opening it up to a wider audience shortly. Thanks
  6. This is my unit - have replaced it with one with larger storage. Purchased September 2016 so some warranty left. Comes boxed with all the normal stuff - adapters etc. - all unused. 550 quid delivered special delivery. Utter bargain. Let me know as I need to get rid of it before my daughter realises I'm not using it :/
  7. This is gone. Can't help thinking I under-price these things
  8. Venice....any inputs?

    Vienna is an utter dump. Never again. Love florence though! Beautiful place.
  9. Have one of these to dispose of. Brand new on 16th February so tons of warranty left. Retails at GBP1449, yours for GBP1200 delivered via special. Let me know asap as it'll be up on eBay shortly. Ta
  10. Que? Gone now anyway
  11. Another new S5 ordered

    Browses in, hits back button :/
  12. New pants please

    If I'm not mistaken (it does happen) that's the Bluewater turn off on the A2. It's a very poor design for a junction, you always get people last minute OMG I want Bluwater OMG I want the A2 side-swiping each other there. After many near misses (observing) I've learned to keep well back and aware where the road splits. People just seem to constantly misread it. I'm not really sure how because it's perfectly bloody obvious the road splits.
  13. I've a couple of tickets to see the lovely Caro Emerald at the Albert Hall on 12 April, but I can't make it. Be a shame for them to go to waste - Circle T Row 2. Two @ face value of GBP47.50 if anyone's interested.
  14. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    I wonder if it's also down to your eyes? My daughter constantly moans if I have the TV on SD when there's a HD equivalent available. Must admit I only really notice when it's porn sport.
  15. M3 V8 - Known issues?

    That cutters website is a bit weird by the way. Not sure I'd really trust their opinions :/ It's the kinda site where the current car is The Best Thing Eva innit mate. Until the poster moves on, in which case they bang on about all the failures of their previous cars. Like I say, a bit weird!
  16. M3 V8 - Known issues?

    At 65k the after market warranty will be punitive - and that will tell you something about the cost of the common stuff that does go wrong. Throttle Actuators on a 2008 will go wrong. Cost on mine - covered by warranty - was 2.2k. Other issue is a lot of 2007/2008 cars are running into an issue with cracked rod bearings (No, no idea what they are), which apparently is practically a new engine. When I got rid of mine it was starting to make some odd 'ticking' sounds a turnover (hard to hear), and at load - easy to hear. Would have put money on them being rod bearings. They are FANTASTIC cars. Loved mine to bits - by far, the best and most fun car I've ever owned. Would I buy a 65k mile one without an ongoing warranty? Hmmm. Unless it was cheap as cheaps then no, no I wouldn't.
  17. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Sure, sorry I didn't mean to sound discouraging, I was just musing on the numbers! I like stats. I guess it helps to not just focus on the numbers, and consider how you feel, how your clothes fit etc. I didn't really feel porky until I stood on the scales Then I did, and that was my motivator. Now I don't again, but still have a bit to go. I'll be done by end of Feb though I reckon.
  18. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Losing weight just seems so slow doesn't it? I mean until you really feel it. Also, the numbers feel small, and you only need to be a bit full of water to feel demotivated at weigh in? Saying half a stone for example feels a lot better than saying 3Kg? I worry less about the actual weight - I haven't weighed myself since that post earlier, but I know I'm lighter as I'm back in 32 & 34" jeans, and I just feel better. Subjective though isn't it?!
  19. Eight years ago? Eight. EIGHT YEARS AGO.
  20. 2017 Fitness Thread

    I'm one of those people that's weirdly blessed with finding it easy to lose weight. I go through cycles - usually around 2 years - where I just don't think about it, and don't bother....And I end up porky. I'm at the end of one of those cycles now having tipped the scales at 92Kg December 25th. The heaviest I've EVER been. Was a bit of a shock. Usually I start paying attention if I get over 80ish. Anyways, just by thinking about stuff I always get to the same point - I lose 1.5Kg a week. Now bear in mind that's without doing anything more in terms of activity, other than perhaps walking to work a few more times. It's more paying specific attention to *what* I put in my gob. I cut down on heavy carbs mostly. It's easy to do as i've had lots of problems with hypOglycaemia and low blood pressure in the past, so it's not difficult to manage. Just weighed myself mid morning and I'm exactly 87Kg. 24 days, 5Kg, 1.45Kg/week. Bonkers easy. To be fair I'm also *relatively* aerobically fit. I'll often do a 40 miles plus stint on my bike without passing out, and it's not much of an issue to walk to my normal office from home (it's about an hour I guess). I used to love working out, constantly. Mostly cardio. Sigh. Once you stop it's just so hard to get back in to it.
  21. Car wash pain

    Every car I've ever had goes through a car wash. Just isn't worth worrying about - there's far more interesting things going on in the world.
  22. Not(e) sure if people have been following the ever expanding issues with Evernote's service over Security & Privacy? I'm a big Evernote user - well, was anyways. It's all changed due to their privacy and security policies. If you are a user of the service just be aware of what you should/shouldn't put on there.
  23. Evernote Security & Privacy

    As a side note to this, Garcon, University and education is their biggest sector I believe...You know what my lass got in her college email a week or so ago? Direction not to use Evernote.