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  1. Australia Roadtrip

    So many photos and videos Will take an age to go through...but some un-cleaned up stuff below:
  2. Consumer used to be SkyDrive. Used it for an age and it just worked. Same now it's been upgraded. One in o365 was initially SharePoint library based - upgraded, but it's still difficult and a pain to use.
  3. Aha. Right. My guess is here you're referring to the OneDrive you get with an or Hotmail account? Totally different beast to the OneDrive for Business you get with '365. Bizarrely the consumer product is good - far, far better than ODfB in my opinion. It works, for a start.
  4. No, OneDrive for Business is the current offering inside Office365. It was massively upgraded not too long ago, but it's still painful in my opinion. If you have it locally (Office) and have a license, there's no benefit from activating it against Office365. You're just consuming one of your fice
  5. The OneDrive for Business client is a pile of utter balls. If you've a decent size library (Mine's about 400Gb) it now and again gets its knickers wrapped and you have to download the whole thing again. It's beyond tedious. Ref the copy of Office Profession 2016 - you can activate a 'normal' copy against Office365 without using the Office365 installer. All my machines are built that way, far easier.
  6. I'm not sure I understand your question properly. You don't need to change the version of installed Office to use OneDrive? On another note, OneDrive is utter balls compared to DropBox. The only thing I use OneDrive for is an area to dump stuff - it's not anything like as good as DropBox as an operational type cloud sync drive. Office 2016 from Office365 installs slightly differently from the 'normal' Office that you install locally - it uses streaming. It'll remove incompatible elements for you anyway.
  7. Antivirus on Tablets/iPad?

    You're potentially mixing up different things. Malware has a very low footprint on mobile OS - but, phishing is different matter. You can have a convincing phishing email with no antivirus or malware in it, it just wants to steal your password.
  8. Re-spec'd M3

    Mine is ex-BMW, with a Milton Keynes address on it.
  9. Any experience on here of ID Mobile?

    Why is it good practice? It's just a PITA practice from the past, that will be is totally irrelevant to them as they grow up, if it isn't already.
  10. Any experience on here of ID Mobile?

    Aha, yeah - H gets through about15-20Gb a month
  11. Any experience on here of ID Mobile?
  12. Any experience on here of ID Mobile?

    Wouldn't touch them with someone else's. Cheap-ish contracts, but then punitiver over-allowance costs and unable to backup you going over allowance. Run. Away.
  13. No. My car beeps to tell me I've messages, I then decide if I want to listen or not.
  14. Hey Siri, check my messages Hey Siri, send a text message to Waylander Yes.
  15. Re-spec'd M3

    The launch control is .... Interesting. Figures from a mate's pace box (I think that's what he said it was called - measures G/qtr mile/acceleration etc). PACE box for mine.... 10 : 0.62s 30 : 1.85s 60 : 4.64s 70 : 5.98s
  16. Re-spec'd M3

    The E92 is an interesting platform for 'length of service' isn't it? A lot of people complained about it being 'insert random complaint here' and yet most that I've known that have them have kept them for an age compared to previous units. The E92 M3 is the longest I've *ever* had a car. By a fair margin - I.e. Double.
  17. Does anyone enjoy driving in the UK (anymore)

    I do find it interesting people complaining about driving in London - I rarely get stuck in traffic any more than I do in the Midlands. What I do find though is that it's easy to get stuck in traffic if you don't know where you're going. You end up on the main routes - exactly the same as everyone else, as that's where the SatNav directs people. For me I think 'enjoying driving' is subject to some qualification. I like it as it gives me timeout - I'm not doing anything else, other than catching up on books/podcasts etc Real time I actually 'enjoy the act of driving' tends to be my Aus roadtrips.
  18. Re-spec'd M3

    Adaptive suspension - I ... Don't get this. Same on the M3. Played with it for a bit (the suspension, for clarity), then just left it in comfort for ever. Pretty much the same on this one - I stick it on sport sometimes, but rarely, and I've changed it so it doesn't touch the suspension anyway. People bang on about it being essential - I honestly don't think it is.
  19. Re-spec'd M3

    Your ass is too sensitive.
  20. Re-spec'd M3

    Very nice, love the colour must admit I had run flat concerns but they've proven to be unfounded worries. I find it fine on 19 rf but M3 was hardly a soft ride? still don't like the Xdrive badge - think it looks tacky. Keep meaning to take that and the 335d badge off.
  21. £100K for an M5

    I tested the new M4 and previously an M5. As I said before, both massively better than my E92 M3 in every single way...and yet...They were in effect too good. They just didn't seem like an event. The V8 did. The noise, the everything. I dunno. I get it's incredibly subjective though.
  22. Recommend me a dashcam

    Want a decent hard wired in unit that's not conspicuous. Recommendations? Ta
  23. Laptop Screen flickering

    It'll be either your screen/graphics driver or you have a naughty app that tries to do screen writes directly. MSFT have an article on it here. What you may want to do is turn on the Windows Insider Program (down the bottom in Windows updates). You'll get Windows Insider preview branches then (pre-Current Branch), and they're actually fairly good - current build has far better graphics drivers in there.
  24. No site access 6 weeks later....

    Chris - try using the ToR browser. I'm not suggesting you use it long term, it'd be an interesting test to see if there's a routing/blocking issue at your ISP however. Prove there is - I.e. it works via ToR - then kick Virgin Media.