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  1. Ah was just sending this to some people. They've been good for people from what I've seen - lots of my mates that are into resort type travel have used them, banging on about how cheap they were.
  2. Nah I use ones where car stays at hotel. I just find it easier., and bizarrely often cheaper!
  3. Can you not make it part of the fun of the trip Mind you, H is a bit older now, and is 'in' to hotels. Upside to that is when I have her with me I'm less inclined to stay in cheap shit holes.
  4. I would offer to come and pick you up, but I really don't want to.
  5. I've taken to using hotels for the previous night that include parking. It's just far less stress.
  6. Travel websites

    Rubbish terrible service I hate them never again they molest goats
  7. 16 reg RS3 in plain grey

    No it isn't, that's a Golf.
  8. Sat Nav options

    Nah you can have TomTom on the screen when in a call.
  9. Which Apple laptop?

    Ahah, you're welcome to one of them. I was expecting the refresh at WWDC at the beginning of the month - they are massively behind. Of course the current range are still awesome bits of kit - I know people think I'm an Apple fan boy, but I do genuinely pretty much get to pick and choose what I get to use, and I've yet to find a Windows laptop that comes close to the combination of a rMBP & OSX macOS.
  10. Which Apple laptop?

    The video element rules out the 12" Macbook in my opinion. It's good, and I don't mind doing the 'odd' bit of video processing when I'm on the go on it, but it's not a nice experience. The problem you have is that the current range of laptops are, in my opinion, behind the technology curve. They're older chips, and Skylake units are due pretty much any minute. I wouldn't be surprised if the form factor changes too. Honestly though if none of that matters to you check out the refurb store. As to the 13 or 15" MBP units it really comes down to whether you're lugging it about or not. There's not a massive difference to be honest, but I do know when I have my 15" unit in my bag compared to the 12 or 13" units I used. It's just bulkier. Decent 13/15 retina will fly, and last years. Best value for money is a tough measure as it's a subjective one isn't it. Personally I'd avoid the Air units, and go for the rMBP. Refurb store is here: These are the 13" refurbs ...but make sure you go for Retina with PCIe SSD. New one at 1199GBP. If you could, I'd hang on - they're all due a refresh. The thing is though, that doesn't make the current range terrible! I just get people kick themselves a bit when they buy something, and then something comes along 6 weeks later for the same price that's 20% faster/newer/flashier etc. As for nearly new kit, mine goes really quick as I get a fairly decent discount, and I generally pass that on - so I don't have anything right now. Once the refreshes come I'll have a couple of 15" units going.
  11. Ooooo! New shiny forum!

    Is that still an IT excuse? Is it being reindexed by a room of monkeys?
  12. Ooooo! New shiny forum!

    How is it even possible that I have a worse reputation than Tipex
  13. Ooooo! New shiny forum!

    The **** is happening.
  14. Sat Nav options

    The new subscription based Tom Tom app is utter balls - they've ruined it.
  15. Minor Scratch Repair

    Have a couple of minor scratches from my bike - wouldn't normally bother getting them done until the car was going, but they show up on this colour and they're annoying me. Are these something ChipsAway type people could fix? Any idea on rough cost? Boot Door panel Ta
  16. Evo Triangle

    Yeah, it's about 17/18 miles-ish I think.
  17. Evo Triangle

    Had the opportunity to wander around this at the weekend, on the way back from a wedding. Beautiful piece of the county, and I completely get why Evo use it.
  18. Minor Scratch Repair

    Oh that could work!
  19. Minor Scratch Repair

    Ahaha, perhaps later in the year
  20. Minor Scratch Repair

    Cool, thanks. One on the door you can see the white stuff underneath?
  21. Red Cars

    They look ace when clean, but it's one of those colours that once it gets a bit dirty it can look dead and shit? Subjective I guess.
  22. Top Gear s.23

    Dunno, perhaps let's give him the benefit of the doubt. A number of years ago I was presenting at Thames Valley Park, and somebody mentioned I should perhaps mention Steve Jobs' passing. I talk to large crowds and groups a lot - I don't want to pretend it's not nerve racking because it is...But. I though yeah, fine, I know where I can do this. You know the problem with ad-libbing? You have to think. You have to think about stuff to say, and how to say it, and what the point was. It was at this point I totally and utterly lost my way. I'd grown up reading Jobs' stuff, that and another guy called Guy Kewney...And... I totally lost my place. I didn't cry or blub, but for anyone involved it was obvious I was ...not OK with the subject. I introduced the next people, and carried on with my day, albeit a little...displaced in my head. I have never, ever had so many people come up to me and react to 'covering' intros before. While it was obvious I'd lost my way, I realised afterward most people in the room understood why. It's hard to have 'heroes' in the tech world, as I don't think they match other world heroes do they? Steve Jobs, Guy Kewney, Gates, I felt like they were people I grew up with. I remember thinking if I worked hard enough...One day.... So, yeah, benefit of the doubt.
  23. Top Gear s.23

    Did y'all watch Cry Baby Evans on Extra gear? Did wonder if that was staged to try and make people like him. Then I felt terrible. Then I laughed and went and had some ice cream.
  24. Top Gear s.23

    I don't think it was terrible? The second one? Then I think I watched it differently to the first one however, which probably made it more palatable. If I 'want' to watch a program I'll sit down and give it my attention. I don't think that happened with Ep2 - it was just 'on' so carried on doing whatever else was happening and looked up for bits that caught my attention.
  25. Evo Triangle

    Sunday afternoon - you'd expect it to be rammed wouldn't you? Was deserted - gave it a good 3 laps.