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  1. Petrol or Diesel

    I give literally no f**** about fuel consumption. I just don't think I could have faced dropping from the M3 to say a 340, would have felt like a massive downgrade. Getting something that's 'different' though isn't so bad! I know what I mean. Other plans for this summer/end of year so hey ho.
  2. Petrol or Diesel
  3. Petrol or Diesel

    As a side note, fairly easy to spot the Evo Triangle in that.
  4. Petrol or Diesel

    Oh god. I'm there. A MPG post 40.65MPG - that's not too shabby for 300ish BHP is it.
  5. Petrol or Diesel

    Is there any point in the premium diesels from BP/Shell etc? Assume not?
  6. Petrol or Diesel

    Can't you get a hobby or something...?
  7. Windows 10 to 7

    Use VIrtualBox and run windows on a mac. If you can pay in coffee and good cheer I know a man who may sort this for you.
  8. New Car Time

    So, been having hell of a time trying to find something to replace the M3 - it's been such a capable and fun car, I've loved every minute of it...But it's getting old. I've put 130k miles on it now, and its feeling its age. Not in the engine, but inside, and also the tech is feeling a bit age old. No real criteria beyond needed to be fun to drive really. Liked the idea of something different as the M4/M3 didn't feel special enough to warrant the 50-60k price tag. Better than my car of course in every single way, and yet didn't really feel like an event so to speak, so the price put me off. Test drove quite a few: Audi RSQ5 - noisy, went like stink, cabin was ace but...underwhelmed. Handling felt a bit rubbery, the noise...was unpleasant. Audi RS3. Wasn't sold on this anyway even before I had a go. Holy cow it's fast! But...a bit meh. BMW M4 - see comments above. Price put me off, as I want to do a bit more travelling this year, and buy a bigger place. BMW 340 - this was nearly the one. Was fast, relatively fun to drive, but couldn't find a touring locally....Now, to convince myself a tourer is what I wanted (like the idea I can get my bikes and stuff in the back - probably my fave feature of the RS4) I went to test drive a 335d(!) xDrive.... ....and yeah, liked it. Very different to the M3 so doesn't really feel like a step down. Still blindingly quick (holy cow, off the line it's pretty phenomenal). Also - launch control. In a diesel. Anyways, ticked all the boxes, and at mid-30k was in the right price point. Was getting a bit sick of looking to be honest, so I just went with it. So far....Yeah, it's good. Noise isn't as diesel as I expected - the RSQ5 sounded like a bag of spanners in comparison. Relatively quiet, and incredibly pokey. I find it a little underpowered at 60-censored but that could be me not being used to the power delivery and the auto box. Have the say the 8 speed auto is It's nothing like I remember autos being like. Anyways, yeah, so I did a sensible.
  9. New Car Time

    Yup. Really did miss the practicality of them, especially with the bikes. Taking the roof rack on/off was just a massive ballache.
  10. BMW launches 335bhp M140i and M240i

    Yeah doesn't it just! Gets rid of all that fish-tailey rubbish for the most part. I'm hardly the world's best drive, but in the M3 exiting a roundabout slightly sideways was fun, and completely controllable. Tried in a mate's 335 as it felt the same, and it all nearly ended firey death
  11. New Car Time

    It's a great car. One to admire, rather than one to love, if that makes sense. Not sure on the saloon, think the SHOOTING BRAKE /IanC mode Off looks betterer.
  12. Recommend me a dashcam

    Original footage here, if you want to see it without YouTube compression.
  13. Recommend me a dashcam

    Hardwire? No - haven't gotten around to it, sorry!
  14. Recommend me a dashcam

    Will upload the source you can have a look.
  15. CHAVMOBILE Spotting...

    Is that the new A4? At least they've tried to actually give it some character.
  16. Recommend me a dashcam
  17. BMW Tech Queries

    Ok, should probably RTFM, but why do that when I can ask the Internet? Would like some opinions please Auto Full Beam Thingy How do I turn this off? I'm sure it's great if you live in the boonies, but I don't, so all I seem to be doing is blinding Tracey taking Tarquin to Waitrose. Seems really sensitive - wasn't anything like as sensitive on my M3. On that I only really noticed it out of town, on this it seems to high-beam at every bloody opportunity. Wait, is there a sensitivity setting maybe? Traffic Information The Real Time Traffic info. How reliable is it? I've gotten very used to traffic alerts on TomTom on my iPhone, and I've learned how it works, so I trust it. The colour representation thing with separate alerts I'm struggling a bit with, but if it's accurate and good then I'll put the effort in to learn it. Any opinions please? SatNav Usage A billion times better than the E92 - OMG FULL POSTCODES - but finding it a bit unintuitive. Any hints please? On TomTom I just bang in the post code, then a house number, and off I go. Often I'll then search for POI for a hotel for example and select that explicitly. What's the simple way to do that? For example, I enter a post code, then try and select a road, but the roads it's showing me are from all over the bloody place, and not local to the postcode. Just occurred to me I should ignore the roads, and just do post code/number? Alerts seem a little lax - I get warned about traffic events as I'm practically on them? Perhaps unfair here, I tend to specifically look on TomTom rather than wait for the alerts. Auto-Stop Thing For the love of god, can I turn this off permanently? Kill it with fire? Suspension Setup I start the car, it defaults in to Comfort mode, which is fine, but the suspension adaptive thing seems to be set in sport when 'Comfort' is selected? I assume you can change it in the profiles somewhere, but I'll be ****ed if I can find it. No real drama, sport doesn't seem bad as it's still more supple than the M3 was in comfort. Music I saw mentioned there's a 40Gb hard disk in the unit - can I upload music to it? I know I can stream over Bluetooth - and that works brilliantly - but there's some weird interactions with my alerting and UC apps on my phone, meaning I get full on billion decibel alerts that causes a shart. Can't turn that stuff off, so wondered if I can stick music on it directly and not bluetooth stream? Online Stuff They've given me a free internet subscription - not sure for how long - is it worth continuing? Pissed around with browsing for a bit then realised it was pointless. Like the widgets and stuff - any other apps/cool stuff I should think about? Thanks
  18. BMW Tech Queries

    I fixed the light thing - there's an old fashioned thing called a 'switch' you can use to turn it off.
  19. BMW Tech Queries

    Won't help, manuals have stop start too.
  20. BMW Tech Queries

    How the even **** what now?
  21. BMW Tech Queries

    Oh my - IFTTT integration! ON IT. Go pro could be cool too. This is years ahead of my m3.
  22. BMW Tech Queries

    Sure have, it's pretty ace isn't it
  23. BMW Tech Queries

    Ace, thanks
  24. BMW Tech Queries

    Gah. Must be able to code it out, surely?! Meh.