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  1. Actually, may make this is graham promises to pick up my trippy bastards from me.
  2. Recommend me a dashcam

    Week after next I'm not at the Met data centre that isn't there. . While I'm not there I could do this for you fairly easily.
  3. Recommend me a dashcam

    So I could see it properly?
  4. BMW M2

    Red the auto / manual thing - the 8 speed box is I don't think I'd ever go back to a manual now. Was heavily manual biased as always thought every auto I've had has been crap or a massive compromise. Can see me in a DCT M2 once I've stopped fannying about.
  5. Audi's SQ7

    48V doc feed sounds curious. You could do a lot more with that at high current rates than you could at 12v - well, cheaper anyway. Interesting concept. I've driven the 4.2tsi q7 and was properly impressed.
  6. New Car Time

    Aaha, yeah, unfortunate turn of phrase that one
  7. Recommend me a dashcam

    Aha, oh my, totally forgot I'd asked this! Thanks guys.
  8. New Car Time

    So the M3 just went. Sob.
  9. New Car Time

    Write on it? By letter? I find it fairly quick and easy...and then use TomTom on my iPhone
  10. New Car Time

    Not tried Waze - will have a look see.
  11. New Car Time

    I have, repeatedly. Our pool cars were 320 and 520d units, although they were fairly poverty spec. Remember thinking the 320d seemed to be two variants - one was f**king terrible. Horribly noisy and slow, the other not so much.
  12. New Car Time

    Ahahah, harsh! Yeah, it does seem to have loads. The 4 wheel drive thing is a bit weird after years in the M3 - loads more traction, but it doesn't feel as well planted as the M3. It 'skips' if you power it through a corner? Mind you, fairly sure my RS4 did that as well.
  13. New Car Time

    The tech in this is way, way, WAAAY beyond my M3.
  14. New Car Time

    Oh I'm sure people do. I just struggle to get that interested in it. Was still using my phone TomTom today, ahaha. Although it did take me a blank-look-minute to work out my music was working and I hadn't plugged my phone in yet.
  15. New Car Time

    Aha, no, it's either going to a mate or to the dealer....Mate is insisting he wants it, personally I think he's nuts but hey ho. Goodbye day will be Tuesday/Wednesday. Sad times. As a side note, sussed the lack of power on the motorway. It's the ecopower rubbish. Turn it off and it's sprightly as hell. Odd isn't it - work in IT, yet I rarely bugger about with the tech in the I can't be bothered.
  16. New Car Time

    Yeah may learn to drive around it. The m3 is fairly lazy below about 3.5k rpm, where as this is immediate - so driving it smoothly at the minute is a bit of a challenge ☺️
  17. New Car Time

    Ahaha, nice bit of editing Darren No choice on xDrive. 335d is xDrive/Auto only.
  18. Keyless car entry is in the news again

    Aha. Yeah, I still think you'd be hard pressed to find them or know what they were for. If I were really paranoid I could push the steering wheel up and you'd not be able to get to them anyway.
  19. Keyless car entry is in the news again

    Mine is relatively custom, but there's similar stuff from Clifford like the Blackjax stuff. With that you have to enter a 4 digit pin, with mine you don't. There's two buttons under the steering column I have to press in the right order, then clutch down to start. You'd never find the switches without knowing they were there really. Sounds a pain in the ass but honestly I just don't think about it anymore to the point that I keep trying to do it while driving other cars.
  20. I've renewed my driving license three times now - once years ago, then paper to photocard, and then just recently as it's expired. Every. Bloody. Time. They remove my bike license, and I have to send off my previous license entitlement and wait over a month for them to sort their shit out. Anyways, occurred to me - am I doing something wrong? As far as I can see renewal is easy, there doesn't seem to be any place to say what you're renewing? I.e. Which entitlements? Not that I ride a bike right now - but I may want to in the future. Do you ever have those days where you feel the establishment is picking on you. FML. As a side note, the date they have for me passing my car test is also wrong, by a year and one day. FUBAR.