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  1. Driving mode on Android or iPhone?

    Hey Siri, Google Do not Disturb
  2. Driving mode on Android or iPhone?

    Hey Siri, check my whatsapp.
  3. Driving mode on Android or iPhone?

    Hey Siri, check my messages.
  4. Driving mode on Android or iPhone?

    It's built in to iOS11.
  5. "Relay Crime" reality?

    I put all my stuff in RFID proof pouches now. I don't bother or worry too much anymore about such things, it can consume you. I have had two cars stolen, but having good insurance and GAP means it can become 'one of those things'. It's still a kick in the guts, but what's the point of constantly worrying. The RFID pouches cost a few quid.
  6. Gap insurance for purchase cars? What else?

    Be careful with GAP, and make sure it really is back to invoice (ALA) and not back to invoice*. *subject to our arbitary review of what invoice value should have been.
  7. Hmmmm
  8. WiFi extension

    I get about 950Mbps each way over cabled. 500Mbps each way is over WiFi. Company is HyperOptic. Fibre to the hallway
  9. WiFi extension

    That reply has been sat on one of my laptops for an age Derp.
  10. WiFi extension

    orking, wired connection 175 mbps. Wifi sometimes 20 but I’ve seen 60 odd. Will attaching a router like MrMe boost my wifi speed significantly or will the mesh system be a better bet? I don’t hardwire anything really so all that speed is just going the waste at the moment. The router makes a ton of difference. My Netgear gives me brilliant WiFi performance - 500Mbps each way, which is phenomenal. Not quite as phenomenal as wired, but hey ho.
  11. WiFi extension

    Yes, the same tech.
  12. WiFi extension

    As a side note, the Google solution looks good - but Google. So nah
  13. WiFi extension

    PowerLine is OK, but personally, I'd go with some kind of mesh system. Firstly how fast is your Internet connection? Secondly, what is your traffic like? Mostly to/from t'internet or do you run internal stuff too? It'll affect the choices. Powerline stuff is OK, but I've rarely seen them hit 200Mbps, even though they're rated far higher. That's fine if your internet is below that, and most of your traffic is that way - could be frustrating otherwise. Check out stuff like the LInkSys Velop or the Netgear Orbi .
  14. The £1k mobile phone

    Yes, you do. It's no different to TouchID on that front. There's a common thing I see with people assuming that Apple Pay only works while you're physically authenticating - I.e. You have to have your finger on the TouchID while paying. You don't. Start ApplePay/Wallet, auth, take finger off, and then touch on NF terminal. Understand why people do that, it's not massively intuitive to tell you you can do otherwise. Will be same for FaceID. Open Wallet, Auth, touch.
  15. The £1k mobile phone

    GM iOS 11 seems to support multiple faces.
  16. The £1k mobile phone

    Must admit I want to try an X, but suspect I'll end up with the 8 plus. It's interesting there were all the rumours about them not being able to get TouchID working through the glass - that and the early code betas indicated Face & TouchID would be available? It's an odd one. Everything about the X tells me I want it - the sceen estate/form factor for example. The removal of TouchID is bugging me though! Arguably the new method of unlocking - and removing the TouchID - will drive upgrades on the iPads too Ever had two similar devices with two different unlock methods? It's infuriating
  17. The £1k mobile phone

    Well if the cap fits
  18. The £1k mobile phone

    OMG main progress new stuff why I can use stuff I bought in 1983.
  19. The £1k mobile phone

    Yup, this is very much the first step on that process I think.
  20. The £1k mobile phone

    I found a 6310 clearing out my garage - the shocking thing was it still turned out without charging it Didn't last long, but I was gobsmacked. You have to remember that the upgrade in hardware often enables new software capabilities. That HW capability is a dependency for a lot of stuff. You build it, people will make use of it.
  21. The £1k mobile phone

    As for catching up with the S8...Nah.
  22. The £1k mobile phone

    Most predictable thread ever New phone. Lol OMG how much I'm not buying one? Honestly, you don't sound like the target market for such devices, and of course nobody is forcing you to buy them. People will though - as they're incredibly capable units. Are you assuming because you're not interested no-one else will be? Why would people upgrade? Well, why do people replace perfectly good cars, or buy expensive watches, or buy expensive jeans when 30 quid ones do arguably the same job? It's because they can Also, people invested in the eco-system it's not really a 1K phone. It's a 1k phone minus the highish resale of their current handset. If that's a previous gen iPhone that delta will be far smaller than most. These units are phenomenally powerful, and will open up a world of AI, augmented reality, not to mention gaming as that always chews up horse power. For those you buying a contract with a phone - well, that's an odd choice. It rarely if ever stacks up financially - you'll pay more over the term of ownership. Sell your 'Star Shoes Brake Pants' or whatever it is you're driving now, and buy a diesel Peugot then? They both do the same thing don't they? It's the same argument. Dunno, this release has actually made these units genuinely interesting. The processing capability is going to be amazing. Hell, they're more powerful than a lot of PCs that people are using. These really are now just portable computers - and powerful ones. Microsoft tried - and failed - with the phone/desktop combo for example. I suspect Apple will get this right. Imagine just walking in to somewhere plugging in a screen/keyboard and having your 'normal' working environment available? It's a very compelling story. Things like 4K 60FPS video, for example, will be a driver for a lot of people. Threads like this always make me think of the muppets
  23. I have different wallets for different scenarios Round home and general day to day I use my watch/phone for most things. Wallet wise I have a small MB thing that carries two cards, and a bit of cash. I tend to use this whenever I have to go into our offices as our door control tag thing doesn't work when it's right next to my phone. This has changed a lot for me. I used to be very cash-centric, and would typically have a couple of hundred quid with me. Now, I'd be surprised if I had more than 10-20 quid in my wallet. As I don't go in to the office often, I actually for the most part have a wallet on my phone that has a couple of cards and some cash in. I just don't need to carry much stuff any more. I do have a 'full' proper wallet that I use when travelling further - has everything in. I just don't find I need it with me very often, so I don't bother carrying it. As a side note, I've always made sure I have a reasonable amount of cash at home just in case I lose stuff. I.e. So I can get a cab home from pretty much most of London should I need to. Never needed it, but hey ho.
  24. 420d xdrive mpg

    I've had many BMW now. In fact my last.... 5 have been BMW. What's odd about that is I think I only really *loved* one of those cars - the E92 M3. The rest have been eminently brilliant. You couple that with a dealer that understands I don't mind paying 10-20% more (Sorry Ben) for convenience and reliability of service, and all of a sudden they have a package that's incredibly hard to beat. I look at Porsches, hell even some Jags and think oooo, but then I think...well, cars are down my list of interests now. I like them, sure, but other things are more important to me. Then the whole package of the BMW offer becomes very hard to beat. I do wonder if this countered by the extremes in dealers? I remember constantly fighting with Audi dealers - have never experienced this with BMW. Actually, that isn't quite true - I disagreed about some work being covered by warranty or not. Paid the bill, made my thoughts known, and left with the hump. Few days later get a call from the dealer saying they'd got sanctioning from BMW and refunded the work. Is that what happens when you get older? Owning a car becomes an 'experience'? I did a mouth sick then. The whole 'experience' thing. Cornwall Dave for example loves his Audi, but then I also know he has a fantastic relationship with his dealer.