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  1. Decent WiFi is fast enough for most things now though isn't it? I rarely have to pull out the Ethernet adapter. If I'm transferring a truck load of stuff it's far quicker to throw it on an external SSD via USB3.

    My home WiFi for example is currently showing a TXFR rate of approx 1.1Gbps. It works just fine for pretty much most things I can throw at it to the point that I don't have any Ethernet ports in the front room anymore - just never bothered.

    Same in the offices I use - to be fair they tend to be tech companies so tend to be relatively up to date. Only time I find myself pulling out an Ethernet (Or - god forbid - an RS-232 serial adapter) is the rare time I have to connect to stuff in racks when stuff has gone wrong.

    Only wired stuff I have is my lab - that's because I have to be able to measure stuff over Gb Ethernet. 


  2. First time may take a while to start as it trie to find the drive. Hold down the ALT key and select the drive. Once it's booted, go in to preferences and select startup disk. Make sure the new drive is selected. That way it wont spend an age trying to find the old one before looking for any other bootable drives.

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  3. Apologies for the source of the link, but does anyone else think this sounds more like a suicide....?

    Martin Clatworthy, a vehicle data examiner and safety safety specialist for Volkswagen, the makers of Skoda, told the inquest that in the five seconds before the crash, the vehicle was travelling at 116mph and the accelerator pedal was fully depressed. He added there was no braking recorded. 

    He talks about doing things to his car for features it doesn't have, like the sports stuff...? Bonkers horrible whichever way you look at it. 

  4. You say to a deskphone - what kind of deskphone? RJ11 type connector? Who has deskphones! Go softphone and get yourself a Plantronics C725. Beautiful and awesome sound quality.

    Jabra is quite good, but it depends on what software client you're using. If it's Lync/SfB the -M designated units from Plantronics are the balls. 


  5. Ace, thanks +++

    Yeah I'm not into the small crappy Toyota like campers - hired one before and just ended up staying in Motels. On my last jaunt to Uluru had a massive toyota (can't remember which, my brain keeps saying it was a Toyota Klunge but that can't be right). It was way more comfortable than the camper, bizarrely!

    Motels sound ideal.

    What's the driving like compared to Aus? Apart from the cities it doesn't look that busy...?



  6. Well that's as far as my plan has got so far! Wander down from Auckland, cross to South, drive about a bit.

    I was thinking campervan but from what I'm looking at I'd be better just going with hotels - any opinion on that Andy? I don't mind campervans, but I'd certainly prefer hotels?

    Quite looking forward to it +++



  7. I'm off to NZ in December for a few weeks. I get two weeks is totally not enough to do NZ, however it's more of a reccy visit to determine what I'm doing next year - planning on having a far larger trip next year.

    Anyway, after some pointers as I know practically nothing about NZ!

    I'll be flying  in to Auckland. Plan is to wander down to Christchurch - then I'll be flying from Christchurch to Melbourne to see people, and then home from Aus. Thinking 12-14 days in NZ.

    I've found the Hobbit place so I'll be doing that - buy beyond that I've not really as yet made any plans! Keep hearing about Milford Sound in the South Island. Also being told South Island is more dramatic so will deffo want to spend some time there.

    I like being out and seeing stuff, so not really into 'one place loitering'.

    Anyways, any pointers from people who have been there done that would be welcome +++



  8. 14 hours ago, Ian_C said:

    In the real world, sometimes stealth and compromise is required though?  I vividly recall the original S4, much delayed S3 and RS4 coming out, all very special cars indeed, a golden era for Audi, and as mentioned above a time when they put more effort into an S model than they do an RS now.  

    Honestly, down a country B road, a stock B5 RS4 wouldn't see which way a current S3 / Golf R went!  You'd kill yourself trying to keep up (either bouncing off the road on a bump due to the suspension, or "understeer into a bush".  The S3 is over a second quicker to 100 mph, the quarter mile times are similar, the B5 RS4 might accelerate faster after 100 / 120 mph perhaps?  I agree this doesn't make the S3 a better car  - as we've already proved above, it looks like a diesel!

    Clarkson summed it nicely when he compared the B5 RS4 to the Ur quattro in his 'Top 100 cars' video / DVD (cannot find on YouTube sorry - BBC usually claim copyright!)


    Way to miss the point. The earlier S3/S4/RS4 were a bit special - they added stuff to the existing range.

    A current range sports car is faster than a car released 15/16 years ago? OH MY GOD who knew.

    Ref the B5 RS4 to the Quattro - he said he'd have the Quattro, which kind of proves my point :roflmao:

  9. Aha, I think we're all agreeing, just not quite comprehending so.

    The point I was trying to make is that I can't think of interesting stuff they've done recently, bar as above perhaps the A1 - suspect that's the car my daughter will be heading into.

    They all kinda look the same to me. Dull. 

  10. Stealth = Boring as **** = same cars = omg it's a rep car = Audi. Honestly, apart from the R8, when have they done anything unusual or interesting?

    I remember the original S3, and the RS4 - they had character. Hell the press loved them as different. Current range? Oh look, Audi has an understeering barge that looks the same but ooo, goes a bit fast in a straight line but still understeers into a bush.

    It's just.....average. Ain't got no time for average. 


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  11. I'm also off-loading my Canon G7X (Mk 1) as I've upgraded my handheld to the G3X.

    You can see the specifications of the unit here, and you can see photos of the unit here.

    This is a brilliant camera - so capable. I've upgraded because I loved it so much - it's exactly the same sensor as the one I've upgraded to, the only difference is my new one has a 600mm Optical Zoom in it. Found myself carrying an absolute shit ton of kit on my last road-trip, so trying to cut down.

    It's small enough to stick in your pocket. 

    I'll also throw in the proper Canon case for it.

    Now, the sharper-eyed amongst you may have noted that on this photo there's something covering the lens markings...Something that looks a bit stuck on...? Well, that's because there is! Something very cool. It's magnetic ring that allows the attachment of a polarising filter. How cool is that on a handheld...? You can see it with the polariser attached here.  

    It's a great little thing, although I wouldn't suggest leaving it on as you'll lose it. There's a small pouch for the polariser, and it's attached to the Canon case.

    Purchase 27/1/16 so in warranty until 26/1/16. I'll provide the receipt for it.

    Looking for 250 quid, delivered special delivery. They go for a lot more on eBay, and that's without the polariser.

    In terms of scratches/marks...comes fully boxed with all the stuff, including cables/charger etc. Battery health still @ 100%.

    Will be up on eBay shortly, so let me know ASAP if you're interested. 



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  12. I've got my Canon 70D Body up for sale. You can see all the photos of it here

    I bought this in February 2016 and have hardly used it - EOS Inspector shows that it's taken just 782 shots for example. It's been on one trip with me, that's all. Still under warranty until end of Jan 2017 with Canon. I'll provide the original purchase receipt showing the original purchase price of GBP698.

    Not a lot to say about this camera really - it's obviously in great condition due to low use. No marks/scratches etc. Provided with all the boxes and original materials and instructions. Cables/charger/battery etc. Exactly the same as if you went and bought one brand new. I look after my kit. 

    To answer an obvious question - why did I buy it, use it so little, and then want to off-load? Well, it was replacing a 7D Mk 1 body - and after being used to the 7D I much preferred its feel etc. over the 70D - so I went and bought a 7D Mk II. So this 70D is no longer needed. If you want to see the quality of the shots you can take with it, have a look here. Bear in mind that: A) Some photos are on my G7X/iPhone, so look at the info B) The photos are compressed on Google Photos. 

    Anyways, I'll deliver the unit out special delivery, usually following day from the receipt of cleared funds. 

    They go for around 5-550 on auction sites, so looking for GBP450 for zero effort.

    Any questions please just let me know. It's a great camera +++