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  1. Hi all I've my GTi for over 3 months now, the Oz version ships standard with the RCD500 + 10 speakers. My only disappointment is that there's no MP3 playback. As I use the car every day and don't own an ipod, I'm looking to change the RCD500 to something else. So here are my questions... 1. Has anyone changed the CD player? Any recommendation? Any improvement after replacing the RCD500? I probably won't go for a LCD and rather put $ on other things (next question). 2. With the 10 speaker’s setup, sound seems to be coming predominately from left and right - particularly from the lower part of the door which is not great. I'm no audiophile but I recall having better sound and base with my old Lancer. Has anybody tweak or add a sub/amp/speakers to their GTi? Any practical suggestion (prefer small improvement) 3. Is it possible to connect the steeling wheel volume buttons or do I need to get some sort of adapter? 4. Lastly, does the RCD500 worth anything on ebay :-) Thank you kindly
  2. GTI = W*nker Magnet???

    I had similar experience, but mainly other Golf TDi and FSi drivers. They certainly have something to prove ...
  3. GTi newbie questions

    No SatNav. So I assume the Menu button won't work if you've a Midline display then? Oh well, thank you for the feedback
  4. GTi newbie questions

    The display shows temp, travel info, petrol usage, etc Yes, multifunction steering wheel Yes, cruise control I was refering to the menu button on steering wheel (above the OK), not the stalk Yes, the passenger door unlock with the unlock button. But I will try the remote again tomorrow. Thanks :-)
  5. GTi newbie questions

    Hi all. I picked up my GTi earlier this week and enjoyed it a lot. Still trying to run in the engine. Please help me with out here: Q1. The ‘menu’ button on the steering wheel does not seem to activate. I tried in at ignition. Also tried: after engine has started, and holding the button for a few seconds. Nothing? Is it a fault or just not available to Australian GTis? Q2. The passenger doors cannot be opened from the outside. Is this programmed in the menu? I have tried the unlock remote control (pressing twice / holding), but the car will only unlock the driver side door Thank you
  6. GTI Paint Protection

    Do you suggest getting the car polish when I get the car, or just do it every 6 months? Any suggestions regarding maintaining the car paintwork yourself or get it done by car wash 'profesionals'
  7. Golf GTI Sold Out: Australia

    My dealer called yesterday and confirmed my car will be built in April and deliver in mid-June. 2 months ago, they said I've to wait til July. Hopefully, they're not calling because of the article!
  8. lauch control

    is launch control available to all 2005 and 2006 gti?
  9. Australian MK5 Owners (...and orderers) :-/

    Hi all. I'm also from Sydney Australia. I ordered mine in late Oct. Originally expecting it to arrive in April. The dealer called me a month ago and said it will be delayed til July, but has got a build number (whatever) from the factory. My spec is standard black with DSG. Hopefully no further delays ... keen to replace my current car (hehe ... divorce .. new wife!!)
  10. In-dash 6CD player

    Thanks guys for your responses Pictorial instruction is the best
  11. In-dash 6CD player

    Hi all I'm waiting for my gti to arrive in a few months The Australian GTi comes standard with the in-dash 6cd player (not the sat nav /w dvd) 1. Does anyone know if it can read mp3 files? 2. If not, how hard is it to install the ipod connector people have been talking about? DIY or should I get someone to do it. 5 more months & counting down