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  1. My cousion has one...and i just simply fell in Love...with the car... The only problem is that i currently own a 2002 M5...which i have just put up for sale...after calling a number of Audi dealers and then offering me piss poor money for it in Exchange!!....£8000 Fingers crossed...The M5 will sell that i can get me a RS4...Looking to spend between £40K - £45K, have noticed there are afew around on a 06 plate.. Is there anything i need to look out for when i go to buy..? Also any recomendations for insurance companies? Thanks for any advise.. --Sam
  2. I love TVR's BUT........

    [ QUOTE ] What is the deal with the reliability and build quality of them! I know 3 people who own various TVR's and all they seem to do is go out for a blast and come home in the AA relay truck [/ QUOTE ] Now that was funny... I am trying to do some reasarch as thinking of selling my M5 to get one.. My brother just got back from france, and there was a TVR on the ferry - when it arrived at Calais refused to thats scary! and very putting off... though there is something still instide me that wants one... All cars do break down..i guess the question i have not seen asked is.. How many TVR owners have had there cars brake down on them?
  3. TVR Tuscan

    Where is the add posted? or is it not up anywhere yet?
  4. looking for a tuscan! give me your wisdom!

    How much does a rebuild cost? Surley some recalls would have been done on the 2000 models?
  5. tuscan engine rattle

    i would get a second opinion.. Sam
  6. Also lookin for a Tuscan, Help Needed!

    Great bit of info there... i am considering selling my M5 for a TVR, though just looking into it again...
  7. Alloy Wheel Refurbishment - Mobile Service
  8. BMW M5 Touring pics

    Its has to be the Audi RS6 for me.... Though more on the M5 here:
  9. New M3 Farily Uncovered!!!

    Looks like a Merc..... or maybe its the poor Pictures...
  10. New M3 launch?

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] there's a couple of avants for sale at Guildford so I'm going for a test drive hopefully tomorrow as realistically I haven't had a go in one yet. [/ QUOTE ] That's dangerous mate, I would never test drive another car so soon after forking out a fair whack of dough for the CSL. Settle down, enjoy the CSL for a while before looking near anything else. I'm not going near another dealer until I've spent some time in the CSL over the Summer months! Then, I might try a Phantom Black RS4 saloon..... [/ QUOTE ] I disagree, test drive it and get it out your system. They are 2 very different cars and you will always want one more than the other. Make up your mind and find out which it is - what I say! CSL is faster though. I have proof! [/ QUOTE ] mean the video Clip of the Top Gear Series where the RS4 whooped the CSL around a track...
  11. iPod integration

    Ah... There were some talks on BM3w about the USB stick, though think it was little limited..though i could be wrong.. I simply chucked a 80GB Ipod in the Boot.. You have the SAT NAV Screen?
  12. iPod integration

    ...but it takes two mins to plug in... Also this is required: Cheepest around....
  13. Watching TV at high speed

    [ QUOTE ] I heard that the cables off eBay were rubbish and didn't do the job. The kit from Birds is about £200. However, you need to be aware that there are insurance implications too. You HAVE to tell them if you override a safety feature on the car, especially this one. If you don't, and you have a smash, you've modified your car without telling them and it's major pants pooing time. Incidentally, the premium they put onto it for removing the feature is a big one. I asked about it and then decided against it....they wanted 20% more. Here is the proper kit though... TV in Motion [/ QUOTE ] I have one...£50 from eBay.... Works wonders, and wether you pay £50 or £200 they will do exactly the same thing...the picture will be litle jumpy when on the move..though this is expected...
  14. iPod integration

    I got a Intravee unit in my car...allows full text and allot of functions to be controlled from the SAT NAV screen...Just awsome! Also it is spose to be 1000 times better then the Dension Icelink (whihc i think has now be discontinued)
  15. Anyone converted an E46 330i to LPG?

    There was an M5 for sale somewhere...which had the LPG conversion done...