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  1. Knock knock - can I come in please??

    Busby, It's all lies. We don't still see each other, but he still tries to stalk me which is quite disconcerting. That why I had to move out to the country..... Also, I will always be younger than you Smithers, my tractor is the nuts and just you wait till I get my LM wheels for next year....don't give it large just because you're sticking some RS badges on your S-line diesel. ANWAY! Enough of that, how the devil is everyone on TSN!??! Haven't had time over the past few years to do much posting! Was on RS246 for a while with my B7 RS4 (now gone) but they take themselves rather seriously in a cliquey way......oh hang on........;-) Busby - how are tricks mate, still up in Brum?? Hope all is well. JT
  2. Hi, has anyone got Simon's (stratty IIRC ?) contact details for retro fitting cruise to audi's ? JT
  3. Ferrari 360 CHALLENGE STRADALE F1

    Vito, I need something fairly tasty for Le Mans this year....this would kinda do. Have a word with the old man will you? I'll give you a shout at the weekend JT PS - Happy New Year buddy.
  4. New M3 launch?

    Gents - let's face it.....we all need an RS4 AND a CSL in a nice heated double garage to have the choice when we wake up in the morning......I'd use the RS4 for getting back up to Scotland at Christmas each year and on those delightful winter days and the CSL for summer and Le Mans... oh to dream....
  5. An Early Christmas Present

    Simon - lovely car! I'm sure you'll enjoy the AWD to RWD transition! JT
  6. My New Z4M Coupe...

    Jay, That looks superb and very jealous! Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the car as it 'beds in'..... JT
  7. ZM Coupe (S54 model) 2001 for sale

    [ QUOTE ] Come on JT, what's next [/ QUOTE ] Really don't know for once Ross! Will probably be carless for a couple of months and just use the GF's Mini and then look to get something early in the New Year......so many choices! All suggestions welcome..... Will keep you posted JT
  8. ZM Coupe (S54 model) 2001 for sale

    SOLD! Going to a good home to someone who will hopefully join TSN! What next.............?
  9. A4 Avant 1.8T S-Line (190 BHP)

    Pincher - lovely looking car, I'm sure your friend will sell it easily. IanC - you REALLY need some help.....
  10. [ QUOTE ] What about sneaking out of night-clubs with Magnum champagne bottles [/ QUOTE ] It was just a short term 'loan' really Chrispy.....
  11. Correct, it's the Italian Side of the Mont Blanc Tunnel. I took the photo back in 2004 when Lagoo and I went down in the M3 Cab and ZM Coupe to a wedding in Tuscanny immediately after Le Mans. Fantastic road trip.....brings back some good memories of empty tunnels and two straight 6 M engines....
  12. Photos I promised a long time ago. (MWW)

    [ QUOTE ] You a pimp Vito ? [/ QUOTE ] Vito is a wannabe PIMP. Trust me, I've know him long enough.... 'Vito the Virgin' as he's know to his friends. Bless. JT
  13. Pentagon Glasstech Review

    Guys and Girls, Just to let you know that Craig is no longer with Pentagon, however he has confirmed that the franchises will still be honouring the TSN discount. If you have any problems then drop me a PM and I will do my best to help. JT
  14. Z4M Coupe

    Cheers Jay. So....the colour you're getting then? You lucky sod! Let me know when you get yours and if you fancy meeting up (if I still have the Coupe) sometime - would love to get some good shots of the 2 cars side by side. I think I'd end up jealous, bitter and twisted though..... JT