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  1. Servicing Advice Please

    Lucky buggers, the mileage I'm doing means 2x Longlife variable services per year. But I get mine done at a local BOSCH place rather than Audi, though their deals do look good at the moment. Shame they didn't bother to ring me back when I tried booking it in with York Audi this time.
  2. Snow/Ice woes :(

    We've had loads of snow here and have subsequently been using the wife's bargain Octavia 4x4 estate mk1. I took the A6 out for the first time today and was shocked how bad it was in comparison - even on slightly icy tarmac it couldn't cope, let alone loose or packed snow. Seriously thinking I need to get another quattro (had a B6 A4) but I've only had this thing 2 months.
  3. A6 Avant SE 4F lowering 2006/56

    The new shape seems to sit higher though.
  4. Just wondered if anyone can recommended a set of springs or a suspension kit to sharpen up the handling of my car and lower it a bit? It's an SE so looks like it's on stilts.
  5. Recommend me a 4x4 banger

    Octavia 4x4 estate...
  6. What is your dash/centre console preference?

    The green parts of the Prius display remind me of that on a Ferguson Videostar we had in the early eighties.
  7. A6 2.0tdi flat spot in first gear

    Unsurprisingly, I did mention getting hers mapped too. Met with a very frosty response - something about insurance cost, blah blah. Shame, cos it'd be quite lively and handy with 4x4.
  8. A6 2.0tdi flat spot in first gear

    Does feel like it is cutting power to the engine as per traction control, but it does it with ESP off and doesn't occur at particularly high revs. Will be arranging the remap soon Just need to get tomorrow out of the way (wife getting Octy 1.8t 4x4 est mk1).
  9. Had a sit in the new Astra

    Looks like the armrest and slidey thing in front of it have been nicked from a B6 Passat.
  10. Just bought a 56 plate A6 2.0 tdi as a replacement for my Passat with the same engine. I have found it runs fine, apart from in first gear (manual box) when setting off. If you try to set off quickly you can press the pedal quite a way down and nothing seems to happen, then it starts accelerating as normal. It feels as though there is a massive flatspot. I'd be grateful if anyone has any ideas as it only does this in first gear, which seems very strange. Cheers
  11. Had a sit in the new Astra

    It may be good quality, and I have in the past been a (sort of) fan of Vauxhalls, having had 3 of them. But that dash is so over-designed... a bit naff IMHO.
  12. Your Preference (Tuning Companies)

    At the risk of sounding repetitive, Shark Performance. Ben remapped the Passat I've just sold - I reckon I must've done about 15-20K in it with no probs whatsoever. My newly-acquired A6 will be getting mapped by Ben just as soon as I've recovered from buying it.
  13. No MOT, No Tax & question

    If I stopped you and that was your reasoning when I asked why PNC was showing no insurance, I'd be seizing the vehicle from you s.165 RTA. Collect 6 points and several hundred pounds fine.
  14. URGENT HELP: Passat won't restart

    Must buy VAGCOM...must buy VAGCOM...
  15. URGENT HELP: Passat won't restart

    All sorted now - camshaft position sensor - bad connection or intermittent fault. Thank **** it was nothing more serious, all the horror stories on the net about oil pump failure don't bear thinking about