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  1. 130 > 180 bhp Differences

    Well i got mine superchipped fr a miesly 410 quid including the vat! got a small discount as my impeza was also chipped. The crack with the superchip now is its a remap not a add on chip. They have a file now which can be added through the serial port, 15mins and hey presto! My car was rolling roaded independantly and produced 185bhp, and the S3's of the day were all similar from 225 to 233. so it aint far out. ive done a good few thousand miles now, and the car seems to relearn the chips charicteristics, its getting better and better. Fuel consumption has gone up to avrage of 47mpg combined, and 540 miles a tank, which is 30 miles better than previous. when canning it it has never dropped below 43mpg. ive had it flat out in 6th till the overboost cut in and said no more today thank you till i turned it off and re started it to resaet it and it got to 135mph on the flat. to me the drivability is fantastic, 6th feels like 5th and 5th like 4th now, theres no need to go over 3k rpm just go for the next cog and torque is amazing. i went on a rally with mossy s3 and an impreza, and through the gears there wasnt alot innit, mine was plenty to keep the pace. I had an S3 for half a day over the bank holiday, and yes it was faster and alot of fun but you reallty had to rev it compared to the torquey diesel and double the mpg. so for day to day and blasting past things on a/b roads in 5th and 6th ill take the diesel. if my mileage was less and wanted a good thrash then the s3 would be my choice. But whatr i also noticed at cruising speeds the diesel was quieter at 90/100 mph than the S3. So to me im a diesel convert and any remap is money very well spent, just pay your money and take your choice as to which remap you go for. The guy that remapped mine does alot of audis at the dealership, and they are cool with it as long as they service it. also the guy that remapped mine has done 30k in his tdi 130 ith that map with no probs. ill tell you through the gears they need to be quick to leave a 185 bhp diesel behind!
  2. On a private test track lastnight i had a tangle with a VRG with 3 young lads in. They had been dogging me abit, then whilst joing te runway at 50mph we had a blast to 135, my re mapped 1.9tdi ran out of steam but the VR6 couldnt pass until about 130. They lad in the back was pointing to a sticker in the back window saying "Serious Power!" i laughed my arse off as i bt he didnt rush to the pub to tell his mates he struggled from 50 to 130 with a 1.9tdi. Te he he. Think i was still averaging 45mpg LOL Lee
  3. What a giggle i had with a VR6 Golf :)

    LOL! yes i am a hairstylist! have been for ten years. straight as a die! Have girlfriend and 3 year old little girl for evidence before the the gay stuff pops up! I had my car remapped by superchips through the serial port. and that was done at a audi dealer. went to the audi-sport.net rolling road day at well lane Turbo centre and decided to pop it on, 185 BHP on its first run, not to bad eh!
  4. What a giggle i had with a VR6 Golf :)

    LMAO @ couldnt see very often! You want to folow mine on full chat...its like friggin james bond! Had a do with a merc...cheeky twat put his headlights on But i dont care, to see there faces when they see 1.9Tdi on the back makes me smile! Specialy when its a muppet in his kevved up 106/saxo up yer ar5e with his swamp donkey in the passenger seat and you leave em if a puff of smoke! well in my case lots of it!
  5. What a giggle i had with a VR6 Golf :)

    LOL, Well fatcat this was straight line stuff! Im not even going to bother typing the list of petrol cars ive shown up on the twisties! a set of Eibachs and seventeen ich wheels will just shapen it up nicely! Im surprised how well it keeps with S3s through the gears. Lee
  6. Hello everyone! just came across this sit and it looks very informative!Catch you all soon!Lee
  7. Evo to Tdi

    He He know what you all mean! i sold my scooby for the A3 oct 2002. Had it for 20 months and 57k, lots of pennys! Only thing is ive blown all the savings i made on running the diesel on fixing a cracked gearbox coz i was driving my Tdi like i used to drive my scoob! Fatcat, only thing is buying a P1 as theyve got older is how many track miles they may of done! i did 600 track miles in my scoob and uput it back to standard when i sold it, you woud never know! alot of P1's do see the track at some point! Lee
  8. Is my ESP fecked?

    Ive found with the ESP on itss harder to get sideways. The old 90 quattro 20v adopted a good idea, you could turn the ABS off manually which seemed much better i snowy conditions. Why do they drop good things! Lee
  9. Braided brake hoses?

    Hi folks! With braided hoses you tend to feel a sligjty firmer pedal. It all comes into play more when on track etc. when brake fluid gets hot and rubber hoses flex more. When fitting hoses replace fluid with Dot 5 fluid and mintex 1155 pads, no more brake fade! i used to run this set up on my scooby for trackdays. adviasble to ge discs that will cope though, the 1155 can make a mess of em!. Cheers Lee
  10. RS3 to be 350bhp!!

    WOW! if that Porsche pick is correct ill have one of them!Looks the business! Any hatch with 350bhp has got to be awesome!Lee
  11. Hi folks im new!:) A3 Tdi quattro driver.

    Cheers chaps! Fatcat can you post up some pics of your motor with them wheels on?i need bigger wheels!
  12. Hi folks!Yep its fecked! the sump and gearbox are the same height! so it needs 2 gearbox casings and a strip and rebuild so sort it!so 1300 quid later im not laughing!So ill be keping my 02 Tdi Q abit longer!anyone know of a company that suplies proper sump guards??Cheers Lee
  13. Hi there!After a midly spirited drive on some nice A roads in the lakes i mangeged to wreck the gearbox casing!I wasnt going that fast and it was a mild yyump which ive been over in other cars, it just crashed to the ground on the other side!which im surprised at with the so caled sport GmbH suspesion!anyone els had probs wth A3 just dropping to its knees?Cheers Lee