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  1. Well, for the benefit of anyone else out there - Yes, it was too old. Firmware version 1.00 doesnt support coding for the comfort phone, and thus wont work. I updated with a 2009 Map disc, taking the firmware to 6.50, coded the nav unit to xxxx7xx, which it now accepts and all is peachy
  2. I'm sorry, I know these things have been covered a million times, yet after spending far too many hours searching, I'm stumped. I fitted an RNS-E with bluetooth to my A8 D2 last year with none of these issues..... Fundamentally, I'm getting really basic handsfree function, with at best (when RNS-E is coded xxxx4xx) I get a signal strength bar and the carrier at the bottom of the screen, and 'please use your handset' - Bluetooth module is coded with xx1xxxx. Phone module wont code to xxxx7xx which is suggested by Rosstech for comfort phone... Handsfree works from an audio perspective, no problems with mic etc. All good. But, what i want is the full monty 'twiddly dial' screen that I should be able to get... - but - This is a really old RNS-E, part number 8E0 035 192 C running software version 0100, yes, 0100, which I'm guessing is very old. No one has mentioned a minimum revision anywhere before, but I guess its rare for RNS-E's to be this out of date :confused: The million dollar question, should this old RNS-E even support the comfort phone features, or do a need a new map disc with updated firmware to progress? Any help appreciated, Im driving myself nuts here p.s. bluetooth interface is 8P1 862 335
  3. Fitting FBMFSW question

    Thanks for that, Nice write up, should save me some effort with my newly aquired S4...
  4. Gearbox woes?

    Has he had it from new?.... ie, is he sure its not had one fitted... 180K is, frankly, unbelievable... I've known them go as low as 40K and be done under the original warranty...
  5. Gearbox woes?

    A whine immediately after fiddling with fluid is usually low fluid - The oil pump in the gearbox attempts to suck up fluid, but gets air instead which makes the noise. The noise may get less the further you drive, ie as it warms up. The transmission fluid is very specific and has to be filled at a precise temperature so it is expanded the correct amount. If its filled when too hot for example, you can end up with too little fluid in. The final drive seal on the box usually fails on these as its placed just above one of the cats and dries out over the years, shrinking and then dropping a bit of oil - very common. I've got plenty of local garages I'd trust to work on my car in general, but if I were to have a fluid change, i'd only ever use a gearbox specialist who knows the ZF HP24a boxes as they'll know all this stuff without thinking about it.... 140,000 miles is however probably a record for an S8, I dont think I've known a D2 make that mileage on a single box.... If it were my car, I'd assess how confident the garage was on the exact procedure, and if not 100% convinced, get it down to a ZF specialist who may be able to fill it correctly and it might just burst back into life....
  6. The vag alarms used to (and I guess still do) give a 15 second grace period between door being 'unlocked' and a valid key being inserted into the ignition, and the immobiliser being de-activated. The immobiliser has the authority to disable the alarm, but only if you have a key with a valid chip. It was designed for use with those tiny plastic wallet keys which have immobiliser chips, but no central locking stuff... I can see how peeling the metal back would give them access to 'unlock' the door, but then a good screwdriver could achieve the same way easier. The other thing with vag is that door closure sensors are usually built into the door catch, not the B pillar, so if you get the right wires by drilling this hole, you can no doubt fool the alarm into thinking the door was never opened. Still, assuming you get past all that lot, the ultrasonics are still alive and well, so I'm struggling to see how they'd make a quiet getaway. I imagine its a combination of many men on the job and getting on with it... Interesting, and I've not heard of it round here - yet - but a bit close to me for my liking...
  7. Need some good advice please look

    I agree with everything said.... Any offer above 3K for yours is worthy of serious thought, and yours devalues for every customisation you do - I'm not knocking your upgrades at all, but they do devalue the car rather than add to it, even though you might be putting a lot of cash into it. The S8 has 50bhp more, but it has shorter gear ratios and moves a lot quicker. It is a different beast, especially as yours isnt even a 'sport' model. But mainly, the S8 is the best of the best, and if you're going to do serious mods like wraps, brakes etc, start with the best in the first place is my opinion.... That partcular S8 however, I agree, would need a good looking at before a purchase. There are plenty of good S8's around the 4/5K mark to choose from though...
  8. 2003 (D3) A8 4.2Q FOR SALE (78k miles)

    Looks a bit overpriced to me.... the D4 launch and recent fuel hikes have murdered older D3 pricing, and 03 plate 4.2's can be picked up for sub 6 grand now without trying too hard... Some interior photos would help a lot.... Below average mileage is nice, but spec is nothing special so you're unlikely to see an extra 2.5K for it... Sorry, but best of luck with it...
  9. Lack of cup holders !!

    The original Pre face D2 had two cupholders as standard, unless text based navigation was fitted from 1997. Cars with text nav, or facelift cars with the menu button only get a single cupholder instead in the square space left. The springs in them often fail, and people choose to bin them for some reason, rather than sell them on with a broken one, so its not uncommon to see 8's with no holders in the front. They tend to get stained too which is another reason they get moved on. There have always been 2 cup holders in the rear in the end of the rear armrest....
  10. Its a good spec, and its a 4.2 Quattro, but its not a sport.... Most folks who can afford the current spiriling fuel costs are looking for the sport model or the S8.... 17" rims are pretty undesirable, so any enthusiast looking at your motor is instantly factoring in another grand for decent wheels, which makes it all a bit pricey.... Sorry, just trying to help....
  11. RNS-D soft ware update + navi maps

    Read this thread thoroughly, it will answer many of your questions... RNS-E Retrofit into a D2.... - A8 Parts Forum As for it being an RNS-D, I'd bet money it isnt. Take the nav unit out and look at the part number. If it ends in an 'E', it will be an RNS-C.... MMI is the integrated wizz bang stuff in the D3, totally different to the RNS-E which is a combined standalone 'Radio Navigation System' - I've never seen an RNS-E for sale without a navigation disc, so you should be good to go from the outset....
  12. RNS-D soft ware update + navi maps

    You'll never update using the RNS-D firmware as you have a T reg car, early facelift, and it will therefore almost certainly be an RNS-C unit..... The last map update for the Travelpilot non-dx was 2007 I think, so you've probably got it as good as its going to get. You could upgrade to the RNS-D, but you'll have to install a TMC Module and do a bit of faffing around. Personally, unless you're depserate for the turn by turn instructions in the cluster, I'd stick an RNS-E in there instead...
  13. Thanks Riz - Not that its a tight squeeze, but is the 1m 48cm width including or not including the top rail ? Does it have a light at the top by chance ? Cheers...
  14. Have you got any dimensions for it ? I find it oddly appealing, although not sure where I'd put it yet...
  15. factory optional extras de coder

    They're not 'option codes' , they are 'build codes'. They are used to identify parts to be fitted to the car at the factory, and more crucially it helps the dealer figure out which part to fit when it breaks as many mechanical parts look similar but with minute differences. For this reason you'll find a load of stuff on there that seems pretty 'standard', but its essentially UK kit, eg right hand drive specific etc, so standard to us, but rare in the factory.... Heated seats, nav, dipping mirrors feature, but Bose never does, nor do blinds, enhanced leather packs or most things trim related. The build stickers dont vary a great deal on UK cars. Engine and gearbox codes vary more than you'd think, and you'll find most of the suspension/brakes are different codes for the S8 as all the running gear differs.... I'd check 0D3... Cant see any reason why your car was fitted with only 1 reinforced door