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  1. School trip dilemma

    I can't say I disagree with the decision. Those of us that work with vulnerable people or children are bound by a duty of care. Fun, interesting and educational are lovely words. Safety trumps them.
  2. Corbyn

    You're suggesting that Borris isn't the clinical political colossus I thought he was?
  3. New pants please

    *The following is not fact checked. I dont think so because they can move around freely in their suites. They are often seen bending down tinkering with the bike between heats.
  4. New pants please

    I asked for that #brakes
  5. New pants please

    Speedway. No breaks, No fear no brains.....
  6. Football results today

    I think that's fair. Given the circumstances any positive that comes Manchester's way is a good thing.
  7. Buy to let novice - first of many questions!

    It appears rather stupid and a waste of time but it's a nice couple of hours work for the council worker. An easy job to claim 2 hours (always stretched out with traveling etc) probably tag a break or lunchtime on that and hey ho that's half a day gone. Pick up his/her public sector wages and pension and then complain how bad off they are while us private sector workers prop up the country. *All sweeping statements to reflect my current mood.
  8. New pants please

    Front wheel drive. Death traps.......
  9. A3 Sportback 59 reg

    Belts are perishable so mileage is pretty irrelevant (unless you do big mileage and have to change things sooner). The books should say when belts should be replaced and it's his duty to do so or run the risk of a snapped belt. Don't quote me but I seem to remember the golf Gti needed a change every 4 years. The A3 2T is the same engine etc.
  10. New pants please

    4 wheel drive. Death traps...
  11. BMW M2 'Facelift'

    I think it works like Tipex says, if you have keyless entry and keyless start (so need a starter button). I really struggle to see the point in having one without the other and can't believe manufacturers are still producing halfway house setups. I have a small key fob that never leaves my pocket. Above puzzles me, having to find the fob, press the unlock button and then leave the key there. Why???
  12. 2CV tested - a little film

    Enjoyed that. Thanks for posting it TDK. I did spend the entire time trying to figure out who's voice yours reminded me of. Jason Plato was my final choice.
  13. MotoGP M5 Safety Car

    Rear wheel drive. Death traps.....
  14. Car insurance renewal

    Just saved 20% on the wife's insurance by switching. Like Bob says above, the renewal quotes always seem randomly generated and as E-BMW says I always switch on principle if my current supplier offers to match the new quote. It obviosly works as all insurance companies push their luck and it's just a merry go round so they don't really care. Admiral-Privilege-Quote me happy-Admiral Thats my current cycle over the last 4 years.
  15. F1 2017

    Some might think I worded it to suggest as much lol