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  1. What is it? Volvo?

    Isn't it just a car that belongs to the local safari zoo
  2. The ultimate turbo nutter bastard

    Looks mega. Apart from ummmmm the looks....
  3. Boxing thread

    My money would be on AJ stopping Vlad but after 5 or 6 rounds things could get very interesting. I would love to see what AJ looks like in rounds 9 and 10. I have a sneaky suspicion he would be a gassed out mess. So much muscle mass with no history of long fights. Awful combination if you ask me.
  4. Boxing thread

    AJ v Vlad At last, a Box Office (PPV) event worthy of the name and fee. Is Vlad past it? 41 and no fight for 18 months suggests he is. AJ is too strong and hungry isn't it? What ever the result it's going to be a spectacle.
  5. Football results today

    De Gea's house comes with its own trophy room believe it or not. Very topical as MrMe seems to have trophies on the brain judging by recent posts. Obviously the lofty heights of winning this years Leagues Cup has gone to his head. Thought I would take a minute to peruse Mr De Gea's trophy cabinet during his time with Utd. Joined Utd in June 2011. In 6 seasons he has won- 1 League Championship 1 FA Cup 1 League Cup (that was this year) Arsenal get the brunt of a lot of jokes but if they win this years FA Cup they would have won as many trophies in the same time span. Up until Utd won the League cup they had won the same amount!!!! It's quite staggering really how much Utd (the biggest club in the world) have underachieved in recent history and it's no wonder Utd fans are a little too excited having won the league cup. Add in the fact that Utd have failed to qualify for the Champions League twice and could miss out again this year (3 times out of 6 seasons!!!!!) then it's fair to say De Gea's time in Manchester has been below par. Shame really as David is a brilliant keeper. Imagine what he could do at a top club.
  6. Football results today

    News? Yes as a matter of fact. He's been back in Manchester recently looking at buying a new house You may know the £3m place he was looking at. David De Gea put it up for sale last week before he moves to Spain.
  7. Football results today

    Any news in the Zlaten contact extension? Utd were desperate to keep him last week and I'm sure they are going to stand by him in his time if need. They wouldn't throw him on the scrap heap after shooting them to a reasonable season would they? A club as classy as Utd will surely stick by him. wouldn't they?
  8. Football results today

    He's not going to be happy with that. Next season will be interesting. We will see if he is the genius he was lorded to be or just a flat track bully with big teams in non competitive leagues.
  9. Football results today

    He shoots, he scores. Yeah yeah, and Liverpool have won it more than Man U and Celtic, Nottingham Forest and many more teams won it once upon a time. Yawn yawn yawn. Uruguay won the first ever World Cup so lets declare them the best on the planet and be done with it. There comes a point when past achievements is no longer relevant. Needing extra time to beat Anderlecht over two legs is probably about that time.
  10. Football results today

    Having had time to get over the defeat I'm sure you now feel very proud. If you don't yet then you will given a few more days. What a fantastic 2 seasons, a league win we will never see the like of for years to come, if ever. To follow that up with a Champions League adventure that the likes of Arsenal and Man Utd can only dream of (recent years, we don't live in the past) is something to remember for every. Worth remembering that since 2011/12 Chelsea are the only British team to do better than Leicester in Europe. They have progressed past the 1/4 finals twice in that time, Man City once (semis) and Man Utd have reached the 1/4s on one occasion. Arsenal only dream of going that far. And Leicester did it on their first attempt! Feel proud yet ?
  11. F1 2017

    It's a sad reflection on how poor the Mc is and possibly F1 as a whole. Yes the Indy 500 is an historic race but so is Monaco. Presumably this was agreed before the season started and may have helped keep Alonso in the seat.
  12. Another new S5 ordered

    If she's got a dick strawbridge then I definitely wouldn't go there. Each to their own and all that.
  13. Has anyone had a Mini Cooper D?

    Can't help on the diesel front but Pops had a Mini Cooper. He used it to keep the miles off his other cars and bought it as car to take and leave anyway. It was only him 90% of the time so size didn't matter. Sold it after 6 months....... Whilst it feels go kart like in isolation on the road it loses its appeal when in and around other traffic and you get that 'I'm kinda small ' feeling. It seemed to do a few things reasonably well but nothing stood out. Even though he didn't need it to be practical it proved unpractical if that makes sense. It's ok being happy to park it at your local b&q whilst the main car stays safe at home, but then space inside becomes the issue. The same with the school run. He used to pick my sister 3 boys up from school twice a week. Another reason for buying as spaces outside schools are at a premium. They were 4-10 years old and that turned into a hassle loading and unloading them. What budget are you thinking? Maybe a little more than you want to spend (and it's petrol) but a Fiesta ST would be massively more fun and not a lot more to run.
  14. New car deals?

    I think you'll find it's actually .:Stripe
  15. New car deals?

    Thank feck for the new building. I was there yesterday and the parking was soo much better.