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  1. SD, HD , Ultra HD

  2. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    I had a 50inch crt at work until last month and only got rid because I was given a new LCD one. What people forget is motion lag and black quality. You can have the best picture quality in the world but if it can't handle moving objects or dark film scenes then it's still disappointing. Plasma and CRT would always be my preferred sets due to my viewing habits. No, not football in the dark.
  3. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    Council houses.....
  4. SD, HD , Ultra HD

    With the recent introduction of Ultra HD I can't help feel sceptical. I'm not technology minded at all but with my aging eyes I'm sure it's all a fiddle. When HD started to roll out I'm almost positive standard definition was toned down some how to make it look like HD was some magic creation. i have just watched a 'sky' advert asking punters for £12 a month to buy Ultra HD. Am I naive in thinking normal HD is going to take a hit in quality to push the virtues of ultra HD? I realise I'm rambling and I'm naturally a sceptical person but something is screaming 'the emperor's new clothes ' to me.
  5. Football results today

    I think it was Tennyson that said, 'Tis better to have played in the Champions League and lost than never to have played at all ' Or was it 'loved', I can never remember exactly.
  6. F1 2017

    I know you can never tell until the racing starts for real but this is going to be another dull season isn't it? At least with the last couple of seasons you had two teammates fighting it out. I think now Lewis is firmly No1 within the team that variable has disappeared. VB is going to play the Webber role to Hamilton's Vettel. A huge yawn fest awaits.
  7. Football results today

    Very poor odds as you say MM. 6/1 to make the 1/4s seems very tight. The bookies got stung with the Foxes winning the League last season and I think the game has changed for the near future. Edit. I write the above without evidence. Just checked the pre season odds and 1000/1 seems to be the big number with Bournemouth, Burnley, Boro etc. Sunderland were 2000/1 the highest odds so I guess the bookies were stung and are now protecting themselves
  8. Football results today

    Good luck. Hopefully Leicester pull it out the bag but Sevilla are top class in Europe.
  9. Family Trip to the Far East Planning Help?

    In for another Waylander fact finding thread.
  10. Football results today

    Grass routes football. My lad is going to be 5 soon and apart from watching me play when he was younger, he hasn't been to a 'proper' match. AFC Bournemouth are 5 minutes away by car but tickets are rarer than a rare thing. So I was on the look out for something different. A was having a few beers with a mate on Saturday who wants to do the same with his lad and he mentioned a team to me. My old bloody team! Granted it was from when I was a nipper but they play literally 4 minutes walk away. Bournemouth Poppies are 150 years old and play in the 9th tier of English football. Think Vanarama North and South leagues and they are 2 promotions off that. I can't believe I had forgotten about a team I actually played for. So that's it, my new team that will hopefully bring me and the lad many happy afternoons together (and midweek evenings when he's old enough). So what if the standard isn't great and the 3000 capacity ground looks silly with 30 fans there (last attendance apparently). I'm sure it will be a good introduction for the little man.
  11. Boxing thread

    Over the years I've made no secret of the fact I dislike Haye and think he is overrated at Heavyweight. I had no respect for how he went about his business in and out the ring. I went to to bed last night with massive respect for the guy havingh showed so much courage to get so far in the fight. Unfortunately my new found respect for Haye was short lived, having slept on it my thoughts are this. -Bellew a slightly better than average Cruiser had made it through the early rounds and the contest would have naturally swung in his favour in the later rounds regardless of injury. -Haye couldn't get that early knockout that he wanted and predicted. -Haye always mocks his opponents appearance as he himself likes to look good. Valuev, Ruiz,Chisora,Whyte and Bellew have all been publicly laughed at by Haye because of their body. Unfortunately for Haye it's his body that keeps letting him down time and time again. -Haye continues to write cheques that his ability and body just can't cash. Great cruiserweight , slightly better than average heavy. Ultimately though Haye cheated everyone. He knew his body wouldn't last the longer the fight went. Bellew knew it and called him out on it. Haye was happy to take the fight and artificially promote the 'hate' to grab as much cash as possible. Bellew publicly stated that Haye was broke and could only fight bums on DAVE and it appears that once again cash was more important than performance. A true pro would have upset fans in the short term and would have postponed until fully fit. Little sympathy and respect from me. Anyone who believed Haye would beat AJ has been watching Haye through rose tinted glasses I'm afraid.
  12. A Range Rover What?

    What lunatic is going to shell out £85k for one of those? The world's gone bonkers, bonkers I tell you.
  13. Football results today

    Haha. Years gone by the League Cup was laughed at. It's funny how people change their mind when their team wins it. Good luck in the FA Cup v Chelsea. Win the cup and you will be guaranteed Europa League football again :-) Ibra and Pogba seem to love the Eurpa League, I'm absolutely positive Zlaten will hang around when you fail to qualify for the real European competition. Oh wait... Your list of players is hard to respond to and looks like it's written by a non football fan or one who is out of touch with the sport. It contains 3 young possible stars. 2 are on loan and one who plays Cup matches (Garcia was amazing last night, I think you or garçon commented a couple of months ago about his potential). Another 2 on the list are first team regulars, the first team that are currently deep in the Champions League at the moment. Bony and Mangala failed (mangala may return from loan better, and let's not forget he chose City over Utd). No Lito is a decent squad player and at 30 was bought to play that role. As for Dzeko, he is a club legend. Good goal scoring record. Should we raise the thread back up where we argued who was the better signing. I predicted Dzeko for City and you argued till the cows came home that Darren Bent for Tottenham would better lolololololololol (non fan/out of touch?) Have you also forgotten that 90th minute equaliser against QPR. Miles away Fergie and his topless players were marching over to their fans celebrating then.... .......Aguerooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  14. Football results today

    Just Clowneo Bravo making things interesting. He must have the worst shots (on target) to goal ratio of any keeper in the top leagues. He has had a woeful time of things. He's not great but he certainly isn't as bad as he appears. You don't have the success he's had with Chile or Barcelona if you are crap. Sometimes players just don't work out with certain clubs. Di Maria at Utd, Torres at Chelsea etc etc
  15. Football results today

    Shamelessly stolen from H&J on talkSPORT. I did laugh out loud when I heard it earlier.