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  1. Bizarre Story

    I believe so.
  2. World Athletics Championship 2017

    Both legitimate statements. I'm just going to throw another one into the mix that may change your thinking. Out of the 50 fastest 100m times in history. 41 have since been found to have happened whilst the athlete was on performance enhancing drugs. The other 9 belong to Bolt. (That was the official fact, the link below might be a couple out) Factor in that Bolt announced himself to the world in Beijing 2008, which means present times are still slower than 5 years befor Bolt. The link below makes for some uncomfortable reading
  3. Boxing thread

    Have you not seen the press conferences. They are like something out of WWF (WWE whatever).
  4. Boxing thread

    Can't believe you guys are talking like this is a genuine fight. It's a scripted panto to make both camps hideous amounts of cash.
  5. World Athletics Championship 2017

    The sprint times at this years games are interesting. With drug testing at an all time high the finishing times have gotten a lot slower. The London track is a notoriously quick track but the speedsters have really struggled. The men's 100m was pedestrian compared to many recent finals and last nights winning 200m time in the men's event was the slowest in 14 years. A direct correlation between increased drug testing and slower times? What's your thoughts?
  6. Boxing thread

    Forgive my laziness, I copied a post I made a few weeks back on a different forum. The fight itself is funny and has more in common with WWE than professional fighting. However it's not as funny as the fans on either side getting hot under the collar about something that is as staged as a West End production. The fight will follow an agreed script of that I have no doubt. Mayweather will out box him for 7-9 rounds at which point a flair up with occur. Shortly after CM will take FM off his feet and take him to the ground (possibly getting a few shots in ground and pound style). The ref will wave it off at this point. Mayweather fans will be happy because FM outboxed CM for the agreed amount of rounds. CM fans will be happy because 'CM takes no s4it and took Floyd down'. Both avoid defeat (bizarre because CM should be dq'd) and the possibility of a rematch will remain. Along with another mega pay day. Yawn...
  7. S8 V10

    Worth looking at an S,!E or CLS AMG from Merc? It Might fill the gap somewhere between the Audi and BMW you've considered. Obviously they are V8s but what V8s they are.
  8. World Athletics Championship 2017

    Not the way most of us wanted it to end. Not winning is one thing, losing to Gatlin brings a darker cloud over the whole thing. I went to bed feeling quite sad but then I thought about it. Seeing Bolt run like he has this year proves like the song says 'I'm only human after all'. In my mind it makes all his other achievements even more special. He could have decided not to run and finish before the Championship but in typical Bolt fashion he wanted to finish at a big show and who could blame him. I would love to see him run down the yanks on the final leg of the relay! One of the commentators (cram I think) summed it up brilliantly. 'For years, time has been Bolt's opponent not the other runners. Time unfortunately catches up with us all'.
  9. World Athletics Championship 2017

    Quality running right there.
  10. World Athletics Championship 2017

    They tried to run his legs off and nullify his sprint finish. They failed! The 5000m could be interesting because most of the top competitors have a good 'kick'. If they take him on in a fast race it could be close.
  11. World Athletics Championship 2017

    You don't have to be an athletics fan to appreciate this years event. We will be saying goodbye to two special athletes at these championships. Mo Farah claimed the 10,000 Gold last night but the final event of his career will be the 5,000m. Opinion has always been split on Mo with him training away from the UK and links to a coaching setup under a drug cloud. What is undeniable is that the man himself has always passed the required doping tests and the fact that he is our greatest ever track athlete. Speaking of great, you may of heard of a bloke that's pretty swift from Jamaica. Usain St Leo Bolt. Whilst Mo might be Britains best ever track athlete, Bolt is undeniably the sports best ever competitor. At a time when Athletics was at its darkest with doping reaching epidemic proportions, one man made the sport more popular than ever. The 100m is the only individual event that Usain will run on his farewell to the sport. He is aging and is no longer the current fastest runner on the planet as many different competitors have run quicker than him this year. Only once this year has the the legend run under 10 seconds. To put that into perspective one of his rivals has achieved that milestone 10 times so far. So old and out of form then...... I wouldn't bet on anyone else! Don't miss the chance to see an icon finish his amazing career whether you like Athletics or not. Times Mens 100m semi Saturday 5th (today!) 7pm. Mens 100m Final (bye bye Bolt) Saturday (today) 9.45pm Mens 5000m heat (Mo) Wednesday 9th 8pm. Men's 5000m Final (Bye Bye Mo) Saturday 12th August 8.20pm.
  12. Football results today

    Cheese right? he went for the cheese.
  13. Post a pic of your car

    How does the ML compare to your old X6? Obviously it's an X5 competitor but that was a big petrol powered car wasn't it.
  14. New car ordered.......

    Might be close with the £4.5k government grant.
  15. New car ordered.......

    Full driving capability!! Yeah like that's legal. $35,000 (£26,500). Hmmm let's see what they are priced at in the uk. Sub £30k and that's a lot of car.