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  1. Help- huge favour needed

    Inbetweeners mode/ Ahhhh, Facebook Fwiends. Inbetweeners mode\
  2. RS3 - Saloon!

    Oh, you meant Milo...
  3. RS3 - Saloon!

    na, can't do it mate.
  4. New 2nd Hand car time, Signum size

    In a similar vein I quite like the seat Cupra estate. There is always one say at the supermarket when I go.
  5. Biscuits and Just_Chick

    He's got a file on every TSN member. Cross AB at your peril. Alternatively he did a Britney search , read the last comment and made a joke.
  6. Post a pic of your car

    Love the fact the v12 is for special occasions so you bought yourself a sensible daily driver! Bloody awesome going!!!
  7. The £1k mobile phone I will probably stump up the £25 as my battery has definitely taken a hit larger than just age related derogation.
  8. SPOTY 2017

    Agree. I like the lifetime achievement award and enjoy the respect payed to those who have passed away this year. They along with the team award and main award take place in the last 30 minutes so that's when I tune in.
  9. SPOTY 2017

    Bit of a cock up with the live link to Mo lol. I only caught the last 20 minutes so perhaps there was a genuine reason for Mo not being there. However he was in London wasn't he? Seems a bit poor not to make the effort so maybe the Beeb thought feck you and pulled the plug.
  10. Boxing thread

    A good fight that would have been a great one a few years ago (like so many fights). Rigo's age is going against him against the super speedy Lomachenko.
  11. Leasing for Dummies?

    It wouldnt be TSN without you W.
  12. Football results today

    Doing the rounds again. Could be about to happen this time. Ok, I'll grow up.
  13. 2017 Fitness Thread

    Ta. Not sure I'm going to do another one to be honest. I might run 5k a couple of times a week for general fitness but I want to concentrate on my favourite exercise area as in lifting weights. The two disciplines are almost polar opposite and whilst I was happy to sacrifice things for 5 weeks, I'm glad that time has finished now. 5k shouldn't hamper progress in the weight room.
  14. 2017 Fitness Thread

    10km was this afternoon. Managed a time of 62 minutes but my own negativity cost me going sub 60. When you register it asks for a predicted time. I think I put 65 or 70 minutes having never run a 10k before. We were all allocated numbers and colours which placed you in different areas at the start. I was placed with mainly overweight and older runners. The run itself was along Bournemouth sea front on the promenade. Cones laid out in the centre to create a lane for the return journey meant a couple of thousand people running on half the width of the prom, approximately 2 metres. The issue was compounded by slower people running 3 abreast allowing no room to get past costing valuable time and forcing me to slow down then sprint past when the opportunity presented itself. As I said, it's my own fault for being pessimistic. If and it's a big if, if I do it again I will predict a quicker time to put me in a faster group. That way I can avoid the cannon fodder and run my own race. I do have a small felling of accomplishment sat here smashing in a pizza.
  15. Monarch (financial trouble bewing?)

    Glad you got something sorted Booster. Ibiza is a lovely island. My mate was due to fly to a villa in Lanzarote this morning with Monarch. He was on the phone all day Tuesday trying to get things sorted. Unfortunately every Tom Dick and Harry with flights booked in the next 6 months were also trying to get through. At times like this it would be better if the first couple of days of sorting issues via phone / web are only for those flying in the next two weeks. After that it's a free for all. Said mate managed to get something in Majorca flying from Bournemouth instead of Gatwick in the end at a loss of £31 for a family of 4.
  16. WiFi extension

    I've recently switched from Virgin back to sky Q. When the Openreach engineer came out to install the BB he couldn't get it going due to some problem in an office in India. It took 6 days to get the internet back online. Luckily I was overlapping my virgin service so I unpacked the router and was able to use that. In today's world, 6 days without interwebs is a nightmare. As a side point, now sky BB is up and running I can confirm that the virgin router has a lot better signal strength. Outside in the garage I lose sky where as virgin was still full strength.
  17. Football results today

    Whilst I don't expect much sympathy, this week has been appalling for us. Yes we have a good squad but the two areas we are weakest in have been exposed. Our only other recognised striker is Jesus and whilst he is a mega talent, he is only 19/20 and prefers playing on the left. A couple of months plus however long it takes to regain fitness for Aguero could be costly. A couple of seasons ago we had James Milner playing upfront for 2 months lol that destroyed that season. The biggest issue is Mendy being out for the season. Our only first team left back!! He is an absolute beast and it's a real shame. Fabian Delph, Danilo or Fernandinho will be shoe horned in which makes us a much weaker 11. I know people's hearts aren't exactly bleeding but I think it's probably season ending luck given the positions the injuries have arrived in.
  18. M2 or Macan

    The Macan has to be the better choice for the disabled driver. Higher driving position so much easier to get in and out. Also the larger boot makes it a winner for storing the wheelchair or other walking aids....
  19. Speed with Guy Martin: F1 Special

    I enjoyed the episode and I like Guy but come on. I'm sure 90% of us could be trained up to take a wheel off. As for the scenes of him spannering on the car independently they were a bit cringy. I'm sure they would trust a rank beginner (in F1 engineering) to do certain things. Everything would have been checked, double checked and redone. Entertaining, but substance wise it was the poorest GM episode I've seen.
  20. 2017 Fitness Thread

    That's a bloody quick 5k. Well done! I can only imagine that official races spur you on that extra couple of percent. Shame the local course isn't flat.
  21. Boxing thread

    Canelo is hyped beyond belief. He's a decent boxer make no mistake but not the great fighter some in the states would have you believe. What is not in doubt is that he is the golden boy in that area of the world and creates big money fights. Only a kO can beat him on home turf because as last night proves, the money men won't let him lose, he's too valuable for the major players and string pullers.
  22. The £1k mobile phone

    My 6's battery is shocking these days. Struggle to make 5pm. With my usage it used to last all day (10pm) no problem. I'm probably making this up but I'm sure I read a few years back that iPhone batteries do start to tale off after a few years in line with 2 phone upgrades (iphone7,iPhone 8) so punters trade up. It was probably an anti Apple conspiracy.
  23. 2017 Fitness Thread

    2 more midweek runs but I decided not to push these in terms of distance and speed. I stuck to 3.1 miles / 5km and used them as recovery runs. Today's weekend 'long run'. I upped last weeks 4 mile run by an additional mile and worked on my stride length and cadence. Basically my steps were too slow and my stride too long before. I battled to keep steps to circa 180 per minute and it seems to work well. 5 miles- total time 52 mins. Pace 10.24 per mile. I'm happy with that for a couple of weeks training. A couple more good weeks left before race day. 60 min total is still on the cards.
  24. Throwing away the traditional wallet.....

    Not to mention your driving license. I don't know about anyone else but I often need to show ID. Something as simple as using the local refuse dump requires proof of address. Yes you could keep something in the car or remember to take it with you but still..