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  1. The MkV GTI Tyre thread

    I'm pretty sure this changed on later Monza II's and that OEM wheels after 2007 came with normal black plastic valves. 2005-2007 - 1K0 601 025 AH 2008 - 1K0 601 025 BA 2009 - 1K0 601 025 AM The only differences are as to what tyre valve is fitted: 1K0601025AM16Z - Metal Valve Valve Part Number: 1K0601361B 1K0601025BA16Z - Rubber Valve Standard tyre valve
  2. Xenons Protective Plastic Covers

    Thanks for the link Maybe worth owning and using for those long distance motorway trips perhaps ?
  3. Xenons Protective Plastic Covers

    have you any photos ? would be interested to see what they look like and how they clip on
  4. Coincidence or Cause?

    That sounds to me like the car had been remapped, and during the service the dealer has updated the ECU and wiped the remap off - hence it feels slower.
  5. Leaky boot

    Yeah, I've heard it is a common problem a few times too ... usually the seal I believe.
  6. Depressing MKV value

    I'm pleased to report that I have part exchanged 2 import GTi's and both times the dealers only knocked £500 off the price for it being an import. The key things they look for is the condition, full VW service and full UK spec. Both cars were less than 2 years old. Keep it in A1 condition and it will sell itself !
  7. 2008 Spec.

    With regard to your thread title ! : Auto Lights and Auto wipers are standard on all GTi's If you buy 2nd hand make sure you know whether the car is an import or not. The yearly spec changes are :- MY06 Changes were :- Golf - All Models • Radio / Navigation knobs now with chrome plated finish • Gear Shift Cover with a Chrome plates surround • Change to door side trim • Open ended spanner in toolkit discontinued • "Assistance in Europe" manulas discontinued in Handbooks • Roof Aerial in conjunction with RCD300/500/Plus replaces aerial in rear windscreen • Mid range speaker discontinued in RCD300 and RCD300 Plus • New operating controls on multi-function steering wheel. GTi specific • New Leather steering wheel with tiptronic paddles for DSG models • Front foglights changed from projection to reflector technology MY07 Changes were :- • Automatic employment of warning lights under emergency braking • 3 large head rests in the rear • Whiplash optimised headrests • Change to front courtesy light – discontinuation of the middle lamp and housing is no longer lacquered • Radio and navigation systems – change to chrome surrounds on knobs, see picture below: • Change of icon on the lock/unlock button, see picture below: • Location of the airbag warning label will be on the B pillar rather than next to the windscreen • Centre console foot space covering for front passengers in black only (beige and grey discontinued) MY08 Changes were :- Golf - All trim levels • Rod aerial replaces ‘shark fin’ aerial when the optional satellite navigation system is ordered. • Introduction of new generation immobiliser. Generation IV. • AC button instead of ECON button for climatronic air conditioning – see illustration number 1. • New feature on climatronic air conditioning unit. Air quality sensor with automatic changeover switch. • Change to the symbols on the indicator/wiper lever. • The black centre armrest with fabric covering will be changed from a ’fell’ seam to a ‘join’ seam. This will be introduced from Week 22 onwards. • Removal of optional factory fit telephone preparation. Available as aftersales fit only. MY09 Changes :- • Symbol change on interior monitoring button for anti-theft alarm • Glove compartment handle changes from chrome to trim colour • Electric sunroof button changed • Mirror heater dial position changed from 12 o’clock to two o’clock • RCD 210 with 4 speakers replaced RCD 300 with 4 speakers • Hill-hold function standard on 6 speed and 7 speed DSG • Symbol change on headlight switch
  8. 2008 Spec.

    My Ed30 was the same insurance group as my previous standard GTi (that was with Swiftcover) so I would'nt worry about that. If you do a lot of open road driving at 60mph or more the Ed 30 may well be the better car for you - it has more "punch" after around 3200rpm and pulls strongly right upto the redline. The GTi in comparison runs out of puff a bit earlier. MPG'wise my standard GTi returned 28.9 average over 17,700 miles and my ED 30 returned 27.4mpg average over 13600 miles. That's identical driving conditions with a fair bit of commuting into and out of Leeds centre - so not a big difference. Plenty of new ED30's still here : Motorpoint - View Stock
  9. It's oh so quiet....

    What's up with this golfgtiforum ? It's been a dead link for a few days now ??
  10. Warranty Woes: Import Owners Please Read

    AFAIK it is two years from the date of the PDI stamp (i.e the date at the foreign dealers, before importing to this country) Is that the case with yours ? If there is no PDI date stamp I was told it reverts back to the date the car left VW's factory in Germany
  11. What do i need to look out for ?

    Check whether it's a Euro import, as these only have 2 years VW UK warranty compared to 3 for UK supplied cars. A few more things to check on an 05 / 06 reg car are : 1. Check the alloys are not replicas (they should have BBS stamped on the back) 2. Check for poorly fitting front door seals - (wind noise at speed) 3. Creaking / Groaning noises from steering rack at low speed and full lock (common problem - faulty steering rack) 4. At the bottom of front windscreen check for "milkiness" - (seal problem) 5. Erratic rear wash / wipe motors (common problem) 6. VW badges suffering the milky worm (alloy centres and rear boot) 7. Condensation / moisture in the top rear spolier brake light More rare problems I've heard of are 6. Stepped tyres giving a "moaning sound" which sounds like a wheel bearing problem Good luck with the search
  12. Is your car an 06 model and have you had the latest ECU ugrade ?
  13. I read somewhere else that if you constantly hold down one of the paddles, the DSG will stay in the same gear on a RR. Don't think this was confirmed though,
  14. How do i tell if my car is performing to OEM?

    You could get the power and torque tested on a rolling road ? Have you checked the Forge DV out - any hissing etc. ? - a lot of these have split / leaked. Are you using Superunleaded petrol ?
  15. Buying new car advice

    [ QUOTE ] I think in my situation it would be best to borrow the 4-5k and use what i've saved. [/ QUOTE ] yep, I tend to agree with you in the circumstances. If it was me, & given the amount, I would even try and find a credit card that is offering 12 months interest free credit on purchases (with no penalties), and use that for a year !!