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  1. MY2011 (BW22) spec change photos wanted.

    Real shame that, you planning to do it?
  2. MY2011 (BW22) spec change photos wanted.

    LED are a welcome change, shame I will miss out on that. Are they plug and play with the older units?
  3. GTI tale continues - MK6 GTI incoming

    Mine is 535 per month but that of course is taxed
  4. GTI tale continues - MK6 GTI incoming

    Hey, Old company was a PCOPS plan where I had to top it up (expense to me) and also only fuel cost was claimable. New company is a considerable opt out amount plus 45p for first 10,000 miles and 25 p thereafter business miles. Considering my personal mileage is low, newer cars need minimal servicing (usually) and included within VW finance and perhaps 2 tyres a year. The cost of insurance is a hit I can take and the car payments will cost me under 100 pounds out of my own pocket. The pence per miles returns a take home which obviously goes towards the car loosing value etc. Thing is its nice to have a personal car again and means I can get my hands on one quicker and have something to show for the end of it
  5. Ok, quick checklist of my vehicle history: MK2 Golf (red) MK4 Polo (blue) MK4 GTI (black) MK5 GTI (Black) Scirocco 2.0TSI DSG (white) So currently I have the scirocco, its been a great car and a company car too. I have done 30,000 miles in it with easy. A comfortable place to be on the motorway and a car that does drop peoples chin when they see it. I willl the aggressive look of the front of it. Just resigned a signed a new contract with a new company so needed a car in the next few weeks. I was very tempted with the S3 sports back, but could not justify the 29,000 price tag for a used one! I needed to think practical for the future as I am getting married in 2 weeks time! So what was reasonably priced and just about available second hand that I can have for the next 3 years (I am opting out of the company car policy)? Well it had to be another GTI, MK6 this time. Found one with 5k miles, white, 5 door, leather, satnav (a must for me), parking sensors etc etc. Will be picking it up on 5th July once they replace a chipped alloy and fully prepped the car. Looking forward to it I must say!
  6. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    You can order it now and config it... The Official Website for Volkswagen UK : Volkswagen UK Glad I ordered the Scirocco instead... Specced up GTI with the same equiptment costs 27.5k.... yikes...
  7. Standard MK5 GTI turbo back exhaust - Price?

    Good idea RE fitting the standard one back on... Think I can get that done for cheap at a local garage... I am sure i'd get a few quids for the Milltek as you say. As for replacement, well as soon as the ordering opens for the MK6 GTI I will be putting my name to paper...
  8. Hi Guys! Well my car will be sold in April time and I have a stock MK5 GTI exhuast in the garage that was only used for about 6 months on the car. I replaced it with a Milltek. It is the turbo secction back, so it includes the cat etc. Wondered what it is worth? is there any point selling? Should I take the Milltek out and put the stock one back in and sell the Milltek? Open to ideas (hense the post!)
  9. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Still waiting for more info - come on VW
  10. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    So I wonder when VW will start taking orders? - spring 2009 or before? - I have an option of running an R32 as a pool car for the winter prior to this if I wanted, despite the huge tax implication, tempted to just keep my GTI running - or would it be best to sell sooner rather than later with the new version coming out soon?
  11. 18" Monzas for Golf GTI

    Try Euro Imports - Home - he sometimes has some sets surplus that he is willing to shift...
  12. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    Well from the Lo-res pic I can see the steering wheel looks aggressive - ok, true "racey" look then prob not, more RS Audi feel?
  13. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    The rear of the car is an improvement too
  14. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    I love it!!!!!!! nice! Thanks RR. I like the cabin, has a race feel. As for judging the stats guys, lets just wait and see. I'd certainly say its an improvment in looks, well done on keeping the MONZA IIs.
  15. Any news on the MkVI GTI?

    So where are the mobile phone pics from the public lib then? lol - do you think the pictures are geniune? desperate to see!