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  1. 18" Monza II Referb

    Thanks, will get in touch with them
  2. 18" Monza II Referb

    After a few months of toying with the idea on getting a Golf R ive decided to keep the GTI! But wheels are in dire need of some attention (worm things - again, after having the whole set replaced), anyone know of someon so can referb these in and around the east midlands? would like to keep the original look rather than having them painted all over. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply, after reading about it seems doable, like you i'd go for something like the MDI... only concerns atm are the possibility that i'd have to get the CANBUS upgraded. need to find more info on that i reckon. also would like to be able to control the the unit from my MFSW, again more research to do! deffo going to do it tho! Cheers
  4. Hi there, looking for a bit of advice, i have a golf with an RCD300 atm the mo (i think), but I dont have anyway of using my ipod with it. Was thinking about buying one of these and replacing my 300 with it, it would also be a bonus that i would be able to control my ipod from the headunit (so i read). VW RCD 510 DAB | eBay Has anyone done this before? once swapped how will i then hook up my ipod to it, would i need to buy an extra lead or something? and is there anyway to get that lead to my armrest storage thing? Thanks
  5. sounds promising! will check that out, thanks
  6. [ QUOTE ] [/ QUOTE ] Hi there, on this pinout of the RCD300 does anyone know which is the remote wire for linking to the amp? I just want to be a 100% sure i can do this before ordering everything! Thanks Tunde
  7. As per my previous thread I have established that my headunit on my MK5 Golf does not have a pre-out / line out I could use to run an amp + sub. For me, changing the headunit is not really an option as I have a Phatbox MP3 player integrated with it, but I think I may have found a workaround and wanted to get your views on it... Basically I have been told I can disconnect a couple of speakers that are running from my existing headunit and run these wires to my amp via a line level converter, this will convert the amplified audio back into non amplified audio that can then be fed to the amp to run the sub and the speakers I disconnected. Would this work? Here is the kit im thinking of ordering, would this all work ok? Line Level Audio Converter: http://www.m-99.co.uk/Car_Audio/High_Low_Impedance_Adapters/high_low_impedance_adapters.html Subwoofer: http://thebassbin.co.uk/shop/product/products_id/3436.html 3 Channel Amp: http://thebassbin.co.uk/shop/product/products_id/3462.html Any feedback would be much appreciated! Tunde
  8. hmmm.... dont really want to be changing my headunit as I have a phatbox (mp3 player thing). Is there any device / adaptor on the market that I could use with the RCD300 to make some kind of additional output that can be linked to an amp for a sub? There prob isnt but thought i'd ask the question!
  9. Hi there, I am thinking of buying a sub + amp to improve the sound in my car but was just wondering if anyone knew whether the RCD300 had a spare output I could run to this additional amp? If not, does anyone know if the RCD500 does? Thanks Tunde
  10. Corroded Monza 18s....

    How do you guys clean your wheels? I initially jet wash mine, then sponge them and then rinse them off with the jet wash again, could this be the cause of all my wheels having to be replaced due to white marks appearing? Could jet washing cause any damage to the lacquer? I dont jet wash them at point blank range obviously, but close enough to remove any dirt / soap. Im getting them replaced this week but want to avoid having the white marks appear again!
  11. Corroded Monza 18s....

    I spotted some white spots / blobs on 2 of my wheels the other week and they are being replaced this week but on checking my other wheels they too appear to have the marks too so will be getting these replaced also. I didnt clean my wheels as much as I should have over the winter, maybe this has had an effect on them...
  12. Folding mirrors. Or not...

    I had a software update at the begining of december and aint had a problem since...
  13. Insurance Question

    A couple of years ago I was a named driver on someones insurance, I had a slight bump with someone at a round about (touched bumpers). A few months later I was told by someone that came and inspected my car for damage that the person claiming didnt have a case and it would be throw out - that was the last I heard of it, until now... The person who's policy it was has just taken out some new insurance and been told that there was a claim made on his policy so his premium has been increased accordingly. Im on my own insurance now, does this mean I have had a claim made against me? How will this my insurance? Cant afford my premium going up, its sky high as it is! Thanks
  14. Insurance Question

    thanks for the info. Is my insurance company likely to increase my current premium if I tell them that I have just found out that a claim was made when I was a named driver?
  15. Insurance Question

    [ QUOTE ] If you had the accident (whether on someone elses insurance or not), you have to declare it when you take out your insurance as far as I know. This is likely to increase your premium unfortunately. [/ QUOTE ] I had a feeling someone was going to say that...
  16. Phatnoise

    [ QUOTE ] Hello. Anybody know if there is any way of running this on a Mac (I'm on 10.4.7) without having to use virtual arsing PC? Resent having to spend extra cash over and above retail. Suppose I could use Bootcamp to boot Windows up, but that would be even more expensive (new copy of XP or whatever). Any hacks or shareware around? [/ QUOTE ] Funny you asked, i was just this min ago reading about using this with OSX, have a look at these sites: http://www.buzzneon.com/PhatMac/ http://phatbox.sixpak.org/phatbox/mac.phtml
  17. I spy with my little eye ......

    is it me or does the lid for the compartment below the stereo (infront of gear stick) look aluminium?
  18. Installed an active sub into the GTI

    [ QUOTE ] Hi Tunde I can't take credit for the install -- I had an installer do it this time. Although the RCD500 does have "headphone level outputs", mine is connected via the speaker level outputs. I was a bit worried about this but can honestly say I can't hear any audio quality problems. In fact, the Bazooka 8" active sub absolutely transforms the audio of the standard setup -- it's now up to a standard which I would call acceptable in a car like the GTI. The performance is better than the Bose system in my old Alfa 147 (which includes factory amp and sub). The wiring is routed inside the sill on the drivers side I think -- all very neat and tidy. The sub can be unclipped and removed if necessary also, handy if I need extra boot space. I'm very happy with the whole solution, I wanted the discreet OEM head unit but decent audio performance -- I believe I have that now. Here's a pic of the sub (I think the old image links I posted have broken): [/ QUOTE ] many thanks for that, I think i'll have a look for a sub later today to fit, doesnt sound too complicated really. The hardest thing will prob be running cabling from the head unit to the sub. Thanks for your help!
  19. Installed an active sub into the GTI

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] (RCD500 head unit seems to adjust volume depending on how fast you go) [/ QUOTE ] you can stop that happening by setting the gala setting in setup to zero. [/ QUOTE ] ahhh didnt know that, will do that cheers!
  20. Installed an active sub into the GTI

    Im thinking of getting myself an active sub for my MK5 GTI, just had a couple questions: how would i connect the active sub to the head unit, is there a seperate output on the back of the head unit for this? Wheres best to run any cables from the head unit to the sub in the boot? Would the volume adjust on the sub accordingly as with the main head unit when speeding up / slowing down, (RCD500 head unit seems to adjust volume depending on how fast you go) Thanks Tunde
  21. 10 days to go, some questions...

    [ QUOTE ] I’ve driven a 1995 Fiesta Si (1.4 litre 8-valve) for almost 6 years which I bought during my student days, so as you can imagine the prospect of upgrading to a GTI (which will be my first new car) is very exciting to say the least!! [/ QUOTE ] I know how you feel, I bought a GTI a couple of weeks ago and my last car for the past 4 years was a Fiesta Zetec 1.25!
  22. Has anyone sucessfully installed a Phatbox to a MK5 Golf GTI? I cant seem to find a compatable model to purchase and when I emailed Phatbox themselves they said they didnt support the MK5? Seemed a bit strange...
  23. Hightline?

    wicked, think i'll go see and it... some bugger just tried to sell me a GTI, I did a HPI check on it and it had outstanding finance on it!!!
  24. Hightline?

    Im looking to buy a GTI tomorrow and saw one on the net I might be interested in... Can you tell from this pic whether its got highline or not? Looks like it might have to me but I thought i'd ask the experts Its not that easy to see...
  25. Hightline?

    Ahhh... cheers for trying, my initial thought was that it did, I spose I'll only know for sure when if I see it in the flesh! Cheers