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  1. Black and Beige - Hi Res Pics

    Taken near here : around Balmoral/Mosman
  2. Black and Beige - Hi Res Pics

    Finally got some pics done, unfortunatly weather is still rubbish so these will have to do for now. Thought you may enjoy some hi res ones, some are a little blurry and aren't the greatest because it rained earlier anyway i'll do some proper ones when it's all sunny and the car is gleaming cheers guys - sorry if they're a bit iffy! james.
  3. Australian MK5 Owners (...and orderers) :-/

    lol i'm sorry !! the weather has been rubbish!!!!! this weekend, i promise, i'll give it a clean and get some pics up. Stupid day light savings, it's dark by the time i'm home
  4. Australian MK5 Owners (...and orderers) :-/

    i'm still undecided about the rear bumper, i did buy from chatswood and have actually found them to be pretty good. i didn't request a test drive though - in september last year i think a dealer with a tester would have been hard to come by.
  5. Going through A LOT of coolant...

    no i actually found out from my dealer that the car was due to be built last week in march and then i just went to the shipping site and checked schedules and found that there was a ship leaving about 2 weeks after that so assumed it'd be on that. haven't got the ipod kit yet ! expecting delivery of it from a VW dealer who sells parts on ebay anyday now. (same goes for the monster mats hehe)
  6. Going through A LOT of coolant...

    ha congrats!! umm i believe mine was finished final week in march and then i collected at the dealer 19th may, although it was on shore 1st may. (it goes through checks, customs etc etc before it gets to the dealer) the boat ride is approx. 22 days and i believe there are 2 each month. Good luck!! not long now!
  7. Cream Leather Pics

    [ QUOTE ] You may see a recurriung trend of nicely optioned "VW Group" motors from my signature below. [/ QUOTE ] touché
  8. Cream Leather Pics

    i should have some beige leather pics this weekend.
  9. Cream Leather Pics

    cream? obviously another option that hasn't made it's way down under. I've got beige leather ... my thoughts would be cream could look tacky unless with the right colour ... which colour that would be i don't know be interested to see it in cream though!
  10. Going through A LOT of coolant...

    cheers for the reply, as it turns out ... the "auxilary water pump" has a small crack which would just be an unfortunate flaw before and after install on the car. They don't have the part in stock and have told me up to 10 days before they'll get it (they suggested 4-5 days would be more likely) offered me a standard golf as a replacement or i simply top up with water every day .... i'm sure you can guess which option i went for. on another note, was in an undercover parking lot this evening, put the windows down and gave it some ... the sound of this thing at around 4000 revs!!!! i can't wait to reallllllyyyy put my foot down.
  11. Going through A LOT of coolant...

    Guys, i'm taking the car into service tomorrow but i thought i'd ask incase anyone else has had the same issue - so i can tell them what i think is up... Collected car Friday, within a day the coolant warning came on, i topped it up with water, now only about 50km after that it's almost empty again. any ideas ...? i hope it's something simple and easy to fix i don't want to be without her for long!
  12. To colour code or not?

    anyone had it done in sydney, if so... 1. where? 2. what sort of cost? cheers. james ps. can someone pm me one done in black? still undecided
  13. help ! xenon headlight washer plastic cover prob..

    hey mike!! after a lot of back and fourth (hair dryer and then back to car) it seems to have worked! Thanks tons, you saved me an early start this morning to go to the dealer and i doubt they'd have a fix other than ordering a new part. thanks again - take it easy.
  14. help ! xenon headlight washer plastic cover prob..

    lol ... so technical!! but believe it or not i was considering the hair dryer thing myself! maybe i'll hair dryer it up ready to go for tomorrow when i have someone to help me attach as i activate the washers. thanks buddy!!! much appreciated!
  15. Wondering if anyone has had this same problem and if so if you know how to fix ... first attempt at washing windows and headlights the little plastic piece covering the xenon washing system just fell off, luckily i wasn't driving at the time, after a lot of persuasion i managed to get it to click back on but it didn't feel like i was putting it on the way it was meant to (it was resisting far too much to be the normal way to apply them) anyway, today i tried it again and again it popped off. does anyone know how to put them on? Probably going to take it to service tomorrow morning to have a look at. cheers james