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  1. Now I'm confused, I tried hooking into the 'fuel pump' fuse - I assumed this would be switched power supply - turns out not to be
  2. Thanks - unfortunately I don't have a multi-meter so I was hoping someone could help identify which fuse number was best to hook into?
  3. I would like to hard wire my Road Angel into the fuse panel just inside the drivers side door. Seems to be quite an easy job but which fuse should I use - I'd like to use a 'switched' fuse so the Road Angel turns off with the ignition ? I was going to use the Cigarette Lighter (Fuse 24) but this seem to be permanently live. Any help and advice would be much appreciated
  4. Well I collected my A3 Sportback yesterday, here's the specification..... '08 2.0TDi S-Line (Limited) - STronic - Phantom Black - Black/Silver Exclusive Leather - RS4 Style Alloys - Bose - Heated Seats - DVD Sat Nav Plus - GSM Phone Prep - 6 CD Autochanger - ....dipped beam headlamps just upgraded to Philips X-treme Power, nice! I could do with a little help on a few matters, the 'junior' mods have started already - I want to hard wire my Road Angel, the fuse box by the front drivers side door seems to be the easiest way. Can anybody advise me which is the best 'switched' fuse to link to? I was going to use the Cigarette Lighter but this doesn't seem to be 'switched' (i.e. I want the Road Angel to switch off with the ignition) - Is it an easy/affordable upgrade to install the Multi Function Steering Wheel or is this a no, no? - Audi Rear Parking sensors, I would like these and they seem affordable on VAG Parts - is this a big install job, Audi quoted me 2.5 hours which would mean 5 for me?? - Ambient lighting to come as well
  5. Come on, let's get a sense of perspective here...... If you don't want to press the button to alert other Road Angel users that there's a live camera van then don't, it's your choice - you don't have to ! (just like your radio, air con, etc) On the other hand, if you're not prepared to contribute to the Road Angel 'community' don't moan about receiving warnings about potential mobile sites that turn out to be negative ! Let's not get to sanctimonius about this, if none of us ever broke the speed limit, premeditated or otherwise, we'd never need to buy one of these devices in the first place. .....and whilst I'm in grumpy mode: The potential mobile camera sites flagged on the RA Professional Connected are no worse than any other database, whether that's TomTom, Garmin or PocketWorldGPS - on the basis of the 'community' update function it could easily be argued it's better. To conclude, if you don't like the device and think there are better ones out there, why don't you recover most of your money on EBay, you 'd get over £200 back based on today's auctions. For me, I'm a satisfied customer who's happy to recommend this device, based on experience and other competitive products - the larger the RA Professional Connected community, the better and more accurate the information about mobile camera sites. ....let's try and re-focus on the problem we are all trying to address here, namely the Police with their speed cameras.
  6. According the the manual, you can turn Camera Van alerts off - starts to devalue the purpose of having one of these devices and the automatic updates IMHO.
  7. PetrolDave & Craigyb - we all have to base our opinions on our own experiences and I fully accept that. Notwithstanding this, I believe it is always good to balance negative experiences (which we hope are the exception) with good ones - hence my recent posts. Based on the RA Professional Connected posts in this forum I very nearly didn't buy one - I argued with myself for a few days before committing to the purchase - 3 weeks in and I have no regrets. Craigyb - interesting recent BBC article BBC NEWS | Wales | Police use anti-speeding horsebox ..... Speed cameras disguised in a horse box!!!!! .....I hope you weren't travelling too fast from Manchester
  8. Don't forget that when a 'live' camera site is detected by a RA Professional Connected user, this alert is then sent to all RA Professional Connected users hence one of the reasons for the numerous daily updates - this and the automatic updates was one of the main reasons why I purchased the unit. Monthly costs are fixed at £4.99 (or £54.99 for 1 year) which covers the cost of the SIM/GPRS connection and the updates - I agree, it could be cheaper but based on my experience, not hugely more expensive than similar devices/services. For me it would be nice if the SIM had mainland Europe coverage but unfortunately, it only covers the UK - so when I leave the UK I'm up to date, thereafter, the longer I spend abroad the more out of date it becomes (until I return) Difficult to comment on this as I've (luckily) not been in this situation - surely the easiest option is to just cancel your Direct Debit if paying monthly. You had me worried about this so I rang Road Angel - they stated that if my unit was stolen, they could de-activate it and that if I bought a replacement unit directly from themselves, they could transfer the balance of any pre-paid subscription - which seems logical and is good news ....this question was in the contect of a RA Professional Connected, I didn't ask about how this would work with their other units.
  9. In the 3 weeks I've had it, I've also yet to see a camera van at a location it warns me about - having said that, it warns me about all of the sites where I know cameras have been in the past, for me it only has to save me once to have easily paid for itself. Glad to hear the upgrade fixed it - mine's the same, despite being hardwired, the battery indicator flashes from 1 bar to 5 bars indicating it is still charging. Assuming I've understood you correctly, maybe this is a feature but like you said, it still works - maybe this should be a firmware update Agreed, 4 minutes could be improved but luckily for me, 99% of the time when I'm cold starting I'm pulling my car out of the garage so by the time it locks on I'm only about a mile down the road (luckily they happen to be roads I know very very well) - 10 miles away in 4 minutes would be 150mph, do you drive a Bugatti Veyron :) On balance, whilst the cold satelite lock could be better than 4 minutes, the amount of time and trouble it saves me by updating itself more than offsets this for me.
  10. I think its time to add a little balance to this debate.......I'm about 3 weeks into owning a Road Angel Professional, Connected. A little background first..... I own a BMW 6 Series, drive about 24,000 miles per annum covering the UK and mainland Europe. I'm certainly no street racer but drive quickly on motorways and I would like to preserve my license (wouldn't we all!) Previous camera detectors include the RoadPilot Micro and the retro burn GPS camera software (Pimp-My-Nav Home) which allows you to use BMW's Professional Navigation System to 'install' camera sites - both very good but limited for what I want/need. Scope..... The challenge for me and GPS camera detectors has always been updating them - whatever system you have, it's only as good as its database and how up to date it is - and there's my problem, it relys on me! Living with the Road Angel Connected Professional..... So far so good. Delivery from Road Angel was fast and efficient, packaging and instructions were good. I was a little sceptical at first about the windscreen mounting system but this has also proved to be very flexible and resillient. Two remote control units were a nice touch and operating the unit from the remote control was easy. I chose to hard wire mine (well BMW did it for me) so I've had none of the previously mentioned battery problems. Too soon to comment on over heating issues - the weather hasn't been good lately but I'm off to the South of France in 3 weeks so I should be able to comment at a later date. The screen is very clear and the sound level can be adjusted (it would be nice if the alerts could be send through the cars hi-fi!) For me one of the main features was the auto update - when an update is sent (GPRS I think) a red light flashes on the unit - bearing in mind how often this flashes (4 or 5 times a day), I now know how out of date my previous databases were. In addition, if you see a 'live' camera site, with the press of 1 button, the whole Road Angel Professional Connected 'community' is automatically alerted for the next 2 hours to this live site. With regards the database accuracy, no problems so far - areas I know very very well are covered accurately and alert in plenty of time. It will be interesting to see this in operation in areas I'm not so familiar with. On initial installation, the unit took a long time to pick up satelites both from cold and warm starts - even though it did eventually pick these up, my climate windscreen proved to be the problem. An external antenna soon sorted this - on average cold starts pick up the satelites within 4 minutes and warms starts within 40 seconds. Early days, so far so good......I'll let you know how the next few weeks go.
  11. Wow, I was so close to ordering the Road Angel Professional Connected this weekend - I thought I'd double check online reviews!! Few questions...... (1) This thread was started a few months ago, have things improved with the latest firmware levels Graham refers to? (2) The optional ‘EU Camera & Blackspot Data’ looks very attractive to me – is the EU data updated in the same way as the UK data, namely, wirelessly whilst I’m driving? Cheers AH101
  12. New 6 series

    Well I'm 2 months and 2,500 miles into owning the 635d Sport Convertible. Fuel economy so far - 35mpg for a mixed driving or 38/39 mpg for motorway I get between 525 and 560 per tank before I 'bottle it' and fill up (there still seems to be a gallon left in there whatever I do!) I love the radar cruise control, just makes life so easy....USB stick is great as well Couple of items to be addressed under warranty: (1) Slight creak from back quarter window over broken roads, drivers side - nothing major. (2) Sometimes find it difficult to select reverse with the new 'joystick' when the car is cold - no problems when warm, any body else had this?
  13. BMW Wheel Bolt Torque Settings

    I've recently taken delivery on my new toy, a 635d Sport Convertible with 19" alloy wheels. I've just taken the wheels off to wash and protect and I can't find the torque setting in the manual to redo the bolts - I've gone for 130nm, does anyone know what it should be? A second question, when I looked at the standard fit wheel locking nuts, they don't look that unique - should I bother changing them or stop worrying?
  14. 1 week into my new 6 Series......

    [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] [ QUOTE ] Just bought some software which allows you to add speed cameras to BMW's navigation DVD's (how good is that!) - so far so good, I'll let you know how this goes. [/ QUOTE ] Any chance of some more detail on that? Sounds interesting! [/ QUOTE ] No problem - I had been looking for this capability for some time. I found a technical forum which had worked out how to add POI to the BMW system albeit, you needed to be a technical wizard to actually complete the process. I then discovered www.pimp-my-nav.com which virtually automates the whole process. Cost for the software is 39.99 USD plus 29.95 USD for UltraISO plus access to an upto date Speed Camera Database (www.pocketgpsworld.com is very good at 19 UKP per annum). I'm at the very early stages of getting this working so I'll let you know how it goes..... [/ QUOTE ] Got this working in my 3 Coupe. I did it the lazy way and just downloaded an ISO already done. It's good, but you cant have more than one POI on the screen at a time, so if you are navigating to say a hotel - the camera's wont be there. They also dont tell you the limit, neither is there warning of course.. [/ QUOTE ] Okay, I now have this working - agreed, you can only have one POI showing at any one time and no verbal warning. You can have the speed showing (as an icon) if you chose this when setting up your own ISO. Not perfect (limitation of BMW's SatNav) but still worth it - when I'm not using SatNav guidance, I have the left hand side of the screen for the entertainment system and the right hand side showing the map including speed cameras. I was hoping this would replace my Sapphire system, not good enough to do this but still good either way and I can cut a new upto date DVD every week.