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  1. Top Gear video 130i vs Golf V R32

    Is it just me...or does the MKV look very ordinary from the outside?
  2. Top Gear video 130i vs Golf V R32

    IIRC it was wet when they tested the MKIV R32. I did have the video, but can't seem to find it now.
  3. APR remap - NO improvement on 6463

    If you had the correct APR remap shouldn't your rev limiter have been raised to 7,200 rpms?? From the Dyno plots it looks to have the same cut-off point as the standard R32 and definitely not 7,200 rpms. Wouldn't this perhaps confirm your suspicions of the remap being wrongly named? Just a thought.
  4. Anyone here fitted a turbo to the R32 ???

    [/ QUOTE ] Max 40% at the rear IIRC. [/ QUOTE ] I wasn't sure about this figure and so I asked the Haldex AWD Club Tech forum what the maximium percentage of drive that can be sent to the rear wheels is. This is the answer I got (verbatim):- <font color="blue"> "In a situation where you would have absolutely no friction on the front wheels you have 100% to the rear but in normal driving situations it will be around 55-60% maybe a little more based on the weight transfer in your vehicle." </font> http://www.haldex-traction.com
  5. HPA SHS kit

    [ QUOTE ] Should probably consider some sort of camber correction with *any* lowering. The rear end already has a fair bit of negative camber and it's well along the camber curve so even an inch lower you'll end up with a bunch more negative camber. I recall someone lowering it most of the way and having to deal with 4 degrees of negative camber per side. I left my SHS equipped R32 at stock ride height so didn't have to mess with it. ian [/ QUOTE ] Thanks for the info Ian I might consider keeping the ride height standard to avoid this, otherwise I will look into a camber correction kit.
  6. Anyone here fitted a turbo to the R32 ???

    [ QUOTE ] is that the same for mine then or is the transmission totally different [/ QUOTE ] Your car uses the same Haldex system. The programming of the way it distributes the power under different conditions may be slightly different, but otherwise it is the same system. The car is front wheel drive until:- 1. The system detects more than 15 degrees of slip in the front wheels (comparing the speed of the front wheels to the rear wheels) - that's less than a 20th of a revolution. 2. I believe that the system also detects conditions that might require power to transfer to the rear wheels. I think this is based on a number of sensors, which will include amount of throttle used, steering input etc. An example might be if you floor it in 1st or 2nd gear; the system predicts that it will need to transfer drive to the rear wheels to prevent the front wheels losing traction. I think that this is why very often you don't notice the front wheels struggling to cope with the power because the drive is already being distributed more to the rear. I forget now the percentage of drive that can be transferred to the rear wheels if necessary, but it's quite a high percentage.
  7. HPA SHS kit

    Thanks Jonboy Is the camber correction kit a definite requirement? Or just if you want to lower it all the way?
  8. HPA SHS kit

    Wow....freaky! While I was writing the last post there was about four posts in two minutes!!
  9. HPA SHS kit

    [ QUOTE ] Welcome to the forum Jonboy. How's the rest of the Sulivan family then?? [/ QUOTE ] One more question Jonboy:- Did you install the kit yourself? If so, was it a particularly difficult install?? (I suppose that's two questions )
  10. HPA SHS kit

    Cheers for that - sounds good I'm very suprised to hear that the ride quality is better than standard (I was expecting it to get slightly worse with a firmer ride). The shipping is more expensive than I thought at $200 though.
  11. Anyone here fitted a turbo to the R32 ???

    The EIP stage I turbo system includes an intercooler - will this help to prevent detonation?
  12. Anyone here fitted a turbo to the R32 ???

    Could be a good point about the size of the turbo. I don't know enough about the subject. Anyone care to clarify this? I understand that the Stage I EIP turbo is installed without a head spacer (i.e. without lowering the compression) and as far as I know it's just bolt on. I don't know yet what sort of gain in power can be expected from this set-up though.
  13. How long are your tyres lasting

    I've only done 8k miles so far and there is quite a bit of wear. Will probably get another 3 to 4k out of them. I had a Golf V6 4motion before the R and I only got 12K out of them too (Mich Pilot Sport 225x45x17). The wear was pretty even on all four tyres, with the front wearing marginally quicker, so I rotated (front to back) at around 9K IIRC. I thought that the R would use the tyres up quicker, but so far that doesn't seem to be the case (I don't know why this would be). Most of my driving is short journeys around town or on twisty roads - hence the wear rate of the tyres.
  14. HPA SHS kit

    I'm seriously thinking about installing the HPA SHS coilovers. They are based on the KW V1 coilovers, but have slightly more aggresive valving in the low to medium speed range. HPA SHS - click I've read reviews from people with US cars on VWVortex and they all say the handling is transformed compared to the standard US suspension (which is about 10mm higher than Euro and doesn't have the H&R springs and Bilstein dampers). I was wondering if anyone has fitted this suspension to a Euro spec car, and if so - how much difference did you notice to the standard Euro suspension?? I'm also wondering about the drop. I would like to lower maybe 15mm below standard. The kit says that it will lower from stock down to -35mm for the US suspension. So presumeably this would be up to 25mm below Euro spec. In particular, I would like to firm up the damping (particularly the low frequency stuff) and take out most of the body roll (I don't think it rolls excessively, but I would like a lot less). HPA have a sale on at the moment, with this kit selling at $895 plus shipping. I'm waiting to find out how much the shipping will be. At the current exchange rate this is about £490 + shipping. Any reviews or comments gratefully received.
  15. Anyone here fitted a turbo to the R32 ???

    Just thinking about it, I don't think that the R32 would suffer the same turbo lag as say a 2.0l turbo because the extra displacement gives you a good base to start with. Obviously there would be lag with a BIG turbo, but I would think that it wouldn't be as apparent as it would be with an engine with a lot less displacement. Does this make sense? My guess is that you wouldn't need a BIG turbo for the R32 to give you a decent amount of power anyway (unlike a 1.8 or 2.0 litre engine). I don't really know enough about it though - anyone care to comment on this side of things?