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  1. LA Trip

    The 8 hour time difference can take a few days to get used to so I was tired for the 1st few days. I stayed down near the pier at Santa Monica and it's very pleasant there and you can walk the boardwalk down to Venice Beach. There's Disneyland and Universal Studios but, if you like your roller-coasters, I can recommend Six Flags Magic Mountain which you can drive to quite easily from LA. This place has so many monster roller-coasters I lost count. When we drove into the car park we nearly backed out of it when we saw what we were getting ourselves into! My favourite ride was Tatsu... a great rush of blood to the head!... I quite enjoyed San Diego. It's quite laid back and good for a couple of nights. The USS Midway aircraft carrier museum is worth a visit if you are interested in that sort of thing.
  2. Bye bye, GTI ... :(

    Hi Fresco1, sorry to hear your sad news. You got your GTI a couple months before me and I remember reading your early experiences and getting very impatient to take delivery of my own!
  3. MkV Gti interlagos bolster wear..Advice req!

    Hi Justin, I have around 44k on my car and my Interlagos driver's seat bolsters still look nearly new. I have no complaints about the wear on my seats. However, I am relatively slim. I did read some reports on here a few years ago about bolster wear and so I have always tried to enter and exit my car without scuffing over the side supports of the seat. I think if the bolsters are showing wear then it would probably be down to a previous owner not taking this precaution.
  4. New York food

    I've found the view from the top of the Rockefeller Center to be very good. It's a bit pricey but it's open air and you can get some great photos. Also, you can get pictures with the Empire State Building in which you obviously can't get if you go up that one!
  5. Digital dashboards

    A guy at work has a new style Honda Civic that looks a bit similar to those!
  6. Anyone else here own or ordered a mk6 GTI?

    Yes, it's a difficult one to call. I asked him if the wait times were putting people off and he said no, if they want the car they are prepared to wait. I guess this may be one way for them to keep the higher end models a bit more exclusive and keep the prices high (and they do seem high - the GTI MkVI is much more expensive than my MkV was). It will be interesting to see how this plays out...
  7. Monza 2 refurb

    That's what I was thinking aswell!
  8. Anyone else here own or ordered a mk6 GTI?

    That DBP looks great. I popped into a VW dealer near work today to pick up some screenwash. After reading this thread I thought I'd ask the sales guy in there about waiting times on orders at the moment. He quoted me around 7 or 8 months on a Scirocco. But for a Golf GTI he was talking in terms of a possible whole year's wait. That just seems crazy to me. He couldn't really offer any explanation for this. VW must be losing sales over these wait times.
  9. Info and spy pics of R32 replacement

    I know this has already been said but the pricing on this Golf R makes no sense. I really want to like this car as it is a possible replacement 1 day for my GTI. But not at that price. There are things you appear to have to pay extra for on this R that are standard on the Scirocco R - eg the Adaptive Chassis Control and 510 Touchscreen radio. For a starting price of over £30k it should have these bells and whistles as standard I reckon. I have been on the Audi website and, even with a few nice toys added, I can still keep the S3 under £30k. The S3 is starting to look great value compared to this Golf R. And isn't that basically what the Golf R is - an S3 in a different dress? They have basically the same engine and performance. In my view VW have lost the plot on this...
  10. Extended warranty options

    Hi Paul, My GTI was 3 years old back last April and I can feel your pain deciding what to do. I really was in a quandary about it. In the end I decided to go for the £440 VW offering. This was largely because I did have to have a few things repaired under warranty in the first 3 years so I was concerned other things could go wrong. During my 3 year warranty I had to have:- 1) a new air conditioning compressor; 2) new brake light for my rear spoiler (big body shop job as they have to rip the old one off, spray paint a new one and glue it back on); 3) repair to eliminate grinding sound when turning on hard lock, eg in a car park; 4) replace fuel pressure sender which I had no idea had a fault but was identified by the dealer in a service. Given this catalogue of issues, some which would have been very expensive, I decided it would be safer to go for an extended warranty. However, touch wood, I have had trouble-free motoring since then. It really is a gamble and I certainly felt "whatever I do will be wrong"! I haven't got the paperwork to hand at the moment but if you had any queries before yours turns up then I'm sure I could dig it out. Of course, the cover may have changed slightly in the past year.
  11. New York food

    I've eaten at a place called Joe Allen's a couple of times and would recommend it. It's got character and the food is good. Traditional stuff. And it's reasonably priced too. It's near the Theatre District on 46th Street. Here's the menu:- NY_home I recommend the meatloaf!
  12. GTI on Vredestein Wintrac Extremes

    That all sounds very impressive. I have been a bit shocked by how poor my GTI has coped with the snow and ice on its standard tyres. I'm not really used to driving in such conditions as we rarely get much snow down here on the south coast. However, I'm sure it's not just me as I was watching a guy down the road with a GTI on 18" Monza's the other day. He got off his drive but that was it. He was going nowhere after that. Had to employ his family to push him back up onto the drive...
  13. GTI on Vredestein Wintrac Extremes

    Hi Fresco1 - that's a really interesting post. I am on standard ContiSport3 225/40/18 tyres at the moment and I'm finding it a real struggle in this ice and snow. I had to abandon my car at the side of the road last Tuesday night as it would not go up a hill which had just had heavy snowfall hit it. OK, hardly anyone else could make it up there either and mine was one of many abandoned cars, but it's interesting a change of tyre could make such problems a thing of the past - or at least reduce their likelihood. Last week I needed assistance from neighbours / passers-by 3 days in a row or I would have been stuck. And I'm not driving on one-track roads out in the sticks! It looks like a great idea to swap them over for Winter and then back to your regular tyres for the Summer. Is it OK to keep taking tyres off wheels and then putting them on again or is there a limit to how much you would want to do this - ie could they get damaged / not seat correctly if you keep doing it? Anyway, cheers for the idea - I'm going to look into it!
  14. McLaren SLR - Cosham

    I believe they fabricate the body panels in their Cosham location. I went for a job interview there a few years ago.
  15. Good news Ryan! I had heard that VW could sometimes be a bit difficult about wheels towards the end of the warranty. So your news is great. I have 1 year of warranty left so I'll be monitoring mine closely.