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  1. Hi fellas, Some eedjit smashed my mirror into bits (case & glass) after colliding with mine on a country lane:mad:. The cost of the glass alone from Audi is £198:eek:, I was just wondering what other cars in the VAG group have glass that might fit? I have already sourced the casing and indicators etc. There's one on fleabay listed for an A4 at the moment, http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=160694427049 but I'm not sure if it will fit... Can anyone confirm or not please? Thanks very much!
  2. Is that a euphamism from Riz ? I only saw this post too
  3. Six Months with the E92 M3

    I take it you haven't managed to lose this car yet? :fecker:
  4. Ducati 1199 Panigale

    nice :notworthy:
  5. NAS recommendation

    Hi folks, I'm in need of a decent sized NAS for home use. Requirements are as follows. Essential Must stream content using DLNA Must support raid for redundancy and hot disk swaps. Size of data to be stored approx 2 TB Desirable Torrent downloading is a bonus USB slot for plugging in external drives and copying files etc. I plan to use it for three main functions. 1. Storing media and documents for retrieval over my home network. 2. Streaming media to other machines and my Home Cinema 3. Performing and storing incremental backups of the data held on devices that connect to the home network. And occassional FTP'ing on to it to retrieve stored content. Can anyone recommend anything? What sort of budget should I be setting. +++
  6. Just got to report in..... I was at Shark Performance's new premises yesterday evening... I think they have the best Dyno Cell I have ever seen Bring it on..
  7. Gadaffi's Fiat 500

    It's a FIAT he's pushing it because it's broken down
  8. Too many DRLs for your liking ?

    :notworthy: I hope you're giving them English lessons over there!
  9. Gadaffi's Fiat 500

    This is just too crap to be a windup La 500 elaborata per Gheddafi
  10. Split from my partner of 10years need advice

    Thanks Steve, we're still good friends, but nothing more
  11. Split from my partner of 10years need advice

    Yeah she's a beautiful, lovely girl, and I thought she was a keeper, 4 years on we decided we're not cut out for the long term together
  12. Kent/Essex...

    ok so when are we meeting
  13. Split from my partner of 10years need advice

    Good luck fella, just split from my partner of 4.5 years, feeling like poo at the moment, but ready to move on