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  1. New car for Woppum

    It's a lovely f1, price is eyewatering!
  2. Sometimes a P1 needs a touch up

    Here you go chaps a little inspiration. Same wheels, the chrome gives you an idea of trim finish
  3. Sometimes a P1 needs a touch up

    Yes multiple! , I hope it lasts!
  4. Sometimes a P1 needs a touch up

    From working with my good friend Matteo on the RS I learnt anything is possible. Just signed off the designs for my P1
  5. A weekend at Spa

    loved it back in may!
  6. A weekend at Spa

    haha, don't have the IT skills to do that so thank you for putting all those up
  7. A weekend at Spa

    Here are a couple
  8. A weekend at Spa

    Car nut heaven
  9. A weekend at Spa

    bonkers right... i should be driving over in 918 and trucking the others!
  10. A weekend at Spa

    a couple s9 most pgt - got knows how many rs we had like a pack of skittlels!
  11. A weekend at Spa

    its a shame i cant post pics here i have so many. going next month. think i will drive over in rs and truck 918 and P1
  12. A weekend at Spa

    i am going to make an orange helmet! lol
  13. A weekend at Spa

    Just had an incredible wekedn at Spa, on and off track! i am totally exhausted. drove over in the RS (running it in) and trucked the Speciale over. Sadly the Specile had a problem with the brake fluid at 165mph so i sent it home in the ambulance! The RS was incredible but compared to the likes of the 650's and 675's it was simply a mobile obstacle! incredible fun to drive but the electronics kill the power too much when you drift, in the speciale it lets you get very hanging before electrogod kicks in. anyway here are some pics: sorry no pics - all to big to upload, TSN you need to sort this out, all the other forums resize!
  14. Woppum.

    Driving the RS, trucking the Speciale
  15. Woppum.

    Haha I don't hang about ! Were you in the rs4? Think I remember passing you. I was delivering the Speciale ready to be loaded on a truck for Spa Thursday sounds good doesn't it!